Sunday, August 02, 2009

Nap Attack

I am still wiped out from the three hour nap this afternoon, all part of the scripted mind-fuck games. This followed a First Feral Family luncheon after my out-of-town brother's tin man triathalon completion. He won the Clydesdale class, for those over 200 lb. And his wife and daughter were there, and the latter put up quite a show of defiance, as both parents are slack on the follow through. Even I got into parenting when she pointed her finger 2" from my daughter's (19 y.o.) eye. I suppose that too was scripted and any consternation on my part was generated as the assholes usually blank me out from knowing that every move is scripted. I am not allowed to know the prominent causal agency of many, if not most of, the events that occur around me.

There were some of the musical chair games, sans music. This is where they take turns sitting in different chairs around me. My in-town brother was opposite me in his brown jacket, then when others came he sat beside me. After her turn at musical chairs, my sister-on-law (E. Indian) sat on my other side. My daughter was opposite, and it seems that the strategy of having me come first with my in-town brother was to keep me in one place, while the rest of them slowly filled in, moving chairs as part of the process.

Other hokey shit was a group photo at the doorway just before leaving, courtesy of the blonde waitress. This semi-chaos was augmented by new customers wandering through, or at least stopping at the doorway, unsure about proceeding. Regular readers will know the perps are totally beserk in being able to remotely detect changes as one egresses buildings, and even rooms. Hence, heavy gangstalker action at the local supermarket each time I enter or exit or both in one visitation.

Once I got back, I was given the sleepy jerkarounds when online, and laid down for a nap that ended up being three hours. Quite the jerkaround it was, as I wasn't shy on sleep. I had a 10 hour sleep last night, but with a few interuptions which were handled in a unique way. They woke me up and had me yell at them after a few minutes, and then I fell asleep, some three times. Perhaps having me vocalize at all times of the night is the latest perp angle on harassment/study.

Other excitement has been minimal; keeping me in on the hot days of late isn't such a bad idea as long as they don't crank up the heat in this apartment, which is usually the case. Even at 0800h this morning, with this apartment in the shade from the opposite (E. ward) residence tower, the perps cranked up the Pseudosweats such that I was dripping at breakfast. After my shower, shave and dentaly hygeine routine, they kept up the Pseudosweats and eventually, using the towel erupted in a blood stain from this one location on my forehead called a "perma-wound". It never scabs, and just unloads blood at the specified time, the last use of the towel, one I put out this morning for the first time. So..., two towels down, one used for 6 days, and one used for 30 minutes were in the laundry with some other items. These towels are still assigned linting capabilities, and I cannot launder just any garments with them. Anyhow, my laundering knowledge was screwed with such that I "forgot" the clothes had finished the washing machine cycle, until my in-town brother phoned on his way to pick me up. The perps made sure I "remembered" to pick up my laundry from the dryer when I returned from the luncheon, as I exited from the elevator. No laundry stealings or trashings this time. I ended up spending some 30 min. waiting at my brother's place before setting off for the luncheon. He had some lawnmowing to finish up on, and I suppose it may have served the perp's noise and EM assault puposes, as this is a very common "eruption" at this time of year. I read the newspaper while there, and this activity seems to be interest for the perps, their paper fixation. Hence the gangstalkers packing around papers, and even the ludicrous book reading while they are walking along. I had never seen this bullshit until the apartment assault that started this insane harassment fuckover in 04-2002.

My in-town brother's neighbor was out front, and he put on a shirtless display of his full back tattoos, more of this particular fugliness that gets arranged for me to see. I wonder if that was the reason he was selected to live next door, or was it affording a $500,000 down-to-the-framing renovation that went on for nearly a year. These heavy duty renovations have a way of following me around town. My 2003-4 residence had an adjacent house renovated in this manner. And too, soil exposures and digging also fit into the perp plans, and both houses had their perimeter drains dug up as well.

Pictures time, to continue through the recent upload.

Taken 07-01-2009. My desk/bookcase is slowly taking a list by leaning away from the wall. I never had self-leaning furniture before, even if it is Ikea. The perps like to pull things away from the walls that are ordinarily placed there; my bed at the parent's place, and then when temporarily storing my items at my brother's place.

Parked in file left to right, a silver-grey vehicle, a red vehicle behind the tree, a red vehicle and a deep silver-grey vehicle. The latter is one of those Mecedes C series, their $42k small car. For some reason the perps have been chasing me with this model, one I hadn't seen or noticed before. They even put one on the lot of the Japanese car dealership I worked at until 2 days ago. And a mobile silver-grey vehicle on the right, headed in the opposite direction to the parked file.

Taken 07-04-2009, 1819h 26sec. More grey car action passing through, a deeper grey, and a blue vehicle entering from the right, mostly behind the tree.

Taken 07-04-2009, 1819h 29sec. A nice little stack of mid-grey metallic finish vehicles, two in motion and one parked. The above blue vehicle is again behind a tree, but the one in mid-picture.

Taken 07-04-2009, 1819h 34sec. The scene is "settled down" and now the ambulatory gangstalker comes to walk through the path of the above passing vehicles, all the same color. The fugly green coat might have something to do with this, as silver-grey is one of the perps' favorite reference colors.

Time to call this finished and post it.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if this is a message from the perps or not:

If it were, it seems like the message is: the holocaust is nothing compared to what the perps (and their world enslavement plans) can do.

So the perps are into killing Holocaust survivors now?

Anonymous said...

Not sure if this is perp involvement in my case, but... it seems to be a recurring thing that I "forget" to take change out of my pockets before I wash them. And sometimes, I also "forget" to take the change out of the washer basket, which means it stays in there for at least another load. Maybe metallic objects among the clothes in the washer is exciting somehow.

Othertimes, it's my car/house keys that get washed. A couple of times, I wound up washing my cell phone, and I forgot to take it out, which means it got washed in the subsequent load.

AJH said...

Answer to: I'm not sure if this is...

I didn't derive any kind of comparative dystopic future portent from this story. But, the perps always make sure I get to read plenty of murder stories in any given day, owing to their inordinant interest demise, of any kind (murder, accidents, misadventure etc.). Though I wouldn't be surprised if Holocaust victims were monitored covertly; those dire conditions of the time is potentially a big experimental lab for them to remotely analyse. And then the traumatization and healing adaptations is another interest of the perps which seems to play itself out daily in my case, having the freakshow parade around me when in public, not to mention a plethora of similar images arranged for me to see online.

AJH said...

Answer to: Not sure if this is perp involvement...

These "forgets", especially over laundry activities, is straight out of the perp Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) in my experience. They find laundering fascinating, and routinely create extra loads, lint up the clean laundry, arrange fresh and old towels together and endless permutations and combinations of clothes, colors, last laundered date, etc. In your case they are adding in the effect of laundered coins and other metals, and even relaundering them. I suppose these metals have an energetic effect on the laundry, and the perps are still trying to figure it all out. And too, the keys or coins would retain some kind of energetic effects they are attempting to remotely detect, even if in your pockets. For the most part, they don't have me "forget" to unload my pockets before laundering, with the recent exception of my wallet which was totally destroyed. (Somehow, it self destructed, and as a minor level experiencer of washed wallets, this doesn't normally happen. But it seems they wanted to pulp the paper in my wallet, and rid me of the Victoria Police card with the incident number when I was assaulted 1.5 years ago). Any of those convenient "forgets" that serves their consistent agenda items, no matter how trivial or inane, are imposed on the victim IMHO. In my case, there are no coincidences; none, given that they even put a hair-like scratch mark on my LCD panel two nights ago, and I never clean it but with the softest of cloths, the Swifter kind.

Anonymous said...

I definitely am good at attracting the freakshow wherever I walk. I see they have many of my walking routes covered. Why, just yesterday evening, I was walking past this one street, and they already had a girl just standing there way at the end of the road, already in position to gangstalk me. I simply walked past and walked straight down the main road.

They make sure I am constantly surrounded by various types of people, who are constantly mumbling, humming, talking, laughing, or a combination of these. Last night's unfavored included bowlegs, and they make sure I get some of that each night (at least one encounter per night). Also included are unfavored with ugly skin on their legs, and low-class-looking doppels.