Sunday, August 23, 2009

Very Busy; An I'm-Still-Here Posting

I worked six days last week, including yesterday, a Saturday. It is the daffodil bulb picking, and conveyor line sorting season, and I even seem to be wanted to run the feeding of the hopper, the upstream task that allows up to nine others to examine the bulbs when coming down the conveyor. This is important to get rid of the rotten ones that were either picked inadvertently in the field or became rotten in the six weeks of storage before the conveyor line examination. The long time posessive dude who normally works on the hopper feeding is totally miffed, as the foreman prefers that I run the hopper because I do it so consistently, rather than the conveyor line backups the other dude creates.

It doesn't take much to figure out that he was inattentive or else jerking around, as loading the hopper with care is all it takes. The bulbs need to be distributed just right on the belt at the hopper, and once done, there are no backups on the conveyor line. Anyhow, I think the perps find it more interesting that I am in the sunlight for the entire time while on this job, as the prior conveyor line work was entirely in the shade. (The hopper is outside, and feeds to a conveyor that passes through a punch-out in the wall of the building.) And the tan-through shirts are getting plenty of wearing of late, and the perps have a total obsession over sunlight skin exposure, and I suppose wearing a mid blue or a sage green shirt is a big deal for the assholes who script me to my every breath. The latter shirt got "taken out" yesterday as they put on an oil blotch on the front of it that did not clean up after laundering. So... a few days before I get some de-greasing spot remover and get this shirt re-laundered.

It is interesting to note the perp's interest in sage green of late. Two Fuckwits wearing sage green, one brighter than the other, arrived together and sat one on front of the other immediately in front of me on the city bus two days ago. Two seats ahead of me was a woman in the darker sage green, and immediately in front of me was a dude in a lighter sage green. After some five minutes of bus travel time, the woman puts on a mid-grey hoodie jacket, seemingly to differentiate her sage green color from his sage green clothing. There was absolutely no reason for anyone to put on a hoodie when on the bus in summertime. This was on the top deck of a double decker bus, and it seems the Fuckwit pair knew where to find me, arriving one after the other as seeming passengers at the same bus stop. The next day, I wore my sage green tan-through shirt to work and it got mysteriously spotted with grease when there was none around.I am sure there are more sage green follies to follow, especially once I get the grease spot out of the shirt.

Thats all the time there is; I am also busy on training grant applications so I won't be blogging much this week.

Adendum; I keep getting some kind of cryptic symbology in the comments which I delete as I cannot decipher what this is. I don't if it is legit or spoofed, but it is pointless to post comments that cannot be read by this English-only speaking author.

Adendum; more cryptic symbology in the comments, with one Chinese character in the middle of the long string. I have no idea how to decode or translate it, but if in English, and if relevant, I will publish the comments. Or, is just an auto-spambot at work?


Anonymous said...

I can't believe I am surrounded by so many compliant people. I read the link on Rachel's blog, and that article pointed out something I encountered a lot of: the laughing that the shills and operatives do a lot of. According to them, it was to tie a negative meaning rather than the usual positive to laughter. And the keeping us in a constant angry state: the article says it's to release stress hormones, which in the long run results in suppressed memories.

I'm not sure... I do know that I get a lot of laughter, and sometimes loud conversations with the gangstalkers. Also, a lot of physiques are presented to me that are 180 degrees opposite of those I find pleasing. It's like they're doing some sort of subtractive or suppressive psychology. They really persist in doing this.

But last night was interesting... I saw couples (man/woman) all night long, going for "walks" (more like gangstalking duty). I've noticed the men/women looked very similar in each couple, but each couple was different. In one, the male was strongly favored, female strongly unfavored. Yet another, the male would be the unfavored, the female unfavored. And the male in that couple looked identical to the one in the other couple... same deal with the females of each. One couple featured both favored, another featured both unfavored. There were at least 4 couples out there. In fact, that would cover all the possible combinations of favored/unfavored per couple; since there are 2 people per couple, there are exactly 2 squared or 4 permutations possible. And yet I saw exactly four couples.

Interesting that they looked so similar, possibly for "reference" purposes. Sometimes, they will use an unfavored male as a metaphor for something that troubled me in the past, as a way of compensating for that "troubled" memory. Perhaps removing traumatization associations. Or, maybe creating traumatization associations with traumatic memories themselves.

I'm not sure what their objectives are, but they sure piss me off by keeping me in this "containment". I can see a lot of the people around me, sometimes the gangstalkers themselves, are getting tired of it too. Or maybe they're just acting that way.

Anonymous said...

There was a mistake in my past comment: the second couple had unfavored male/favored female. So the chart with all the couples I saw would be:

1/ M-favored F unfavored
2/ M-unfavored F favored
3/ M-favored F favored
4/ M-unfavored F unfavored

All possible combinations covered. Thanks, perps. Well, the perps did help me out... they scared me out of that place earlier than usual, and I did have a lot of things to get done. Normally, I would be staying a lot later. They really did help me out.

AJH said...

Answer to: I can't believe I am... AND There was a mistake...

The laughter thing is quite prevalent around me in public, or with others like at the daffodil bulb picking job. I suspect it is processed in the amygdala part of the brain, where emotional content is processed. By way of this specific stimulation, the perps concurrently look for active neural energetics (or, electromagnetics if you prefer). Plus too, there are variations; the faux male jocularity in my case, other times high pitched squealing laughter from women, and inevitably, male and female combinations.

The Favored/Unfavored couple permutations seems interesting; I haven't seen them do this so obviously. But plenty more of public hand holding going on between couple members of late.

If the perps were onto you from birth, they have a very good idea as to what you like and dislike, assuming they didn't set it up. And they are recreating traumatization associations in their scripted vignettes. In my case, where it is likely they took all manner of liberties with the aid of Dr. Ewen Cameron of McGill Univiersity, Montreal in the 1950's, they created a number of traumatization associations and deleted my recall as they knew best then, hence some three years of nearly no recollections, aged 2 to 5. But they couldn't delete the subconscious memories, and that is the basis for these emulations in public locations.

Tonight on the city bus freakshow one dude gets on with a hoodie and a front hand warming pocket and puts both his hands in it and pulls it lower to his crotch level momentarily, and then pulls his hands out within two seconds or so. In other words, there was no reason for him to do this except to show off. This appeared to emulate a male reaching for his crotch, and this particular staged vignette has occured ~3 dozen times since the harassment began in 2002. I have no conscious recollection of fearing males and them fiddling with the crotch of their pants, but as it "happens" so often, there must be a perp reason for it. It is my conjecture that they erased the conscious memories at the time, but couldn't fuck me out of the subconscious memories, and are still looking for all the neural traumatization associations by staging these emulatory stunts. These are different of course for every TI, and even having a baseline of no reaction because of no traumatization assoication is just as important for the childhood abused TI's, even without conscious recall. I strongly suspect there is a large community of childhood abuse victims, especially institutional cases, that the perps are monitoring, enabling comparisons between them, me and all variants in between. Somewhere I read recently indicated that one's chakra energies become highly entangled (messed up)from abuse, and aren't fully formed, which includes colors, especially those at the time of the traumatizations. There must be a definitive book on meridians, and the Asian body health fundamentals and their relationship to colors.

Anonymous said...

I did get a bunch of those "low-rider" acts before in the past, where these "gangsta" like dudes had their jeans riding just about asshole level, with their boxers showing.

Anonymous said...

Or, perhaps they are trying you out as a "control" group... that is, you haven't had any sexual abuse as a child, but they want to compare what is obviously a trigger for sex abuse victims with one who wasn't abused. For example, how does one react to the crotch-grabbing acts, one not abused vs. one who has been? Or maybe they are simply testing to see if there is any abuse in your memories?

AJH said...

Answer to: Or, perhaps they are trying you out...

I suspect there is sexual abuse in my past during the memory-wiped years aged 2 to 5. But I have no conscious recall of it, but it still exists in my subconscious recall. Hence the male crotch grabbing, usually 1x/week. Another is the male putting his hands on the belt line of his pants and hitching them up, as if they were temporarily out of place (hanging too low). One of the Duplessis Orphans, no stranger to abuse of all kinds, told me that the infamous Dr. Ewen Cameron of the McGill (Montreal) "psychic driving" (crude brain rewrites) and LSD experimentation of unwitting subjects, was also known for sexual abuse of children. AND, I was in Montreal when aged 2 and 4 years old, and I only recall snippets of the first stay there, 1956-57, nothing else. Very curious, not to mention the present day gangstalker assholes planting Scottish accents around me, and Cameron was Scottish.

Anonymous said...

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