Friday, June 03, 2011

Fire Alarm in the Night

There hasn't been one of these for at least one year, but at 0130h last night, after being in bed for 1.5 hours, the fire alarms went off building wide. The drill is that I get into my street clothes and go downstairs via the stairwell. And lo, if the first thing I saw when I opened the stairwell door was a negro, apparently a resident one, coming down the stairs. In true perp form, he had his red ballcap on and was ahead by some 10'. And lo, if when I stepped outside of the lobby, four red hoodie wearing Fuckwits were strung abreast. All to keep me red tracked in different lighting conditions it would seem. And the fire department came in their yellow and white vehicles, four all told, and they did their obligatory thing of making it seem legit, save one fireman who was waddling around outside and putting on the appearence of being a real one. And for the 15 minute wait outside there were the white and red flashing lights of varying stroboscopic frequencies, some most annoying. About 40 "residents" were in the throng milling outside, and far fewer than one would expect for a 140 unit building. There might of been some more residents out back, no more than 40, but still short of a full complement on a Thursday night.

The red vehicle in the wait zone opposite the lobby doors was duly driven off before the fire department had blocked the street, the first fire department vehicle was outside next to it, and parked on the wrong side of the street for the direction it was facing, a much coveted perp vehicle orientation I have come to know. And before long, 15 min. or so, we were allowed back into the building and to use the stairwell, and lo, if a second resident negro wasn't coming down the stairs with two firemen behind him. Nice he deigned to attend the seeming emergency, even if it was too late. Funny how this negro stalking is arranged. And what might of been the big incentive for the perps last night? I had been sleeping for about two hours on just-laundered bedsheets, and we know how freaking nuts the perps are over laundering, especially sheets. And too, sabotaging bedsheets, as the incremental accretions of a yellow compound are defying the washing machine/layndering efforts. And no, it is not what you might think, and the bedsheet yellowing fuckery erupts on the pillow and underneath, going from head towards my toes.

It was a visit to the farm today to retrieve my belongings there, not having a chance to get them, only discovering that there was no more work for a few weeks when being driven to the bus stop. I then got to clean them up at the First Feral Family house later, with overhead aircraft noise accompaniment, both STRATCOM's B-52's and local Harbor Air floatplanes. It never ends, this sequence of noise each time I go outside, starting with aircraft, high altitude (30K to 50K feet), then low altitude (1K to 5K feet) then ground borne vehicular traffic, the succession of hot-rods and performance mufflers that seem to find me wherever I go.

And it seemed to be a water testing day today. My perp abetting mother was watering the garden when I arrived, and I ended up helping her at some point before borrowing her vehicle to get my belongings at the farm. Later, when I got back, I was the one "watering", though in fact I was using the same hose to clean my rain pants (rain coat was OK). Later, after lunch, I was on duty to print her pictures on her printer, as she recently acquired a digital camera. Then on the watering front again, I was the one who got her water control meter working and attached to the sprinkler system, and then got her timer control installed on another outside faucet. The perps can never get enough water games in, and like to try me out with varying vessels, water sources, water containers and water lines (hot or cold).

Then on the bus to suffer the city bus freakshow again. Another negro show; one opposite me on the rear bench seat with this dreadlock spikey hair, and they didn't have him get off like they usually do. In the past at least, they pulled the negroes off after two minutes or so, and it was repeatable on multiple bus trips. And two negro women on the bus when returning to downtown, and they were kept some 20' away or so, hidden behind the blonde babe. For some five minutes or so, they put a red-haired (very Unfavored) dude between the blonde babe and me, but it seemed it was his turn to get pulled early.

And more reprises from last night, and not just the aforementioned negroes. The fire department came by (yellow and white vehicles) while waiting for the outbound city bus, reminding me of last night's shenanigans. The apartment manager dude also made sure he was seen today, though I didn't see him last night in the fire alarm stunt. And what is with all these dudes and their "gut strut" in the streets these days? Why is my attention sent to view these Fuckwits, as seeing one gut it to see them all; as in plaind disgusting.

I am getting strangely restless for reasons I cannot fathom; the sense to shut this PC down for no reason, even if reading regular websites for the first time in at least four weeks due to farm work monopolizing most of my free evening time.

I will post this for now, though I know there is much more I can add, but somehow the recall is getting blocked.

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