Saturday, August 08, 2009

Higgs Bosun

A round of sicko excitement as I read about the Higgs bosun at this article here. They kept jamming fart smell up my nose for the longest lingering smell duration ever, and cranking up an overhead groaning noise that somehow made through the earmuffs I am wearing. It was a scraping groaning noise like a chair on lino, as if the overhead floors aren't carpeted, but they all are. Never mind conventional reality when the fuckers are so desparate.

This is at-home day today, a Saturday, and no car dealership car cleaning job either. I get to hang out and do time online. But I did make it to the ATM and deposit two paychecks, enough to get me in the black for the first time in over 10 months. That won't last though, as groceries and utility payments will consume the balance until I get paid from the current farm job. As usual, the gangstalker freakshow was out in force for my two block walk to the ATM. I even had same color dressed Fuckwits accompanying me, and some olive skinned weirds hanging around outside of the ATM, visible through the glass.

But at least on my outing I didn't have to step over a 4" septic services hose that ran from a building to a curbside parked tanker truck. Which is most curious in the first place, as all the downtown buildings are on sewer. This stunt was a two days ago when heading for the bus at 0700h. The perp's consuming interest in shit and all things brown hasn't abated any, and they aren't about to hide it any.

And I see that my namesake died yesterday; I take the view that nothing in my life is a coincidence, and I suppose this unfortuneate event just might be playing into the perp's insane research objectives in some way, though the precise reasons are only known to them.

And more New York city area aircraft accidents; it would appear that the perps are not yet finished dumping aircraft into buildings and water bodies; a helicopter and light aircraft collision over the Hudson River today. I know I sound intensely conspiratorial, but given the perps' methods they have let me in on, it fits the pattern IMHO. And the article provides a recent history of air accidents in the NYC area, some of which were unknown to me. Didn't a Trump helicopter also get ditched into the Hudson River a few years ago?

More restless legs as I was about to do blogging; later then.

The masers and plasma beams are getting to become significant vision perturbance events, aka, cognition harassment. Yesterday, while toiling in the daffodil fields, I could see the entire hillside sloping upward was shooting masers at me constantly. There were streams of bright dots coming at me from the ill. In the past, the perps have run a electric motorbike across the mid-hillside that was facing me. I suspect that the entire farm is irradiated, and can be then manipulated to shoot maser or plasma beams at will. These kind of phenomenon are very strange and bewildering, but are occuring on a regular basis, but with the intensity cranked up.

And instead of one blonde woman on the crew for a few days, as the "introductory blonde aura, they have at least two on the daffodil bulb crew and another three on a warehouse crew. When I arrive at the farm worksite the blondes all cluster together in one group. And I see that the Global News, the only TV news that I watch once per week at my parent's place had three blondes at the news desk; anchor, meteorologist and another substituting for sports. The local TV station also put on a blonde for sports reporting, but they never get the camera close in with her, only near full-height standing. And if you are wondering what the fuss is about my tormentors planting attractive (usually) blonde women in my view, read On Blondes. Three days ago on the city bus for the first work day, they planted an older blonde woman with tight curly hair. I didn't care to see this hlemet-head hair style any, but the perps kept redirecting my vision there much more than would otherwise would happen. This was before work started and might have been preparation for the later arrival of the Short Hair Negro as mentioned in the last posting. He had tight curly hair as well, though in his case it was natural. And I see that Mop Haired Negro of two days ago only lasted one day, as he didn't return for Friday's bulb picking. His story doesn't add up; bring on a new employee the day before work completion? It isn't expectable, but I suppose someone of the Tormenting Asshole Corps wanted a dual negro comparison, and their respective hair to be sidely different.

Other negro action on yesterday's city bus trip into downtown was to have a male seated about 8' away when I boarded. About halfway he gets off the bus via the rear door and a negro woman gets on at the front door and sits down in the adjacent seat to the one the negro male had vacated. Too funny, in other circumstances, this little round of musical chairs, sans music. As this is a rural route bus it is even more rare to have negroes on board, and to have them exchange neighboring seats is a totaly orchestration.

Other brown skin action on yesterday's city bus trip, the same inbound trip as the paragraph above, was an E. Indian vignette that took place with an intervening Caucasian woman who blocked much of it. An E. Indian woman in a flowing filamentous yellow wrapped garment comes on board and then places herself where the above negro woman had been. Within 30 seconds she sits across the aisle, blocked mostly by an Caucasian woman, starting a round of "peekaboo" the assholes like to play. She then starts talking to an E. Indian male in the now-familiar Punjabi speech pattern. The odd thing was that I did not see any E. Indian male board the bus. But lo, within five minutes a turbaned E. Indian male gets off at the front door, leaving the woman in place, still "hiding" behind the Caucasian woman. Anyhow, all this racial action over the color of brown is getting more blatant and more perverse.

One of last year's bulb picking crew was a schizo wacko act, and to no surprise he "happened" to be on the city bus three days ago, heading for the farm. He makes himself to be very friendly and in time one gets used to his banter that widely fluctuates in relevance. On the second day of work he was on the bus again, two seats away, and he asks me out loud if I saw the movie "The Private Life of Benjamin Button", where the central character is born old and gets progressively younger. (Actually, it is The Curious Case of Benjamin Button). He rambled some more about the movie, and then he says "it could happen to you". My "reaction" was to make a joke about it, the real answer should of been, "with the company I keep that is entirely possible". Anyhow, the perps are very guarded as to who I open up to about the ongoing life fuckover games. That I had some gangstalkers in closer proximity wasn't any fluke, especially the blonde with the sunglasses on inside the bus. She had no sunglasses on when she boarded and sat two seats away, and then later put them on when inside the bus. What was that all about?

The perps have told me that I might be age regressed in a general way, but as always one cannot believe any of these planted notions, especially when the primary relationship is non-stop abusive, not to mention FUD prone. It is rare that I get any broad hints from their operatives or shills directly, but this was one. Put it in the "show me" column and don't revisit the topic. I am currently age regressed by 10 to 15 years, and no one mentions it. At the time, in 2003, I asked the then doctor how old I looked and he wasn't inclined to look at me and answer my question.

Taken 07-06-2009, 1753h. The later eveningtime beams that unerringly "find" my apartment. This one coming through and lighting up my desk area, some 7' from the balcony window. I live in an E. facing apartment, and to get some "direct" sunshine later in the day, the perps put on this beam nonsense most summertime evenings. The distance is the full length of my apartment, some 18' to 20'.

Taken 07-06-2009, 1753h. The putative source of the beam.

Taken 07-06-2009, 1753h. A close-in picture of the beam source. This is one building of four that the putative reflections "find" my apartment to direct their light beams into.

Taken 07-08-2009, 0922h. More sabotage; these pillows arrive from being laundered with their newly inflicted brown streak, seeming to be a reference color next to my head. That I have brown hair might have something to do with it. The other pillow has deeper brown dribblings on it, likely for the same purpose.

Taken 07-08-2009, 0922h. A close up of the damage showing some color saturation variance through the middle; same color, just a lighter tone between the two arcs. I wonder how much effort was expended on designing this little unlaunderable streak.

Random ramblings: what is with the feathers all over the place? Outside my apartment, in the daffodil fields, on the streets, etc. Most often they are white, and lesser amounts of black(10%) and mid-grey(5%). I did my stint of fly tieing, no matter if it was some three decades ago.

More time spent coveting various PC components, should a cool $1G come my way. And plenty of earmuff noise and internal head noise while doing so.


Anonymous said...

Interesting you mention beams; just a mere hours ago, they had the police parked in an opposing parking lot, shining their headlights at me. Obviously, a reference to your blog. Or perhaps it was a "combined" deal: a reaction to my internal reactions to something else, a reference to your mention in your blog, etc.

As far as the namesake deal goes, yes, the perps will go to any lengths like this. I mean, look at how many fuckers they send on gangstalking one individual. There are so many of them, just for one person? I hardly think it's worth it, but the perps apparently think we're worth that amount of trouble.

Also, notice in the photo how Molly Ringwald appears to have hairy legs. In fact gangstalkers have been mentioning this indirectly all night, so I know this is an illusion arranged by the perps. Also, John Hughes is wearing similar style glasses as me, as well as wearing the same mouth expression as the Decker portrait of Ludwig van Beethoven. Another non-coincidence, as the perps have been saturating me with lookalikes of Beethoven portraits. Why they even had some older lookalike smiling real big, mocking the "unfriendly" expression he wears in the Decker portrait. Notice how one side of Hughes' mouth droops. An obvious reference to the accounts I have read in Thayer's Life of Beethoven, where as he aged, one side of his mouth was said to have drooped more than the other. Also, the girl standing to the rear right of Hughes looks like one of the girls I see regularly.

I get lots of examples of perpdom showing up everywhere, even on BBC news sites. This tells me the fuckers are internationally connected, as well as connected everywhere, anywhere, which is why I keep seeing examples of the perps' handiwork in every site I visit. This is especially true of "up to the minute" type news sites, like They harass me with pictures there as well as headlines, and the content of the stories themselves.

I know this all sounds unbelievable, i.e., who would believe news sites like that pull in billions of dollars in revenue would care about one person? This is one way they are able to write us off as loonies. It's all too unrealistic, yet the perps pull off some serious stunts just to test the reactions of a few.

Anonymous said...

Another trick by perps: having a person that resembles another person while being viewed through the window, but when they come inside, I can see it isn't that person I thought it was. I have this experience a lot, when it's dark outside, and the person is walking through the parking lot. I believe it is THAT person, up until the moment when the "fake" opens the door, and I can see it wasn't whom I thought it was.

AJH said...

Answer to: Interesting you mention beams...

I wouldn't go that as to ascribe pit-lamping headlights from police vehicles as some kind of reference to this blog posting. My reading of the perps' games is that shining light on the TI's aids the attainment of their nonconsensual human experimentation objectives. I get pit-lamped all the time, as well as plasma and maser beams, and it seems to all point to the perps using these as localized aids for remote detection of one's thoughts and mental processes (electromagnetic and/or energetic) at that moment.

As for my namesake's unfortuneate early demise; it is curious timing when the perps activity around me is clearly attempting to separate the name of a person from the concept of a person. Enough said.

AJH said...

Answer to: Another trick by perps...

The doppelganger and the mistaken identity games are endless. Sometimes they go for mistaken gender; presenting a person as female when the person is a long haired male when closer or the spatial arrangement is changed. They also like to plant a person in mind, say the boss man at the cleaning job when I hear someone coming up the stairs, only to find it wasn't him but a blonde woman employee making a later evening visit to her desk.

Anonymous said...

I think it's interesting that the police go along with the perps' games just like the others.