Monday, August 17, 2009

WTF; Clued Out and On the Job

A short post because I got carried away by answering comments.

I did the daffodil farm work today, but had a major WTF stunt pulled on me. We have been doing sorting of the daffodil bulbs on the conveyor, getting rid of the rotting ones as they pass by on a conveyor. Eight workers pick the rotten bulbs out after groping as many as one can as they go by, and another is on feeding the hopper, and another on stacking the final boxes, coming off a weight scale feeder. Last week the foreman told me that we were going to continue bulb sorting "until it was done". Fine, so after lunch I return to the sorting line and no one is there. Two of the other bulb sorting personnel pass by and don't say anything, the forklift operator doesn't say anything at first, and when I am enroute to the outdoor lunch table to find the foreman, he is headed out into the field with some other personnel. I join them, and find out that I have been re-allocated to doing field work with five others, resuming the work that was stopped two weeks ago. So in other words, all of the personnel of the daffodil bulb sorting knew what their afternoon re-assignment was, and no one told me. And further more, they made sure that at least visited the bulb sorting conveyor all by myself, without anyone else there. The two that passed by could of told me but didn't and even the forklift operator didn't tell me at first. Another major WTF; everyone but me was informed. That takes planning and coordination.


Anonymous said...

They seem to be fond of having me whack myself in the teeth with my drinking glass. One night, I "accidentally" whacked my right front tooth with a drinking glass. Two nights later, it was the left front tooth.

They also like to have my drop my drinking glass; so I started holding my glass with both hands. Better still, I just started drinking out of paper cups so I can neither drop my glass nor whack myself in the teeth and/or mouth.

I see that portrayed on commercials, too... like the underage drinking scene where this girl is drinking, and she whacks herself in the mouth, knocking out her teeth, and is then crying about it.

Anonymous said...

Now they're "tempting" me with pre-teen, 11-ish jailbait girls. It was "set up" with some woman chastising me for picking up litter. She said "Hey, what're you doing, picking trash up off the street?" Just up the road was the pre-pubescent jailbait girl. Supposedly I was supposed to be making the connection. The woman also said "You're scaring me!", because I was picking "trash" up off the street. Supposedly, the word "trash" could've been interpreted as the jailbait, or someone I meet a while ago.

I understand they like to use very young underage girls 5-6th graders, or junior high types in their little "temptation" games.

Anonymous said...

I understand the use of underage, pre-teen type kids who are "hot" or made out to be dressed like a hot younger adult in their games. It's a classic gangstalking tactic.