Monday, June 20, 2011

Post First Feral Family Monday

A Monday day-off from farm labor, staying at the First Feral Family house last night and doing driving duties for my perp abetting mother and then backyard maintenance work as the deer pillaged the vegetable garden plot. So... back to wrangling with galvanized chicken wire again, finishing up the roll that was purchased in 11-2010. And not forgetting  that it was first used  then to assemble four round cages to stop the deer from stripping the Ocean Spray plants to bare sticks. And too, the perps pulled a snow storm that day to force me to make up these chicken wire cages inside, and then test them out on each plant in turn in the snow. It was that important to them that I putz with the chicken wire inside the basement utility room instead of outside, and to have the property covered in snow at the same time. Go figure.

But there must a some EMF spikes coming off of the chicken wire as I bend each wire end  and flex the zinc coating and the steel base wire underneath. As usual, the aerial noise started up, the STRATCOM B-52's, local float planes and a few others. Then the hot rod and other loud muffler noise also came on, and even the neighbor across the street added his pointless diesel truck idling into the energetic mix while wrangling with the chicken wire for a few hours. My perp abetting mother was also there, "helping" of course, wearing the fugliest pastel green pants she could find.

Said pants were also worn this morning when I drove her to Sears to look a sofa-beds, and then suffer the odious cologne of the salesman and his shiny bald head at close range. And while waiting for him to demonstrate what was availible in his information system, (ancient monocolor green CRT), the perps then passed the skankiest dude past me four times, with the fucker stopping twice in close proximity for no seeming reason. He was walking a 100' long hallway, and had a braided pigtail for crissakes, like something from the Ozarks. A few other large gutted male staff members also perambulated some 40 to 60' away, but having this skanky Fuckwit was most un-Sears like.

And heavy on the red vehicles today, some in ahead, some coming past in the opposite lane, then likewise in the crossing direction at intersections, and adding in red hats on perambulating gangstalkers too. The Sears' entrance was worse as they had a 20' long display of garden furniture outside, and then blended in red vehicles nearby to add more to the visual red barrage. Never mind that Staples was 60' away with a deep red marque as well. I was glad to get out of there and thankful I wasn't dealing with Canadian Tire and their redshirt staff, another visual anathema.

Then to Home Depot, and a clusterfuck of red vehicles to get through to park, and then get blanked on getting a face mask and again on getting fence wire to add more protection to keep the deer out. I don't know quite why the perps want to skunk me all the time, either having the store out of stock or else having, this time at least, my mother talking me out of getting the safety gear to run a grinder.

The is the eve of the Summer Solstice, and like some TI's, I often find there is some extra perp silliness organized.Though, apart from the Monday nonsense, I cannot say there has been anything too outrageous today; they even backed off on the freak count on the city bus trip I made into downtown. On the L. side transverse seats in the rear raised deck area they put on a succession of Fat People, rotating them out after a few minutes to have another Fat Freak in the same seating row. For some reason the perps like to test my digust of Fat People all along the bus route, and seemed to need variability rather than a single specimen from this Unfavored demographic group.

I also got the beer breath smells from he dude two seats next to me, who for some reason needed to stare at me before he sat down. Both he and the Asian got on at the same bus stop and one followed the other to have one immediately in front and the beer breath Fuckwit two seats next to me in the L. rear bench seat. The Asian did his back-to-me thing, twisting in his seat and leaning forward when he would of been looking out the side if he sat in his seat like a normal person. But as I get this back-to-me seated Fuckwits all the time when in the rear bench seat, I am not too surprised. I was stiffed with my pack and my carry bag, otherwise I would of got off and walked, as I am so fucking fed up with these assholes parading their backs at me on the city bus freakshow. One time they put an obvious red plasma flash on the back of a white shirted Fuckwit who was seated in front of me as he was doing a lean-over instead of twisting his back like today's Fuckwit.

And I suppose the two dudes in serial file, surrounding me in short order is part of the perp testing me over the related fuckery of having dudes three or more abreast coming at me on the sidewalks. It seems the perps know I have some kind of abreaction to this behavior and want to learn how I acquired it. all to learn how to nullify it. Never mind that it was created at some kind of abuse camp of MKULTRA days and that they purged my recall of nearly all things aged 2 to 5. Somehow, those subconscious traumatizations are still there and the Fuckwits are bound and determined to purge the (unintended?) consequences of their past abuses. Having a number of adult males closing in on me must be one such memory they are emulating to get abreactions, my new word I was allowed to learn recently. To save you looking it up:

    1. release of emotional tension achieved through recalling a repressed traumatic experience.
    2. the expression and emotional discharge of unconscious material (as a repressed idea or emotion) by verbalization especially in the presence of a therapist
    3. the release and expression of emotional tension associated with repressed ideas by bringing those ideas into consciousness

Another featured noise this afternoon, while fighting with the chicken wire to make a ersatz gate, was the 1950-60's style of sirens. At least three cascades of this particular rarified (except for me) siren noise came on over a half hour in the suburbia of Gordon Head, part of the Municipality of Saanich, aka the Greater Victoria region. Like WTF? What would the emergencies be in this region and why did all three of them have this retro siren noise, one that seems to be coming more frequent of late. More abreactions maybe? Which then calls into question as to how "they", the police forces of North America, come to all decide on which siren noise to use, and why are they largely the same? Except in this town, where they have decided to go with the retro siren noise from time to time. Bizarre.

Enough of the palaver, and I am getting rage-fied with forced typos, and have an eruption of clunking noise that is somehow getting through my earmuffs. Funny, I forgot to get a better pair today when at Home Depot and looking at their safety equipment.

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