Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Two Day Weekend

A whole two day weekend, and a slack near-shut-in day today. I was allowed out to do laundry, a special load of socks and towels with one pair of jeans. In the towel camp, they must be laundered separately as the assholes assign them linting behavior (in the washing machine no less), same as the last towel set. The socks have also been assigned new linting behavior, but only on my stretch cordura pants that I usually wear on the daffodil bulb sorting job.

There has been plenty of arranged emergencies along my commute route over the past two weeks; a teetering vehicle on a concrete barrier in mid-highway, a fire next door at the residential tower, a smack up at the five-way busiest intersection in town, an extremely loud ambulance, and at least a few others to provide a cover story for lining me up to see flashing lights of various colors, red, blue and white. Said commute is on a double decker bus, as they are deployed in this town. And too, my city bus freakshow has been getting absurd, almost caricature like; three negro males as the only passengers on the lower bus floor, only three minutes into the bus' route. Given their relative paucity in this town, it is fucking absurd. Perhaps the assholes are building negro karma; first a cafe-au-lait negro hiding in the back corner, then a very strange one with a caucasian-like face but all black, and then the third one who only lasted one bus stop before he got off He could of walked the route faster than taking the bus. But it seems that cover stories don't matter as much anymore.

There have been some weirding out at the daffodil farm; the forklift driver put on the buddy talk one day, and the next day he is on my ass about getting certain things done after he spent 20 minutes in the forklift doing nothing, but gangstalking me some 20' away. I don't report to him, so what was the deal. He is the same guy that lays on that I am responsible for the loading area, and not just the hopper, and then is the same dude who makes visits to the full adjacent daffodil bulb skin catch bins to reshuffle them, attempting to reduce the pile of daffodil bulb skins. Like, WTF; here is the person who should be driving the forklift to take the full bins away, and all he is doing is some extra busy work of no essential value. I am often asking him to remove the bins, and then he goes on that he is too busy. Needless to say, this scripted adversity is more silly shit; regular people behaving strangely around me.

And my attempt to score a better seasonal job paying one third more came to naught; it was at a commercial tree nursery, and they somehow didn't deem that knowledge of tree species and all else relating to a forestry degree didn't matter. And I have a recent reference that I supplied, and still no response. Another one of those assigned "flail away" stunts, the job application of absolutely no chance as we have the victim scripted for elsewhere, which includes keeping him poor. I have done online job applications for a number of other places in town that indicated a need for reasonably intelligent laborer personnel, and get zero feedback. One was a forest species cloning lab that needed four laborers, and again, the forestry degree amounted to squat. Life in the Potemkin Bubble continues as before. Though I think the FUD model (Fear, Uncertainly and Doubt) should also include futility as part of the "vague vortex" I am kept in. Or perhaps I should start a new acronym for the more abusive trials; futility, impairment and obstruction, FIO.

The daffodil bulb sorting work is going to go another week I learned late yesterday, a Friday. This too is part of the FUD; ensure the victim has the least possible advance word as to next week's work prospects. All to screw me out of getting a monthly bus pass perhaps, and as a substitute, getting the fuschia day-glo colored bus tickets instead, not to mention gouging me an extra $25 for the month. There are plenty of day-glo dressed Fuckwits/gangstalkers, and I suppose they just cannot get enough of these particular colors that have constructive interference properties, which makes them day-glo, as opposed to not. See the J. K. Harms treatise on this, (Color, The Wave Theory Of Matter And Particle Spin) and explore his cannon of ponderings of the physical world. Much of what he suggests seems to "happen" in my proximity, particularly the color combinations; red and green & yellow and blue. And too, providing a scientific connection between color and gravity, as he posits both are long-radiation matter waves.

I am getting screwed over in reading his web page on my 21" monitor as the perps are dithering my focus on each side, rendering part of the text momentarily unreadable. Back to the vision fucking games it seems, this time by increments instead of one sudden out-of-focus blob in one eye. Or even alternating the focus between eyes, usually at subsecond levels.

Some more application form filling tonight, keeping me from blathering in this here blog, perhaps a good thing. The application is part of the training grant grovelling I am to do, and pull together for Sept. 03 next week. Should I pull off this grant, I will be reverting back to my Oracle It training, seven interim years at my tormentor's imposition. Which raises the question as to what is in it for them? They being over my shoulder and present for every thought, if not supplying it in the context of my own knowledge base. It is a very strange existence to be keeping two entities separate, their planted thoughts, and those of my own.

Brief as it is, this one is done for today.


Anonymous said...

I seem to get a sharp stinging sensation over one of my eyes (but not both) sometimes when I come to certain "realizations". The idea there is that they do this when I'm out for a walk, and I'm sweating a good bit, and it is "supposed" to be the sweat coming into my eye and stinging it. But I know this has an unnatural feel to it, so I know my perps are doing this.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that your perps are allowing you to do the Oracle training... they want me to wear myself out teaching as many classes at the lowest possible rate possible. It seems they enjoy my install fest of different unixes on my new laptop here; I got this one $299 at Best Buy. It's a great laptop. Interesting that Vista couldn't manage fullscreen videos in YouTube, yet both Linux and OpenSolaris pull this off without a hitch, and smoothly as well.

Interesting that this is a single-core Celeron 2.2GHz laptop, but it seems faster than the dual-core Atom 330 1.6GHz desktop I built. The videos are much faster and smoother on my Celery laptop.

I believe they prefer I install Open Solaris, as it is an OS I have not tried yet. I have 13 years experience with FreeBSD and Linux variants, and one perp told me outright that I had better try something different, dammit. Like she was demanding that I try OpenSolaris and use it over the others. I really don't know what she was referring too, because it was one of those vague reference, metaphorical (possibly) things. Of course, perps prefer to speak in vague terms, and metaphorically, so they are conveying something to the TI using symbols.

AJH said...

Answer to: I seem to get a sharp stinging sensation...

I get these eye stinging "hits" in the same circumstances; a realization or other cognitive activity. My take on this is that it is a maser pulse through one's eyeball; an applied extra magnetic interaction designed to tease out the electromagnetic properties, (I prefer the term energetic properties as it is more general), of the thought that they did not insert. In other words, they did not control or originate the thought, and are attempting to determine where, how and the properties of the cognitive moment. I get these maser pulses through the eyeballs with no cover story, just a blatant targeted hit.

AJH said...

Answer to: Interesting that your perps...

I haven't yet got the funding approval for taking the Oracle courses, but it is clear that they had this arranged as a career component going back a long time ago, and this would be a return to form.

The perps had me interested in getting a SUSE Linux installation at least three times, 2002 to 2004, but never allowed me to load it up. It became shelfware. But as they are on this PC, and create no end of hassles even when typing, it makes no sense to try another O/S as it would open the door to all kinds of things "going wrong", usually with indecipherable error messages. And as part of it, they manage my learning problems to often be on the edge of knowing or not knowing what the cause of the problems/errors are. They cannot get enough of me being managaged to be clueless, and then slowly (sometimes years later) allowing me to "get it". That is, they want to study cognitive events, and the longer it takes for this to occur, (i.e., imposed learning disabilities), the more study time they have. Needless to say, I am undertaking the Oracle courses with some trepidation as they can now impair, delete or insert specific knowledge with relative ease. Where the Oracle course training is going is uncertain; a DBA possibly, or as a more enlightened business analyst. Who knows.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to comment that there seems to be a commonality b'tween driving gangstalkers and their community snitch counterparts. If a TI is in their vicinity the driving gov-stalker will call all Block Watch informants---who will then either stand in the front yard w/cell phone glued to an ear--or will 'pretend' to check their mail. It's an MO that I have seen in several different places.

Anonymous said...

I myself used to manage one of those hideous "multiboot" monstrosities: Linux/FreeBSD/windows maybe even Solaris. Now, I prefer to just do maybe Open Solaris on one laptop, and Vista on the other. It keeps life simple. Maybe back in the day, I was younger and so eager to manage all those operating systems. Or maybe I just had too much time on my hands. Like you said, with Linux, you have to fiddle with kernel configurations if something doesn't go right. Compile in the DRI module, for example, and you'll find this will enable the framebuffer device, which will cause all sorts of problems with X crashing. Open Solaris just seems to work after I install it.