Thursday, August 13, 2009

Puffed Up Right Hand

A whole four days of plucking daffocil bulbs off a conveyor line, and suddenly my right hand gets puffed up as if it is work related. I did this same job last year and had no such problem. But as the harassment is getting much more interventionist, I suspect this is to take me off the job for a few days. Just like the berry picking in July; all I wanted was to work the summer but some asshole decided that I couldn't, and scripted the sleeping/tiredness "problem" which ultimately fucked me out of having a summertime income source. That is, until last week when I started the daffodil bulb picking like last year, and now the assholes want to take me out again. I am so fed up and pissed with the impositions on my employment, my ability to earn income, by some insane sick assholes who have this town bought up and don't have the gumption to personally tell me why I am being kept in Potemkin bubble of scripted lies, not to mention a densified electromagnetic field over 2,000 Gauss. (Measured and photo of it in the pictures some two months ago).

The evening tea break is over, which included chocolate yet again. On the brown subject, I see the assholes are covering me with more negroes; one on the daffodil bulb conveyor line keeps his hoodie up most of the time, a mid-grey tone, and hides his face as much as possible. All the while, hanging around me worse than a fart in a sleeping bag. This dedicated bulb grading was for the experienced bulb picking crew, and he started for the first time last week.

Another staff negro is also parading around the warehouse, seemingly involved in the vegetable growing operation, but coing his cameos in the half light of the builiding while I am outside, or vise versa. Negroes in the deep shade seems to be the angle the perps are playing of late. Then another one on the inbound bus tonight; he in a yellow-gold shirt and jeans, with patches of the jeans sprayed the same color for crissakes. Then a final negro woman only a block from my house and dressed for the office. All part of the perp's brown color problem it would seem, as they are also adding more E. Indians day by day I notice. They just start "showing up" at the worksite, having not being seen there for the first few days, when there was a regular crew of eight or so every farm day last year. And also, the incremental addition is adding them as bus passengers, the pink turban act is still going strong. Pink on males' clothing in my take on things, likely via childhood traumatization associations, is absurd and the perps know this, and keep pimping it for me to see. Their gangstalkers are even walking around in shirts for the office no less, dispensing with jackets in the rain for crissakes.

Other nonsense in the script is to demonstrate love interests of some of passengers/gangstalkers; one attractive blonde woman has her beau (for the gangstalking duration) who "happens" to be commuting with her. The perps' interest in presenting hand holding, kissing and embracing couples in public has increased of late. This bullshit suddenly increased two months ago, and now they are taking on board the bus for me to see in the next row, 4' away. Never mind the plausibility of course, just look where we want you to.

More pictures; a black and white show it seems. I don't know how they make their decisions on greyscale colors or other, but this is the full contrast deal. Taken 07-16-2009, 1938h 25sec. Cute, sort of, and then running the white vehicle on the right past this parked configuration.

Taken 07-16-2009, 1938h 40sec. Nothing too new in this later picture; just the paper bearing big arm fling walk of the Fuckwit in the foreground. I have no idea why they do this big arm fling; to expose their arm pits more, create more energetic interaction, or emulate military behavior from childhood traumatizations. The latter being speculative, based on perp supplied information, the least trusted source possible after my mother, though they have been highly consistent on these themes.

Taken 07-28-2009, 0544h. A dump truck idling while parked outside came to "join me" for breakfast, contributing its noise for some 10 minutes. There is nothing open around here at this time, so what was this one-of visitor doing here?

Taken 07-28-2009, 0954h 30sec. As if I didn't get enough of the idling diesel engine noise, why the City shows up and does the same four hours later. This is more of a set piece with the aggregation of white colored vehicles; two are parked on the right side, the one partially obscured in the foreground (making the noise), and I see they put on a semi trailer and tractor unit on the street on the left. A mid-grey colored sedan is stopped at the light, filling in more greyscale in all likelihood.

07-28-2009, 0954h 39sec. A camera zoom -in of the same scene, nothing too revelatory here, save the vehicle color coordination.

Minor hilarity last night; I needed to fax a letter to two different places, and wanted a half sheet of paper for the header page. I reached into the printer feed tray, and lo, if there wasn't a half page cut for me! I did not cut the page myself, as it is something I rarely do, and would of recalled cutting a page in half. Besides, it is tricky to print on a half sheet, and I have never tried it, and don't plan to for the perp Fuckover action that it would likely become.

Time to post this one, and call it done.

I got a comment that I deleted as it wasn't readable; it was small boxes with numbers in them, which may have been another language. My apologies, but I have no idea how to convert it to English.


Anonymous said...

I just was looking through past blogs, and it looks as though it lacks a search feature? I saw one Anonymous say that he saw no particular patterns in the cars, claiming you had a mental illness.

Well, I never really quite figured out why they had vehicles parked at specific locations, and (In my case) it did seem they liked to use blacks and greys, as well as silver. I suppose that would be the greyscale shades?

I never quite knew that colors were important to their remote detection.

I am through complaining about perps on these web sites and in public. I figure, no matter how bad they make things, they could always make things a lot worse than they are. Webcam photo albums are one place they like to have their operatives. Of course, they are everywhere on the web (operatives and shills). I don't want to make their little prison they've create for me any worse than it is. I know that must make me something of a perp ass-kisser. But I figure, why make things worse? I'm sure they don't care whether or not I complain, though, as this is all business to them and nothing personal. I do have a few perps out of the many hundreds that partake in their games that seem to have a little grudge against me.

Anonymous said...

I do come from a religious background, but I'm not sure praying is going to make them go away. Basically, they incorporate my prayers into their harassment schemes. Doesn't hurt to try, though. I'm sure the no. 1 objective is the perp prison planet that is coming in the near future (5-10 years I assume).

Anonymous said...

Back in Feb., you mentioned in a comment about Hitler being a possible "figurehead" or at least someone performing this very function, at least in part, being controlled by the "hidden" cabal (perps). I say it is entirely plausible.

If you recall, there was a huge boom in technological achievements right around the years of WWII, and I always thought it was because the war itself brought about these advances (weapons research, etc.) Having the superior tech. available compared to previous times in history would allow this hidden cabal to communicate and track various people, as well as remain hidden, so the public would never know Hitler was just a controlled puppet.

I personally thought it was so amazing that a little man such as Hitler could carry out such a devastating campaign. Also, your theory kind of puts into perspective why Hitler and his generals had to commit suicide when Germany "lost" the war. Perhaps he "knew" something, and had to be take out of the equation? Also, we don't know if Hitler would have been done away with even if Germany did win the war. Or, maybe Hitler was forced to commit suicide? Many possibilities follow.

Then you could apply the same line of reasoning to Stalin as well... perhaps he was just a figurehead for the "state" as well...

Anonymous said...

Just searched for David Icke and Hitler. This is what I came up with:

"How strange then, that as I have documented in my books And The Truth Shall Set You Free and The Biggest Secret, along with endless other researchers and scholars, Adolf Hitler and the Nazis were created and funded by the Rothschilds. It was they who arranged for Hitler to come to power through the Illuminati secret societies in Germany like the Thule Society and the Vril Society which they created through their German networks; it was the Rothschilds who funded Hitler through the Bank of England and other British and American sources like the Rothschild's Kuhn Loeb bank which also funded the Russian Revolution."

More info is in the article.

AJH said...

Answer to: I just was looking through past blogs...

I don't who that asshole was who couldn't see any pattern in the vehicle colors. Another debunker perhaps; code for obdurate saboteur.

The greyscale colors include silver-grey in my world, as they like to put them with white colored vehicles and build up from there through mid-greys to black.

AJH said...

Answer to: I do come from a religious background...

The perps have a strong interest in religious practice, and any references to God often get immediately noisestalked with simultaneous plasma flashes. I have heard of a case of perp applied sexual abuse (using force fields) of a woman while she is in church, which is extremely upsetting to her as you can imagine.

I am not sure where this is all going either; prison planet or just more mayhem. I also dispute the oft-used rationale that the planet is overpopulated and needs radical intervention; theirs of course. From my perch at center stage with the perps games and the noisestalking and the rest of this managed life, there are many world events that appear to tie in with what they are doing. That is, they already exert huge international control on events IMHO, so why hasn't birth control been widely availible, instead of the anti-birth control practices of the recent Bush era? FUD Planet might be more appropriate, but the net result of all they have learned from me about mind control (among other things), suggests it will be very easy to arrange a prison planet. Sometimes I wonder if this MC scourge isn't more prevelant, especially around the press and entertainment industries.

As an example of what the perps can now do is blank out someone and they have no knowledge that this happened, either a few seconds or a few hours. So all the alien abductions can now be totally by stealth, as all one's neural time keeping abilities can be totally rearranged after the fact, with the victim none the wiser. (No more "missing time" clues as to what happened). This assumes the perps talk to the alien abductors and exchange data with them, which may only be partially true. E.g., some aliens, but not all of them as there are likely differing factions.

AJH said...

Answer to: Back in Feb...

The book, Hitler's Traitor by Louis Kilzer, suggests Bormann had a huge amount of control of Hitler's day to day agenda.

The work of Joeseph Farell

indicates that the Nazis had a number of technologies that didn't reach commercial fruition and that they could of changed WWII entirely. Hitler personally directed the developers of the Messerschmitt 262 jet in mid-1943 to make it a bomber, which was a significant technical hurdle. But if it gone into production as a fighter aircraft (and for straffing), I submit the result of D-Day would of been much different. To be fair, there were other technical and engine problems that caused it to be delayed as well.

I read a recent biography on Stalin, and there was nothing that I could determine where he has access to advanced technologies. In fact, the American lend-lease program was essential for Russian military support (aircraft, vehicles, etc.). But it is interesting to note that one of Stalin's cabinet, Beria, head of the secret police NKVD, wanted to change the collectivization back to private ownership, as it was clear to him that it was a miserable failure in 1953. His liberalization efforts after Stalin's death in 1953 ended with his execution, when he had been a loyal Stalinist all his life. Only in 1990 did Russia get Perestroika, and back to private ownership. Was all that arranged by the high cabal? I don't know, but I find it interesting that the advanced thinkers like Beria, even in his role as Stalin's henchman, and after Stalin's death, the senseless collectivizaton, deportations and purges continued.

Anyhow, a long circuitious answer, that the main instignators of WWII may have had outside technology help, and at least in Hitler's case, had gatekeepers of information and access.

Anonymous said...

My instinct tells me the perps are experimenting with a "prison without bars" type of system, and we get to be the experimental animals here. There will be extensive "experimentation" done, and in the future, there will be a large segment of the population "kept in line" with the system. Maybe they are studying some of us to figure out how they may take complete control of a victim's brain, so that dangerous people can be "taken over" like robots as punishment for their crimes or to aid in "rehabilitating" them.

Like the one book you cited points out, there has been a Nazi influence on the CIA, so I suspect government "infiltrators" are responsible for the perps ability to influence and control. The question is, who is funding and controlling it all at the top of the chain of command?

I see Mark Rich has some theories... Who would have this much power to be at the top of the chain of command? I agree with Gangstalking that the governments are somehow funding or getting funded by some powerful entity.