Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Strawberry Picking

The second week of strawberry picking, and they added two new crew members. And lo, if one of wasnt' a negro, dressed like a strawberry in part, an orange red jeacket and a brown driver's cap. Nothing says GANGSTALKER more than those color combinations. And as negroes comprise of less than 3% of the population per last census, and an inordinate number of them somehow seem to find me or are placed in my proximity, I wasn't too surprised. Last year they tried a negro woman out on the crew but she didn't make it past 1000h before she begged off and was never seen again. This dude stuck beside me in the next picking row for all of the morning, my negro strawberry. He was an OK person and we chatted every now and again. So as he lasted a whole day, he might be back again, much like last year's negro on the daffodil bulb crew who made a name for himself by slamming into me on the bus on the way to the farm on his first day and then a few days later when on a crew break.

And too, they pulled a negro-babe proximity arrangement later; the boss' son's girlfriend came again to day on some kind of look and see visit, said hello from 40' away, and lo, if today's strawberry negro wasn't posing behind her. A few minutes later, he was posing in front of her. Not quite "blonde babe auric co-opting" but just babe aura proximity co-opting. Don't ask me why the perps do this, but it has been a long running stunt/prop to have the babe, especially one I know, with the Unfavored demographic group specimen. Go figure.

The strawberry negro also knew enough to piss me off by picking strawberrys from my row in his adjacent row. Other fuckers have been doing this, and so far, I haven't been allowed to voice my annoyance, especially in the tone it deserves. I fucking cannot stand this constant encroachment of others on my working space, and this same bullshit has been going on for all my agriculture jobs for three years now. Get the fuck out and leave me alone. And don't bother pounding the ceiling while I am typing this up and dealing with the infernal typo sabotage.

What is with the perps' games of closing down businesses that I am to visit, especially over alterations, both one person shops? I got into town early, at 1730h to then walk two blocks to the alterations business that has my outdoor pants that got the waist expanded, and the doorway was locked, with a sign on it saying back at 1745h. They close at 1800h, so that wasn't much of a window to find them open, but as I live only a block away, I can get there in five minutes. What is curious is that two businesses concocted this bullshit jointly, as a single doorway provides access to the stairs that takes one to either a sound studio or else the tailor/alterations shop. Both had their plywood signs out on the street, meaning they were nominally open (opening hours for both), and yet the door was locked with a "Back At..." sign on it. How utterly bizarre that both businesses would combine to be both out at the same time during normal business hours.

As this is the second time I got screwed here, arriving to find them closed, it did remind me that the last alterations shop also pulled this same fucking stunt, shutting down when they were to be open, per posted business hours. I have no idea what the perps expect to gain from this, but these juvenile business closure stunts are now all too common, since they went over/beserk on me in 2002.

I will be going to bed soon to accomodate an earlier work start time of 0700h, except if raining, so I will call this done for today.

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