Sunday, August 09, 2009

Out of Focus

More vision assaults; everything that I see on this LCD is out of focus, though the reasons aren't entirely clear. It could be direct neural vision perturbations or it could be an increased round of masers and other irradiation coming off the LCD. Or both, but it seems that the assholes want to stick it to me, as yelling at them only brings temporary relief of some 5 to 10 seconds.

A First Feral Family visitation; my mother arriving to then have me drive to the old folks home to spring my father for the afternoon at their place. Besides the aircraft noise, there wasn't too many aural incursions and the both of them went to sleep in their respective outdoor chairs. I was on compost watering duty as it hadn't been done all week and it really sucks up water as part of the composting process. This minor obsession over composting comes from the perps; they had Ms. C do a master composter's course, and both my parents are in maximal loiter mode (read, gangstalking) when I have been working on building the compost pile. I also got extra noisestalking when working on the compost, which included sieving earlier this year, directly into the box I built for my mother's crop growing this year. So yes, watering the compost seems to haved evolved into "my" project, the concept of ownership also being of great interest to the perps. I keep telling my mother to water it but she doesn't and will water the two boxes with crops in then immediately adjacent to the compost pile.

I got my carbohydrates fill for the week while there; cookies, cake and more cake. A dinner in there too, and watching the TV news, only two blondes on Global News from Vancouver tonight.

I did the city bus freakshow back into downtown tonight, and had my plastic bag rustling Fuckwit woman next to me at the bus shelter. It was all dudes (eight) tonight, save the woman who followed me on, and she was almost looking like one of them in her homeless garb. Plenty of passengers to pick up as well for a Sunday night in suburbia, and a few couples came on too. I was humphing my duffel bag with my rubber boots inside of it, along with some surplus produce that my mother gave to me. More blueberries, twice as much as I have on hand, so there will be plenty of desserts this week.

We the bulb pickers are to be working in the field tomorrow and it is expected to be raining. Which equals mud and more mud when farming. If it was forestry, much more familiar to me, there wouldn't be the mud factor, just belabored activity as the rain makes for slippery conditons.

And my vision is getting more impaired tonight; the cone of sharp focussed vision has been reduced and it is not these progressive lens eyeglasses as I would of noticed the problem long ago. I wonder what the perps are up to when they engage in ongoing vision fucking games.

Time to call this one done and post it. A lightweight posting to be sure, but I didn't have oodles of online time today. And early to bed for the earlier start.

Postscript; For Anonymous who sent three comments on Higgs Boson (yesterday's blog) and I got mind-fucked into deleting one when I had no such intention.

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