Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Disruptions

I see the font on this Blogspot is still sized down from before, so it seems the font size games are still important to the perps. No doubt this will serve to create excuses for more errors and cause me to lift my back off the seatback to see what I typed in this heavy typo sabotage they routinelyh put me through when blogging.

A Monday today, with a stayover at the First Feral Family house after farm work yesterday. And another visitation by a local deer to the  backyard of the FFF house, it chewing up hostas, potatoes, tomato plants, and a few more. Last Monday I spent three hours making a fenced pen around some of the vegetable garden to prevent any more deer incursions of the runner beans. It seems the deer had a knack for arriving in the daytime when my mother was out and also the wind had lifted the cover cloth off the plants she was hoping to prevent from the browsing ungulate. Funny how that happens, the perp abettor making out that it was a random fluke event when they know better.

So today, it was back to Home Depot to get stiffer fence wire, one better than the chicken wire of last time. And regular readers will know that the perps just love to have wire mesh placed around the TI's (and abetting family) locations. The usual flock of baggy shorts wearing males was in place there, along with their ballcaps, large guts, waddling walk and tattoos. And two do-rag dudes, one popping out from behind a parked vehicle while in transit, and another posted at the fasteners section where I was looking for fencing staples and twine. And I had my dude entourage tail me out of the store, and lo, if they were going to the next parked vehicle beside the one I was driving. They even put a tractor-trailer in front of the entrance as we arrived by vehicle, at least a 40' trailer, maybe longer, and it stopped along the pedestrian walkway to the store entrance, and was gone by the time we were parked.

And so an hour working inside a cedar and Douglas-fir hedge to get the fence wire in place to stop the deer bypassing the gate. And too, the perps just love to have me pass under foliage, be it landscaped trees or even forest. Time without fail, when I did trail hiking in a forest land park to mid-2006, a Fuckwit would be place at open areas just as I had arrived into these non-treed rocky patches. And they even put "stand theres" under landscaped trees next to thoroughfares that I walk along, looking totally stupid while having no apparent purpose except to be under the edge of the tree canopy. And too, the color of the leaves is important, those phyto-colorants (and phytochemicals) in the leaves seeming to be very important for the perp research agenda as much as it is the metered salad portions I am allowed. After over a month with no salads, the perp allowed me to purchase it four days ago and then made it too totten to eat one day before the expiry date. I got two salads when I should of got at least four, a local grower no less. Though, I did wonder why my mother left the spinach out all of last night in a wire mesh colander over the sink when it should of been in the fridge and was plain obvious.

And so after being served salad, an orange colored squash soup with ginger in it, and some turkey deli meat for lunch I took my overnight bag and backpack onto the bus, and lo, within one stop some 20 middle school kids "happened" to be at the bus stop and boarded the bus. I moved my seat to keep my overnight bag under the seat instead of being walked on, and so for the bus ride, I had these folks packed all around me and of course their chatter. They even put on a curly fuzz headed negro kid in in this kid-surge, and lo, if the perps didn't keep directing my attention to see him when it was totally pointless for me to look in his direction. When I got up to go one of the kids said they were getting off at the same stop, so I declined to push my way through them. And lo, when the bus stopped, why, they didn't get off and I was stuck behind them pushing to get off. The rear door closed, but they all chimed in to tell the driver to keep the back door open for me. My own cheering section for getting off the bus, and better than the freak show I usually get there.

This from Targethaven, and a familiar story to all TI's.

TI friendly companies

Is there such thing as TI friendly companies?
Companies where a Targeted Individual may work and is not likely to be harassed and intimidated on the job by any one in that company.
The last company I worked for was xyz. The boss xxx  would on several occasions calculate loud coughing and/or sneezing to my face and into my ear. I remember one time I was to reply to a safety questionaire on his laptop and just when I was about 2 feet from him he lets out this loud sneeze. Another time he got one of his workers to call me into the next room and just as I open the door to approach him he lets out a real loud sneeze then starts fanning it towards me with his hands. One time he had a contract at the Veterans Administration offices and both he and most of the workers on that job would constantly walk in close proximity to me then let out some kind of loud intimidating noise. Almost everyone I happened to walk past would make some intimidating noise at the exact point of closest proximity to them. While I was working on that job most of the people in the room would make intimidating sounds synchronized with something I was doing.
And the answer is NO; there are no TI friendly companies, and when they want the management to turn on the TI and fuck them out of a job, they will do it, probably because they don't have a choice. (Or else they are a perp managed firm).  Though to be fair, I never experienced this degree of overt targetting when I was employed for real in the pre-overt harassment days.

Other distruption games were to have me get skunked on returning an item to the outdoor co-op. These spandex shorts came with a non-spandex waist, making them perfectly useless for fitting to size. Never have I seen anything so fucking stupid in garment manufacture, but one can be sure that will be outdone by someone somewhere.

Then they pulled a rain before I set off on my errands, having me use my blue Blunt umbrella, which seems to be a huge deal. For the last six months they screwed me out of using the umbrella, either by having me "forget" it at the FFF house, or stopping the rain that was imminent, not looking outside to determine need, or some such dodge to ensure I took the umbrella but did not deploy it. So... today, I got to look out and see it was raining, get the umbrella, and use it. Sounds normal/simple doesn't it? But not when the hounds of hell are on your ass every last microsecond, and for them, walking under an umbrellas is a big deal, possibly because it changes one's color-energetic signature. And lo, if there wasn't a dude surge of Fuckwits downtown, almost 8 to 1, M:F ratio. They strung them 7 wide at the intersection of Fort and Douglas streets on my way to the bank to get rolls of change from my account for the laundry machines in this apartment building. A prior stop at the opticians to get a refill of lens cleaning solution put me in contact with the sublime minx there, (who knew me by name even, a rare event), and then onto the bank where I got an oversized middle-aged woman cashier. All manner of stunts and silliness abounded, from Darth Vader dressed street violinists to the mid-sidewalk obstructors to the wackos in their fedoras that were abounding. It was more like Christmas-time crowds, and here it was raining on a Monday afternoon in late June.

A third tanning session tonight, with more "arrivals" behind me getting served first. At least two were mid-brown skinned so WTF? Then a skinheaded negro male was posing outside, as seen through the storefront glass, next to the light metallic tan brown vehicle. Said vehicle became a minor hub for three more gangstalkers outside, approaching it as if they were to enter it, spaced out over 10 minutes or so. (I was kept in the waiting area for longer this visit).  It was the first time I put on SPF 60 Ombrelle, and it was on my face due to this vanity streak that has been imposed, that is, to avoid an even toned face, a hallmark of tanning equipment they tell me. So..., in keeping with the ongoing sunlight/UV/vitamin D and the rest of the entire complex of body-sunlight interactions of intense perp interest, I did another round of getting "lit up" in the tanning booth, their seeming choice in how I go about it. No police event outside this time, but hordes of wandering folks out, still heavy on the male ponytails and vagrants.

The overhead stereo music pounding started up exactly when applying the SPF 60 Ombrelle to my face, 30 minutes before the tanning session. For once I get to do it right and get it applied well before, unlike at the farm work job. And when I came back, another round of the same pounding noise. And just now, as I recount this, a third round of pounding music noise that is somehow getting through my hearing protection that I nearly always wear at this desk.

Oh yes, the copper colored vehicles that are selectively inserted among or after hordes of white, silver-grey and other greyscale colored vehicles has worked iteself into a new theme/material. At Home Depot today, they had stacks of copper colored garden hose for crissakes, all for the masses to water their gardens with this color of hose after the many variations of green hoses they have pushed on the FFF. Currently, it is the insipid pastel green hose at the FFF, two short hoses of differing diameters (naturally), and also a soaker hose with a green stripe on the black hose material. And I see they broke the FFF  black soaker hose again, after fixing it with supplies from a irrigations specialist last year. He did a sales promo on this brown colored dripline to accomplish home watering, so I am sure the perps are still working on the follow-on effects of water as supplied to various plants, edible and not, and how these affect the energetics of the persons eating foods from these various water delivery systems. My mother declined to purchase the dripline system, so for now, the perps have her with the pastel green hose. And lo, if she isn't wearing these god-awful pastel green pants, this weekend and last. Go figure, because I cannot (save the rile me objective).

I am sure there is much more I can relate, but for now I am getting blocked as to what I to write about. So, I shall blog off and call this one done for today. Hopefully I won't get the Monday night sleepless treatment like I usually get, and one can be sure that I won't suffer any from sleep loss the next day. Unless of course the perps decide to change that dynamic and wipe me out Tuesday afternoon. We start strawberry picking an hour earlier now, at 0700h, so it will be a long day. Not to mention all those red colored vehicles swarming around me aferwards.

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