Monday, June 06, 2011

Thuddy Buddies Again

The thundering bass stereo noise has erupted from above, just as it had done earlier, and in both instances, occurs while eating chocolate with my tea, while the dishes were being cleaned up, and following when, presumably, the chocolate is being digested over the next thirty minutes. When doing the dishes for tea-time this afternoon, the noise coincidence was even more pointed; when the faucet was running the thuddy stereo noise came on and when I turned the faucet off, the thuddy noise stopped, at least four times in succession. It seems that the noise of falling water, (read, pissing in a toilet) it a big entre/noise association the perps exploit.This was learned from other dishes washing events long ago; sirens, aircraft, motorcycle noise etc. all have a a "habit" of coming on strong when the kitche faucet is running. And of late, even if the bathroom is 15' deeper into the building, these same noises are coming on for the bathroom faucet running, and coming in louder than they ever did before.

On the activity front, many things in the past day and today. The dementia act father fell down and hurt himself, enough to be sent to the hospital, so I did the driving honors for my mother and accompanied her for some 4 hours of emergency visitation. Eventually the X-rays found that he had a fractured lumbar M2 bone, so that will take a few weeks to heal and the pain to go down. Today, we visited him again, in his ward, and it seems that this will take a week at least before he is self-ambulatory, likely longer. And why weren't those padded pants on anyhow, as he has at least one pair. Another FUD augmentation is that he was on an aluminum sheet stretcher the entire time, so how did the X-rays get done? Don't know, and they could of moved him onto a special X-ray transparent platter. Other FUD was that a new girl at the Imaging Department desk seemed to know he was in a lot of pain even if it seemed she wasn't attending at any point. Always these FUD games.

My mother flies to the UK tomorrow, so I get to do the honors of taking her to the airport and taking her vehicle back. So no doubt these events were all arranged with these two Feral Family perp abettors making out to be totally innocent. What the connection is I don't know, except to say that the perps have a long running interest in having victims fly/travel, or be tormented by those who do fly, e.g. Gina Romano's (and here) experiences with airline personnel. And is also likely related to the elevator rushing games I continue to get, where the Fuckwit attempts to get in before I get out, a sudden eruption of public behavior that began in 2004 and hasn't let up. Shed no tears for First Feral Family abettors and the rest of their litany of cooperation, and whatever stunts they might be putting on.

Needless to say, my rare visit to the hospital was duly gangstalked and heavy on presentation of those freaking wheelchairs they hound me with all over town. And they even found time to put on four negroes on the gangstalker roster, one IN a wheelchair for the most ridiculous confabulated confluence of the Unfavored.

And finally, some normal temperature weather this weekend, and going into this week. I was hoping to get my just-shaved legs tanned this week while not working due to no crops to pick, but it seems we will be going back to do more weeding in the strawberries. All those 4" germinant weeds get to be hoed yet again, and it seems the soil is thick with a weed mat from which they will spring in short order. That is the nature of the organic bog land soils it seems, also just as fertile for weeds as it is for potatoes.

Other action on this Monday, a return from the First Feral Family overnight stay, and weeding this morning. Also shovelling the peat moss, meaning brown powder seemed to attract the aircraft overhead, first the STRATCOM B-52's, and then the local float and private aircraft. Then the neighborhood lawnmower noise and chainsaw noise too. Just a regular day in suburbia while I was on weeding and landscape maintainance work.

And I also got my brown cardboard box of ectomycorrhizal fungi today, a new-found interest in plant and crop health erupting after a 30 year duration after I did a report in college in 1978 on the potential use of ectomychorrhizal fungi for tree nursery and planting in forestry. Only to find that not much has changed, and it is only people like Paul Stamets ( whose long standing research and promotion is making some headway. As he says, "no fungi, no people", and that native fungal populations (forests ecosystems as one) should be made a national security priority. What interests the perps so much about fungi I don't quite know, but one can be sure that my every move and thought is presently scripted to the microsecond, so this long running interest of theirs is now resurrected for whatever reason. I figure they perps were all over me since birth, so the fungi interest at college isn't exactly my own doing either. Funny, they wouldn't let me do a thesis on it the next year, and swapped me out to something totally different (nutrition of leaf fall in streams).

Another big perp event was arranging me to make my standard quesadilla lunch and dinner to have five items that were new, or finishing up. This means that some of the packaging ends up in the garbage together, which is just too fascinating for words, for them that is. A new bottle of coconut oil (liquifed by some strange force, normally solid, though soft at room temperature), a new package of tortillas, a new tub of tapenade, newly acquired cooked chicken meat (a Chicken Run hours earlier), and finishing up a block of cheese (its cling wrap ends up in the garbage). Just plain exciting for the assholes who arrange all this and have me eat the same lunch and dinner course for over eight years. They still won't let me eat eggs, as it seems the yellow color is a particular problem for them, and in keeping with their strategically planted yellow objects, vehicles etc.

A job interview at a winery/vineyard next week, so I shall see how that goes then. I cannot quite imagine the perps will let me work somewhere with no noise of regular road traffic, though the aircraft traffic will doubtless make up for it. The perps have been pumping (promoting and inciting) all spring about working in a vineyard in the Okanagan (some hundreds of miles from here), so this might be my entre. And too, the perps had me drive the FFF parents to visit wineries in the Okanagan the past four autumns, so there must be something important to be discovered via winemaking, e.g. provenance related. And not forgetting they had me making wine as an amateur, and as a club member. We shall see.

Enough of today's perp nonsense, and I will call this one done for tonight.

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