Tuesday, June 21, 2011

In the Reds

Strawberry picking begun today after some two hours of packing garbage into dumpsters and hosing down plywood picking bins. The Mexican I was working with seemed to be guided by some kind of detailed instructions as he knew what the job was even if no one told him.

Then a strange before day-end wrap-up to the strawberry picking with everyone turning around at the same time and heading back and not saying anything to me, a 100' downhill. And there were still berries to pick but no one seemed too fussed. Another one of those "herd moments" when every one else marches to the beat of a strange drummer. Then the boss' gorgeous live-in girlfried came with him when we wrapped up the picking, and per seating arrangement I got to sit next to her in the front seat. All part of the show I suppose, have the odd babe arrive after a day with the rabble (us pickers), and have me sit next to her and her sumptuous legs below her skirt in the two minute truck ride back to the farm warehouse. She has a corporate job, so what took her in her nice city clothes to a dusty farm field at 1600h is beyond me, save a perp orchestrated "victim tour".

And a suck-in to work to 1730h when it is the recipie for not getting much done in the evenings. When I got the bus it was about 1750h, #6 S. bound to downtown, and lo, if there wasn't at least 20 Fuckwits on board. I eventually got a seat facing forward instead of the transverse ones for the handicapped, and it had a blonde woman immediately in front of me. Then 5' in front of her was a transverse seat behind the front wheel well, and the perps soon put on a Phillipino woman and her daughter. The latter did "pop out" duty to ensure she was seen past the blonde woman's head, and eventually they got off after a few minutes. Then another blonde arrived to sit next to the blonde immedieately in front of me. And lo, if they didn't bring on a negro woman (very Unfavored) to sit where the Phillipinos (Unfavored) had sat, upping the brown skin ante and partaking of whatever "blonde auric goodness" there is that the perps seem to need to leverage from, a skit/stunt that has played out hundreds of times now.

And when I got off the bus a pregnant woman got off ahead of me, then a male, and as it was a one way street it is easier to jaywalk across. This was after the two deep metallic red vehicles had passed by, an very common gangstalk color of late. And when I was crossing in mid-street, a female herd was hot on my tail. These were the two blondes on the bus, plus at least two others, and in the middle of this sordid pack was the infernal negro woman. Talk about a set-up, and how could that many agree to jaywalk together in tight formation, and at least one of them doing the gangstalker standard high armswing walk. This ludicrous quasi military arm swing erupted in this town in 2003 and hasn't let up. Anyhow, the female herd with the embedded negro woman was on my tail for at least 100' before I turned the corner to find a carmine redcoated Fuckwit ahead of me. And do I loathe carmine red more than  any other? You bet, and then know it.

Other Unfavored scum themes on the bus and the street were Fat People, still a big deal for the perps to be attempting to elicit abreactions to this grotesque human state, no doubt of long term strategic interest to the perps give the level of obesity in N. America. This is also known as the "gut strut", these 250+lb blubber-stalkers who populate my viewscape much more than their demographic percentile suggests. The bald males are still going strong as another Unfavored gangstalker theme, and are even going out shirtless for crissakes.

Another dude cluster on the outbound bus this morning, though 10' away instead of every availible seat around me a few days ago, having 8 of the Fuckwits pretending that this wasn't an organized scam. Since when did all these dudes take the bus at 0700h, even on a Sunday? For the 8 dude cluster around me they inserted a blonde woman immediately in front of me as some kind of blonde auric goodness leverage, though it didn't help that she wore the present trending military scout hats that are the rage in this town, one step removed from the ubiquitous ball caps on the males with these ridiculous baggy shorts that go past their knees.

A near sleepless night last night, in keeping with the perps screwing me ou of sleep on Monday nights after my return from the First Feral Family house. It seems they need to extend wakeful conditions, something they sure to let me know back in the early days of this abusive insanity they have inflicted upon me.

Anyhow, a day in the sun and I am wiped out enough to call this one done and to blog off for the day.

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