Sunday, June 05, 2011

Bioethics Committee; one TI's experience

The progressive shaving of my legs continued last night; just this sudden compelling need to do this when I haven't ever before. A new razor, and now shaved thighs, down to my knees. And the same "need" came to mind (read, mind-fuck planted notion), to do the same to my arms this morning, so I suppose they are next. The perps have also been pumping me about getting inaccessible areas waxed, so here we go in the escalation of being hairless, save my head, which will NOT EVER BE SHAVED to look like those shiny skinheaded males that constantly hound my ass, and one getting in way too close three days ago when at my old shopping haunt, having vehicular use then.

Onto the title topic, here is the experience of one TI at the US federal government Bioethics Committee hearings recently conducted in NYC. I just shows (to me at least) how the adversity is managed on all fronts; airline ticket cancellations, room seating, hotel management interference etc.
#1050 For participants of future Bioethics Commission meetings

    I hope you guys in Europe are preparing for the last Bioethics commission to be held across the pond. There will be one more here first, for those of us here in the US that can attend.
   They made it harder for the public to speak this time. 300 people called in wishing to speak to the commission. This was stated by Dr Wagner the Co-chair at the beginning of public speaking. Normally only half the people speak. This means there could have been 600 people in attendance.
    The hall rented though was only 1/2 the size of the first one. After the 300 people had called in to Ester Yoo as requested to announce they would be coming to speak, emails were sent to those requesting to speak telling them they couldn't. only 30 t0 45 minutes is given for public speaking. This time they made the public speaking time at the end of the first day instead of the second. Also a guard was at the door this time keeping people from entering even though some seats were empty during the morning.
    The overflow congregated in the lobby like last time but as we began to interview and film other TIs we were told to stop by the hotel management. Then one girl asked the hotel for the WiFi code. This made it possible for us to watch the, "Presidents Bioethics Commission", live from her computer. Again hotel management came up and told us to stop.
    In the afternoon they gave in a little and let more people into the commission. They also opened up a room asking us to go there where we could watch the commission on our computers, do interviews and be out of sight.
    I had been denied the right to speak but had arranged to speak for Ted Gunderson. He was an FBI agent in charge of 700 men in Los Angeles when he retired. He is now a target for speaking against corruption. He had actually been involved in COINTELPRO thirty years ago but he said it paled in comparison to what we are going through. We were to fly Ted in but he opted out the day before his flight. He is 83 and has cancer. In a last minute deal he got the commission to agree to have me speak for him. Unfortunately when I got there I was told I couldn't. Just before lunch a woman approached me and said they were going to look into letting me speak. Later I was told no by others when I tried to follow up on it.
   I had a half hand written and half computer text that I transcribed from Ted over the phone hurriedly while trying to get ready myself. I also had to cancel his flight and go through a run around to try and get a refund even though we bought insurance on the ticket. He was sent forms to have his doctor fill out in the end. You need a reason to cancel so keep that in mind should you get the insurance. I had to deal with this on the day I was to pack and get ready.
   So when they called, "Ted Gunderson's" , name during the, "public comment 1/2 hour", I was not ready to speak. When I tried to speak for myself they quickly shut me down. In the end I made a ten second statement for Ted. It didn't help that I was unable to sleep the night before. I might have been the subway rumbling under the hotel every 24 minutes or occasionally hearing the announcements over the speakers below in the subway. New York is a very strange place.
   The lesson is they will try to discourage you. Don't let them. Be prepared to speak in case they let extra people speak as they have done both times now. Remember the lessons learned that I just wrote down. Unimpeded there would have been 600 people representing the public there. Holding this in the middle of Manhattan had it's own challenges including a $45 fee for valet parking at the hotel.
   This is still an opportunity for us to go on record officially and we won't know if there are any concrete results until President Obama receives this Bioethics Commission's report and recommendations. Be polite and dress as professionally as you can.
   You might also want to see this as a form of protection. By going on the official record it would look strange if a number of us were knocked off or hospitalized.
   The Manhattan meeting location, the small conference room, Emails discouraging participation, hotel management interference and all we have gone through as targeted individuals by way of torture and mind control  reminds me of the movie, "Close Encounters of the Third Kind". Only the very persistent made it there in the end. At least for us who were not New Yorkers who knew how to navigate the subway system. Still it was worth the effort.
I think the TI's will be lucky to even rank a footnote in the final report, given that we rate about the same as the alien abductees in this cloak of implied credibility absence that seems to erupt around us. In fact, the alien abductees got a huge credibility boost in my estimation by way of Dr. John Mack's (psychiatrist) two books, detailing the experience and how it is not possibly of clinical origin. However, just maybe I am bummed out this morning for some reason.

A Sunday morning, and a rare sortie at this time of day and week to the local supermarket, and I see a yellow vacuum cleaner next to a red plastic bucket and broom in the manager's office in the lobby before passing through the doors. And lo, if the negro-du-jour didn't come at me two seconds later from behind the corner, wearing a red ballcap backwards and a yellow shirt. This was one of the two negroes who made sure to gangstalk me when the fire alarm went off at 0130h on June 02, 2011, four days ago, as blogged about, June 03, 2011.

The thuddy stereo music noise is also playing as I type this, and also came on to accompany me shaving this morning, the full frontal shave that I do. And also last night, the thuddy stereo music came on for leg shaving. I suppose this is the noise-of-the-week, benchmarking me in some way at differing activities at differing times of the day. And they even arranged for some of my leg miss being shaved, and so I finished the job in the shower this morning, also with the thuddy music playing.

I will be headed out later this afternoon, the First Feral Family get-together and to drop of presents for my daughter at the ex's place, her 21st birthday in two day's time. Calling this one done for today.


Anonymous said...

Thankfully, I am done with that leg-shaving exercise they put me through. It was torture to go through all of that. It started with constant planted notions that I should shave my chest, and also my balls.

It started out with the notions that I should be shaving my arms and hands. Then it was my chest. So I did shave my chest. And then I thought about how great it would be to shave my back, and those ideations were very strong. So I did my back and front. Very nice and smooth, and I liked the results. Then, I had the notions to do my legs. And I did from my torso down to my toes. At one point, in early 2005, they had me completely shaved, except for head hair and crotch hair. I would be out walking in the cold, and I could feel that I was noticeably cooler in those conditions.

I guess the purpose was to compare with/without various regions of body hair, and the effects of retaining body heat. I noticed I was much cooler. In 2008, I had more notions to shave my front and back. Again, it was pretty warm out, and I noticed it kept me cooler.

Thankfully, we are done with those exercises. Recently, I have had these strange ideas that, while at the mall, that I could "stage dive" from the top floor to the lower level if there were enough people down below, and I have seen these notions reflected all over the place: commercials, online newspapers, and also in other forms on the web. They'll show a man diving off of a building as part of a scene shot for a movie. In another shot, the actor has his back showing, which shows he is cleanly shaved in back.

These ideas of having me leap off of a building or tower have been coming to me, and I'm not sure if they are internal or coming from them. They have me pondering about how painful it would be when I land, and if people would be coming to my aid as I lie there seriously injured. And the whole stage-diving thing at the mall, has me wondering if the people down below will agree to catch me, or just back off and let me fall to the hard floor.

Anonymous said...

And of course, they put me through exercises where I'm tempted to shave my head hair, and have me wonder what it would look like compared to my "normal" look (with hair). They have gangstalkers all the time come around me, and linger, and they will have varying amounts of shaved head hair growth, from completely shaved, to hair just growing in, like a beard. I resisted that, thankfully, much like the "stage diving" ideations. That makes sense, as one famous experimentee, Frank Olson, threw himself out of a window. It seems to be a continuation of those CIA experiments, to see if they could mind control a victim to jump out of window, leap off a building, or of course, stage dive from the top to the bottom floor of a shopping mall. That's why I have been wisely staying away from malls lately. Who knows what they are up to. I certainly don't want to be lying seriously injured on a concrete floor while onlookers come around.

AJH said...

Answer to: Thankfully, I am done with that leg-shaving...

Well, it seems they have just got going on me, having me shave down like a real swimmer, though for the 14 years I swam 3x/week in a swim club, they never had me do this. I suspect the color and reflectivity of the body hair are giving the perps problems, so that is why they have shaved male bodies and heads. I had a coat with a shiny smooth lining in it and the assholes burned a hole in the front of it in some dumbshit stunt at Ms. C's place in 2001. I suspect the perps didn't want the shinyness, as that interfered with their remote energetic (or EMF if you prefer) assay activities.

BUT that is a totally different pastime than planting ideations about "stage diving" as in leaping off unsafe heights that would cause certain injury or even demise. Resist these notions vociferously, even stridently, and they will get the message. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: And of course, they put me through...

The Frank Olson event of the CIA haas not yet been settled, despite the CIA paying out $750,000 to his widow long after the fact. Recent exhumation reveals that he was bludgeoned on the head first. And besides, no one commits suicide by jumping through venetion blinds covering the window. One suspects he was going to spill the beans on covert LSD administration to unsuspecting victims, and the mind-keepers dispatched their thugs to avert this possibility. Karen Silkwood, about to spill the beans on the US nuclear industry to a reporter, but ended up dead in mysterious circumstances. But as so many like events occur, Vince Foster's timely suicide, even military personnel in Iraq, it makes me wonder who isn't being monitored? Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

There's a fair amount of disinfo, also, about this whole system. One of them is that there is an entity called the Illuminati, real powerful, educated, and nobody dares mess with them, lest someone disappear or have something happen to them. They had me thinking along those lines, and they do some things with their connections (the perps) to reinforce that belief. One of them is that it is this Illuminati, consists of an elite bloodline who has existed for thousands of years, and who has covertly ruled the ruled the world for as long as they existed. They are powerful rulers, and they seek to enslave mankind and destroy anyone who gets in their path.

Well, that's the way the theory goes, and the notions I keep getting from them (the perps). They do certain things with harassment and media to make me think I am being harassed because I put down this Elite Ruling Family (the disinfo). Though sometimes I am confused and not sure about this. I believe it's just the perps again and their mindfuck games. I believe one purpose is to see how I am able to reason my way through the truth, and come to the conclusion that there isn't an Illuminati and Elite Ruling Families. Just the assholes and the shadow organization they belong to that enslaves certain targets and does experimentation/monitoring on them.

I'll admit I'm confused right now about the perps and whether or not they are doing work on behalf of some royalty and their bloodline that enslaves the world, and has been for thousands of years. But there are a fair amount of books and movies that reinforce that belief. I guess they (the perps) simply are trying to shield who they are and are trying to beat down me and other targets with disinfo to avoid detection.

AJH said...

Answer to: There's a fair amount of disinfo...

Hard to know what group is top dog, let alone the hierarchy of masons and the other human groups. I suspect that humans aren't at the top echelon, especially when one considers the operational application of teleportation and telekinesis in the course of abusing me all day, and thousands of other TI's. I don't think they learned those tricks and the advanced science and capabilities from James Clerk Maxwell before he got stiffed with cancer at age 46 after developing a unified theory of electromagnetics and energetics before it got reduced to just the former by a lesser light following him. (This from TE Bearden and if you can get through the dense technical descriptions). Others say that we are being inculcated with what they are up to via film and TV to lessen the negative vibrations. As Richard Hoagland indicated, "the lies are different at every level". I stick to the more nihilistic view of Dr. John C. Lilly, ( who coined (or channeled) the hierarchy of Earth Coincidence Control Organization (E.C.C.O.), and the other tiers he mentions that reign supreme in the galaxy and universe. Thanks for the comments.