Friday, August 14, 2009

Relenting on the Jerkarounds

Two interconnected jerkarounds of this week have both been ameliorated today, once I got back from the daffodil bulb sorting job today. The letter of refusal to give me a training grant from the Provincial government was sent signed this time, and toned down the rather libellous comments about my "health care management". And then the employment counsellor of the Federal government who I have dealt with at length earlier this year, will remain my counsellor. She indicated earlier this week I would have to get a new counsellor as I was "coming back" (cap in hand) for a training grant. Starting up with a new counsellor would take an inordinant amount of time, and possibly creating more delays. The grant grovelling is now on the front burner as it may come to fruition in the next month or so. All that angst expended over that letter, and the fucker knew he would be sending a toned down version afterward, because he "forgot" to sign the original letter. More insane and juvenile games to crank up my angst for no reason except abusive licence.

A total demotivated wipe-out over blog posting yesterday; I had the entire day to do so, and somehow it didn't happen. Today, the cut-off will be 1300h, as my mother will come to pick me up to go to the old folks home to visit my father, spring him out for a home visit, and take him back again. I am not sure how this will transpire in the winter, as we all convene outside in the garden for tea and cookies. Typically I will attend to watering the compost, my little project under the plastic that so fascinates the perps.

I went to the supermarket earlier, and my consort was ready for me by placing an obeser woman in red in the doorway for me to walk past. Then the Green Man started dogging me while on his cell phone; he dressed in a top that is the same bright green as the paper fiber pint boxes that contain fruit, blueberries in this case. (And the same green pint boxes that I used while berry picking in July). I didn't think much of the green color until I got to the produce section and located the blueberries, for the first time in a plastic open box. And lo, if the Green Mand didn't "show up" some 10' away, still on his cell phone while I was messing with the plastic bags to wrap the box of blueberies in. So it would seem that the asshole was doing green color reference duty at various locations in the store, and in particular where the same green colored paper fiber boxes had been to contain blueberries, that is, until today.

Then three more dudes descended in serial procession, one hanging over then blueberries while I waited after muscling a plastic bag off the oversized spool of them. Then it was my turn, then another dude loitered nearby, and finally a bend-over dude did his ass-in-the-air act only 2' from me, and so it was time to bolt for the checkout.

But it wasn't an ordinary event either; a young and attractive cashier-in-training was the only cashier at the checkout before I put my groceries on the conveyor belt, and once finished I looked up and some hag had replaced her, the young woman relegated to packing the groceries. This dumbshit stunt, the bait-and-switch with cashiers is new; often they will have one switch out the other, often female to male, while I am observing as the paying customer, but a unbeknownst switcheroo while I wasn't looking is most unusual. Stupid and stupider is the theme of late.

One such event was a breakfast when the coffee pot exploded with a teleported quarter cup of coffee eruption on the side of the french press coffee carafe. I was gently pressing the knob of the coffee plunger down, having long learned to do so to limit the excuses for similar exploitations, when a burst of coffee at the side of the vessel came on and ran down the vertical side of the pot. I have experienced past fuckery over making coffee with a french press, and normally they mind-fuck me to "forget" to be cautious about slowly depressing the knob that is connected to the stainless steel filter, and the coffee erupts out of the spout somehow getting through the vertical slots of the lid. There is some logic to all this; a seeming causal event and screwing me into being careless. But to have a quarter cup or so of coffee somehow erupt from no opening, 90 degrees offset from the spout, and while I was being duly cautious, has upped the ante as far as perp Fuckover stunts go.

Some pictures to fill this one up.

Taken 07-08-2009, 1811h. Three silver-grey vehicles and one deep green colored one among them in-file. One of the silver-grey vehicles is behind the tree foliage, always a favorite screen for perp color games.

Taken 07-08-2009, 1811h. And plenty of silver-grey vehicle activity to accompany the above parked configuration; one silver-grey vehicle turning the corner, and one parked around the corner. The other parked vehicles on the side street at the left are likely white colored, a common color association of the perps if you are new to this blog and aren't a TI.

Taken 07-23-2009, 1131h 28sec.Camper season is all year round, but this one is in season. A silver-grey, white and light metallic blue color configuration in the center, with a bright blue taxi right most, a deep green leftmost, and a black vehicle parked below, seen through the balcony railing at the right.

Taken 07-23-2009, 1131h 33sec. More mid-blue, a vehicle passing behind the tree foliage at the center. More of the parked vehicles in the foreground are revealed; a mid-blue parked Mini convertible is parked below as well as two silver-grey vehicles.

Taken 07-23-2009, 1131h 40sec. A white vehicle is passing behind the tree foliage at the center, with the above mid-blue exiting the frame at the right, also behind tree foliage.

Taken 07-16-2009, 1938h. I may have posted this one before, but the strange similarity of the pedestrian's placement and stride to the second photo above (07-23-2009, 1131h 40sec) was too good to pass up.

This one is done, onto daffodil bulb picking tomorrow.

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