Monday, September 07, 2009

Back to School

The Labor Day long weekend is ending, and I stayed over at my mother's place last night, the First Feral Family home the sickos like me to visit once per week or so. It was too wet to do any serious gardening work, and I was caught without my gumboots there, as they are normally kept there for that purpose. I got some hand-me-down socks that were formerly my father's, now in the old folks home. This would suggest the perp's foot fetish is still going strong, and the recent stunts suggest the same. The assholes have forced my pee stream on two occasions this weekend to land on my right foot, once with socks on, once with my extra-rapidly wearing walking shoes. Needless to say I was highly infuriated each time, and it is all part of this insane show they decided to put me into, becoming evident in 04-2002.

And my latest stress event, the biggest of the year, ironically by way of the doctor who is obstructing my training funding request because of his sudden concerns (never before discussed), about stress, has been widely discused with/mentioned my farm job coworker, my ex who rarely phones, and my mother at least twice. The perps are getting plenty of mileage out of this and what I am going to say to the bastard who pulled this stunt. This is the same doctor when I first met him at a consult scheduled the next one for three months later. He wasn't too concerned then when meeting a new patient, but all of a sudden he went wacko when a reference letter was needed and pulled this one out of thin air without any phone call to explain it. And nor did he consult a recent work reference that would of apprised him of my workplace behavior/capabilities. Nor did he seem to want to negotiate in a three way phone call with the employment case manager either. Fucking weird, this Ghandi-like smiling and benign E. Indian suddenly pulling out the metaphoric shiv at the critical moment. But given the amount of time I am forced (IMHO) to think about what I will say to these clowns at the next doctor appointment, and the varying emotionally loaded versions I ponder, I suspect this entire clinical quisling stunt is all about getting thought-time, for eventual delivery Oct 05 when I see him, and maybe her, in person. Funny that neither phoned me as to what the fuck is going on, putting the kibosh on $14k of training funding (though overlapped) between them. The second round isn't over yet, as the 1" thick paper application isn't yet handed in, and will be finalized Thursday and Friday, killing two income producing days, another annoyance as these are relative rarity for me.

But he wasn't alone; this was precipitated by the health case manager pulling something similar, again without a phone call to explain what in the fuck this sudden burst of clinical beserkness is all about, and in doing so, dashing any expectation of getting funding from a provincial government source for the same training funding. She managed to crap on the above doctor and me at the same time by saying my case "wasn't well managed". Har, har; this is the most highly managed TI case in world history possibly, right down to the color of my clothing and every thing I see, and as mentioned many times, my every thought. It seems they have some brainstem areas yet to be able to remotely control and thereby, fuck with. My attention shifting gets noisestalked, and any realizations of relevant fact (planted by them I suspect) will beget me a plasma flash usually in yellow or green, or a sudden refresh displaying a green line and/or a dialog box if online with Windows. Other Windows freakish behavior is the wrong tab displaying, a sudden refresh with the wrong site and a few other non-standard browser and Windows behaviors.

But my mother, who is in on the entire harassment/abuse gig, did offer encouragement as to persevering through the above mentioned doctor's machinations, so maybe this training funding event/application has legs yet. And she was supportive of the PC upgrade I am contemplating, one that will cost me a bundle (and her $400) and will need to be financed from future earnings, always a tenuous plan given the high degree of introspection and sabotage over all things employment related. She also gets my hand-me-down PC components in a new PC case, and I am sure there is plenty of future perp research mileage in this, as per above, they are relentless and constantly fixated on the color of everything, and that includes the PC wiring insulation, power supply, circuitboard, memory socket, CPU socket and any other PC component colors. This looks like another year's worth of perp testing and research while we respectively go online, use the PC, my mother using most of my old one in a new box, me on a new motherboard, CPU, memory and storage. Regular readers will know she uses my old 15" LCD display panel, and that the perps often undertake their research of complex interaction objects, e.g. a PC, in carefully planned increments. Hence the new 21" LCD panel in 12-2008, the new power supply in 06-2009 (suitable for this big upgrade). And if this upgrade comes together, financially and physically, why, a Windows 7 upgrade is planned a month later, possibly with a solid state storage upgrade to run the rather CPU intensive Oracle database software course work the training funding is to support. In other words, a whole lot of momentum, some reverses, and some optimistic (aka future portent/hints) support from my mother over this confluence of funding application, 2x/week course work and PC upgrades. And too, the week to week job security may also have legs to carry me without going in the hole again.

No real school yet until all of the above nonsense is worked through, and it starts Oct. 06 anyhow.

Time to get this done and onto the post-Labor Day school start/city bus craziness that will surely unfold tomorrow.

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