Monday, August 10, 2009

Bulb Convergence

Other obscure titles I might have used; City Bus Seating Tag Teams that surfaced as a negro to negro tag team, then later as a head adornment (do-rag) to head adornment (turban) tag team, and the multitudinous Asian to Asian tag teams. That is to say, there is a consistent and repetitive pattern of gangstalkers on the city bus who disembark after getting up from their seats, and leaving via the rear door, and the next tag team member boards at the same bus stop via the front door and either sits in the just-vacated seat or next to it. This minimal seat vacancy duration is interesting, as it's parallel might be traffic intersections where even the cyclists run red lights to reduce the vacancy duration of the road traffic passing through, and me walking over the road traffic's tracks. I have being doing plenty of city bus travel this week as the daffodil bulb picking and sorting is going strong, earning me real money. Enough to be solvent even, so I am not in the hole after my disability check.

So..., the first day of bulb sorting was yesterday, Aug. 10, and the first time in nearly a year that the perps let me buy garlic was 09-2008, so I could eat some on the first evening meal after sorting daffodil bulbs. Not that I know why this "happened", but it seemed that this bulb convergence, spending 8 hours handling daffodil bulbs was some kind of entre to eating another bulb form later in the day, that being garlic. The "garlic thing" has been important in the past for the perps as it was in my diet until 2005 or so when I dropped eating salads. And the perps would plant garlic skins in the apartment as pick-up-liiter games, via the usual fuckery.

And tonight, Aug. 11, they let me make salad and eat salad, the first time since late 2004 when that menu item "happened" to lapse. I had a salad mix purchased from the daffodil farm, spring onions from the same source, basil from the same source, and tomatoes from my mother's gardening boxes. I also had balsamic vinegar from local sources, made from mead no less, also sold at the daffodil farm. I am eating local, and this is likely endorsed, if not formented, by the Shadow Clowns.

Regular readers might recall that I did three weeks of bulb sorting last year; having brown colored rubber belts rotating near me is near nirvana for the perps and their brown color games. I also notice that they are adding more brown colored vehicles into the vehicular gangstalking configurations, usually with a surrounding pod of white, silver-grey, mid-grey and black colored vehicles, getting a full grey-scale reading at the same time.

I suppose I could write at length about the daffodil bulb sorting perp games and gangstalking bullshit, I am having a "too tedious" moment at the (planted) thought of it. The usual too many bulbs on the conveyor games, then following a paucity, and having the conveyor belt momentarily reverse itself as well as the strange behavior of others at the marshalling area in the morning, where they seem to know they are on the bulb sorting job even if nothing has been said. The Czech dude in red has been all over me for the past week, in the field and on the bulb sort line, and even emulated my break time respite sitting among the thousands of empty black plastic bulb picking boxes, 20' away. Later, the Negro #1 (Short Hair Negro) did the same. He was on the bulb sort line today, and rather strange as he wasn't there the day before, and the bulb sort crew is usually kept consistent. Anyhow, it wasn't the dusty field work of last week, though there seems to be some remaining bulb picking work which might be assigned sometime this week.

There are the usual throngs of color and type arranged vehicle apparent when I am travelling on the city bus. I travel in a reverse commute, heading N. in the morning to the farm, while most road traffic is in the opposite direction heading for downtown. In other words, I cannot attribute just how many vehicles are arranged for vehicular gangstalking, and those that aren't. All vehicles in the opposite direction appear to be arranged, and it is likely to be in the low thousands. I notice that the colors are arranged in larger numbers; often six to eight white and/or silver-grey vehicles in a pod to start off when the bus has turned a corner, or as the lead-in colors for others. They put a boy gangstalker across the aisle on the bus with a ridiculously bright yellow fleece jacket with an native Indian boy blocking him much of the time, so perhaps he was a localized yellow reference for the few yellow vehicles in the vehicular gangstalking milieu. And I saw the "Teabag Dude" of the former car dealership cleaning job "happened" to be on the bus with his hair a darker color. The perps made sure I saw him, as his cover story would put him at the said car dealership location (2 km) at that time.

Some pictures. And if they are repeats that would be the perps doing, as it was evident by mid-2008 they could fuck with my visual recall when they couldn't before.

Taken in 0-7-2009, and I cannot find it in Picasa, even though that is where it is. This is what "happens" to furniture in TI-World; it slowly peels away from the wall. This represents some 12 months of incremental fuckery, and the same thing goes on in the bathroom with the cabinet slowly lifting off from one side.

Taken 07-06-2009, 1753h 11sec. This apartment faces E. and there would be no direct light source from that direction after 1100h. What are you going to do if you want later direct sunlight on the nonconsensual human experimentation victim (TI)? Why you create "reflections" of astonishing angles and withy an unerring precision to be pointed in the victim's apartment from three different buildings for some four hours of coverage. So where is this bolt of light coming from that lights up the full 20' of the apartment?

Why, it is the neighboring tower that is blessed with some strange window angles to point the beam straight in. Taken 07-06-2009, 1753h 30sec.

Taken 07-28-2009, 0745h. And this IS the E. sunlight directly beaming in, reaching to the chair and blocked by the window header. In other words, that rectangle of sunshine on the left is the real thing. But what if that isn't good enough and the plastic drawer set needs some illumination? Why, just create an additional 12" splash of light further into the apartment, the one on the right side, below the drawer unit. No need to fake it with reflections games either, just unadulterated adulteration/fuckery.

Time for bed for the bulb picker.

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