Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Daffodil Bulb Picking, Round II

I should mention that I am working, though possibly for a week at the most, dashing my plans to be solvent AND have money for upgrading this here PC in advance of my hoped for computer courses. Yes, I am in the dusty daffodil bulb fields of last year, and with the gangstalking crew members, though only two loony acts this time, both repeats from last year. One has dreadlock hair, and it is something I cannot stand the sight of. So.. what does he do? He puts a red ball cap on and has a few dreadlocks sticking through the adjustment area at the back. Like I said before in one posting, one dreadlock at a time is how the perps go about attempting to determine what traumatization associations I have, and then build it up from there. The dreadlock do has a long way to go before they can have me remediated, subconscious traumatizations repaired. Not that I am asking for it, and would be much better off if was LEFT ALONE, but that isn't going to happen in the highly interventionist nonconsensual Bubble World Prison I am kept in.

And it seemed the perps are continuing with the negro theme in the farm fields. I had at least three last year doing their gangstalking thing, and one of them I befriended for a time; she was conversant in the big picture, and since work ended in early Sept. 2008, she has pretended not to know me. Nothing new there, as I regularly get this bizarre behavior from others. And note, it has nothing to do with me, so how can this be clinical. There have been at least 20 of these blatant "don't know you even if we chatted at length --- weeks ago".

Yesterday was my first work day picking bulbs, And they arranged an hour of "settle in/warm up" time before the first negro arrived by pickup, and even had the door opened for him like he was royalty. He soon got into wearing shades after his first pass-by with the foreman, the negro dude looking away when I first glanced at him. Like who would do this when one's footing is so treacherous due to the rocky and dirt clodded terrain? As it turned out, he is quite an active conspiracist, detailing all manner of historical events back to Christopher Columbus, Masons, etc. I didn't join in the fray, as I have my own nascent conspiracist leanings, and don't know my history well enough to be able to cast judgement. Call him Short Hair Negro.

Then today, another newbie negro, Mophead Negro. He is at least 6' and has 8" of a wild fizzy black mop on top. At one time during the day when I "happened" to be looking uphill some 200', he was facing me and covering his face with a drinking bottle. I cannot get over how many partial looks the perps arrange, and it is constant all day. The coup de gras negro moment was when they were side by side (5' apart), some 60' uphill from me, one in a white top and the other in a grey top, and some 300' further there was a silver-grey pickup that had arrived and had its headlights on which were spatially arranged to be seen between the negros from my perspective. As part of this nonsense, they had a black and white Central Saanich police vehicle 90 offset from the pitlamping pickup truck, adjacent to it. The silver-grey pickup has also come by earlier while on break at the farm bus, and had driven over exactly where the two negroes were standing for some 15 minutes of their break. Anyhow, apart from some distance dependent negro stalking with headlight backup, I don't really know what the perps were doing with their Double Negro With Pitlamping stunt.

In case the reader is bewildered about the above, read the Favored and Unfavored blog posting to the right. The perps have a constant interest in the color of brown, and it seems that skin color plays a big factor in their interests. The Indian Lake Project of the late 1950's shows negro and caucasian children stuffed into 4' cages by military personnel, and if I was there, all of 3 or 4 y.o. as it seems from one photo, then there just might be a host of traumatization associations with certain races. The perps have arranged many race based gangstalking incidents, and the frequency of various races is much greater than what the demographic group populations would suggest. I get plenty of strange military dressed gangstalkers when there is no reason for them to be loitering on North Park St. at 1230h (always post yoga) on Thursdays every week for some 8 months. Especially when they are packing grocery bags and hanging out sucking on cigarettes.

The daffodil bulb patch is next to a very busy highway, and I would not be surprised if the traffic intensity, volume and noise wasn't managed for the entire day. There were plenty of motorcycle noises, and even the Fuckwits that refused to shift gear and make more noise for longer. And lo, if I didn't get plenty of bulb picking assignments nearest to the highway traffic. I was dispatched to start four rows of bulb picking and there was only five in total. Anyhow, the only major difference from last year is that I am wearing my big clunking hiking boots while daffodil bulb picking, while last year it was the boots that somehow fell apart by themselves, only the fourth time in five years.

I am getting the imposed restless legs jerkarounds and am calling this one done.


Anonymous said...

I do get stuff like this, such as people covering their mouths with their cell phones. Or placing their drinking bottles so certain portions of the label (such as the bar code) are showing. Or such that only one word is showing. Example: a Deer Park bottle, placed so that I can only see the word "Deer". The girl then returns, saying "Oh, oops, I forgot this" when I can clearly tell it was deliberate.

I also get the people I used to talk to regularly pretending not to know me, like 2 years later or so. Like, I'll be walking down the street. I'll see the person, looking straight ahead, pretending not to recognize me.

Or, some of them I talk to presently will give me the silent treatment, completely ignoring me. Then, later, the same person will talk to me, as though the perps gave the "OK" to speak to me.

Then, of course, there are the housemates that parade around in nothing but briefs for a spell. Later, after he takes his shower, he'll "accidentally" be completely naked, and then slowly put on his night shorts.

Anonymous said...

Here's one they pulled: they had girls who were my past "sweethearts" (3-4 years ago with regular visits from them) just "happening" to be cruising around the neighborhood while I was walking. Later, I will hear one of them calling my name. They are positioned such that their voice will bounce off other houses and buildings in the vicinity, so that it sounds like her voice is misdirected, i.e., sounding like it's coming from a different direction than it really is. Parked opposite to these "sweethearts" are a bunch of loitering fuckwits, unfavored, talking in an "idiot" tone of voice. I get "called" over to the ex-sweethearts, and I can sense the skit is about trying to detect how I feel about these former sweethearts of mine. Just a few minutes earlier, I got to see a present "sweetheart" of mine, just happening to be strolling in. So I guess the perps love to have us talking to past and present "sweethearts" within a reasonable time frame? I can see that is an obvious thing they would want to detect.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and the "present sweetheart" that came strolling in earlier acted oblivious to mine and others' presences in the room, and acted like she wasn't there. Interesting how they decided that the former sweets were calling me over and acknowledging me and talking to me, but the "present" sweet heart wasn't. Furthermore, the "present" sweetheart was dressed up and acting like one particular former sweetheart, as though she were imitating that former sweetheart (whom I would be talking to minutes later during my walk from the building).

It's odd that I get asked if I want this particular person to be my present sweetheart, as though the perps are "able" to allow or orchestrate this. It's like they have to work her into their "plans". They've told me they are "flexible" and will work on it.

AJH said...

Answer to: I do get stuff like this...

The face covering and masking is a big deal for the perps, always wanting to know just what features we recognize a person by. And is likely different for each TI. They like to have their operatives and shills dressing and undressing, even if a coat, proximate to the TI. I suspect this relates to "color energies", as the color of anything and everything is so important to them. The traditional Chinese medicine system talks of body energy centers called "chakras" and they have an assigned color to them.

AJH said...

Answer to: Here's one they pulled...

In my story, I refer to Ms. C and Ms. L, and in hindsight both were planted shills. I was seeing both of them for a few weeks, and the perps made sure I was run off my feet keeping two women at once. The perps even tell me that they were the same person, just in different morph-overs (shape shifted), though I have no way of validating this. But it does make sense that they want to compare one woman's interaction with another, (each with the TI) and minimizing the time between them makes for better energetic comparisons it would seem.

AJH said...

Answer to: Oh, and the "present sweetheart"...

The perps like to posit relationships within the mind of the TI just to see the reaction as you have suggested. I suspect that they can tell by remote means just what that reaction is, and whether it is positive or negative. And will then (hopefully) arrange the circumstances for ongoing interaction and possibly dating. In my case, they won't let me have a real interaction, though they do plant the notion, likely for their remote detection methods, and whatever psychic energies that might arise.

Anonymous said...

I get the sense that that is my situation, too; perps are just leading me on to believe I can date so-and-so, just to see what kind of reaction I have internally. I doubt if they will "let me" date those two.

The way they present it, I get asked would you date her? In reality, no real plans are ever made. It would be interesting to see if they really "let me" go on a "date". I suspect if I do, it will be under arranged circumstances: at a place where they will have shills planted and at the ready.

AJH said...

Answer to: I get the sense that...

It is difficult to discern if one is in a total orchestration bubble where everyone and everything is arranged to submillimeter an subsecond timing (like I experience every waking moment), or if they allow relative interaction freedom. The dates could be for real, or for "gaming" you, putting you through the process but then they bail out suddenly. One can only try. Often, the perps will test you for a facial features preference profile: jaw shape, mouth shape, eyelid shape etc. Then another round with one's body shape preferences. They seem to have done this with me over the past 6 months, but of course my preferences aren't the total set of them.

Anonymous said...

I get a lot of "storyline" type scenarios. Usually there is an unexpected twist. The storyline involves some depressing "truth", which is supposed to be like a mental drug, I suppose, like it could be a story about somebody who died or whatever. Maybe it's to release some chemicals in the brain, to have a sort of "drugging" effect without "real" drugs.

Also, I suppose they like to test for "fallacies", or what happens during the processing of incorrect notions, and how we may internalize. This is where the "Storylines" come into play... one thing to test for is how we "deal" with the story that has been given to us, and how do we deal with it over the course of months.

The storyline could be something that may or may not be true; and the perps want us to go through a "grieving process" where we are being studied as to how we cope with the story. An example of a storyline: You have been profiled, and they know you used to love Matilda a long time ago. And they profile you to see if you still have feelings for her. If you do, they could concoct a storyline about Matilda getting married. And of course, if they know you don't like so-and-so, a "rival" of yours, that would be the person Matilda is getting married to. But it could be a false story. Or maybe not. Maybe there is some truth, but maybe overexaggerated? For example, Rival and Matilda could be friends, and the perps deliberately have them getting married when they aren't. And of course, those two have been cooperating with the perps, so that the TI is completely without help or hints as to what is truly going on here. It could be the equivalent of sequestering someone during the trial.

It's odd that I've never gotten the "storyline" with everyone around me cooperating like this. I guess they view this as a long timeframe deal (instead of simply seeing unfavored/freaks/favored), which is more an instantaneous thing.

All this makes sense, because I am being studied anyways. I'm certain they are taking notes, and studying how I'm reacting around the parties as this "storyline" progresses.