Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Sleepless in Victoria

no sleep,
motorcycle noise, and props arranged
paint people on the bus
FFF paternal asshole ailing, no UK departure for FFF maternal

A mixed up day today, starting with next to no sleep last night, all to keep me listening to various kinds of noises that went on, about once per minute, and we are talking about 0200h on a Tuesday for crissakes.
What heavy duty vehicle would be parading around then?

I got up early, about 0600h, and once done the breakfast and personal hygeine thing, there was time to put a load of bedsheets laundry through with one towel with spot remover on it to get rid of the blood spot that came from nowhere last week. It didn't launder out the first time. And the blood did not come directly from me as  I was not cut, hacked or othewise injured before it occured. I suspect they can take blood from me directly through their teleportation games, just as they certainly do with shit. But perhaps they are testing someone else out on my towels and looking for some kind of blood spot to blood-in-me (no cuts or lesions) comparative energetic analysis. Don't know, just my speculation on their red and blood games that go on, and I am sure, also play out on the world stage in the form of suicide bombers and massacres. Odd that these latter events seem to end up "happening" to travellers from other continents.

Then off to the First Feral Family house to do activities to get the house in order as my mother is leaving later to go to the UK and see her sister. As I was tied up doing this in the afternoon, the ex offered to drive my mother to the hospital to visit my father, recuperating from a fall two days ago. I did watering and weeding, and "planted" (innoculated more accurately) these ectomycorrhizal fungi I recieved yesterday from Fungi.com in five vegetable plants, one tree and four junipers that were planted last year. The neighborhood chainsaw noise erupted for the planting of the fungi pellets big time. And of course, a prior run-up of noise from the STRATCOM B-52's, local floatplane aircraft and the vehicular road noise of loud mufflered vehicles and the like. The perps also arranged the sunny weather to go cloudy with some light showers for this event and afterward. As I was planting strawberry plants two weeks ago, it seems the perps cannot get enough of me doing this activity. I wasn't aware that it was important to them until this year, when it seemed the weeding, pruning, loping and compost digging was the big deal.

And so when the ex and my mother arrived back at 1530h, they said my father had deteriorated and wasn't really that with it. So... that changed everything and my mother cancelled her flight and got her flight insurance to cover the cancellation. I will work tomorrow and hopefully see the First Feral Father/abuser in the evening. He was the one who turned me over for this insane abuse I get all the time, so do not be surprised that I hold a particularly vehement view on him, whatever his medical state is. And of course, I had all these plans to use my mother's vehicle for various errands, and all those plans went kaput. The perps love to set me up for what I call dashed expectations.

And now the local ISP/phone company has decided to take down my perp-abetting mother's phone so she cannot inform her sister in the UK as to her changed plans. This was good for 20 minutes of on-phone time, read EMF signals at one's ear with ongoing cognitive function of listening and interpreting and responding. This came on the heels of doing some bookmarking over camping gear, a premptive activity should I succeed in my interview next week at the winery/vineyard. And we know how the perps just love to noisestalk me while bookmarking, as well as putting on aurora borealis-like plasma displays on my LCD as I type or read online.

I take the city bus back to my place at 1730h, and lo, only some 7 to 10 gangstalkers on board. I had been getting 20 to 35 at this time of day and now a sudden decrease in the freaks riding with me. Though, the freak level was down, but the abusrdity was having two proximate independent Fuckwits both daubed in paint. The woman with the child that never was still had blue jeans on with at least 30 splats of white paint on them, and was likely the "starter clown" for the dude who came on board with white overalls daubed with various tones of blues and greys, and tastefully done too, color range coordinated. Like WTF; I never saw any commercial painters on the bus before this insane malarkey started nine years ago, and if he really was a commercial painter then there would be a very good chance that some of the paint would of been wet for crissakes. But the bus drivers let them on all the time. What a total joke, these painted dudes as faux commercial painters riding the loser cruiser (city bus).

And I am wrapping this one up for the day, but suffice to say, earlier this morning, when at the FFF house and doing the fungi "planting" and watering, I have never felt so cognitively clobbered and out of it since they force fed me the wrong medications in 2003. No doubt they wanted me as brain dead as possible as it seems it was such a big deal for the assholes.


Anonymous said...

Been doing research into Aurora Borealis and sound (audible perception of the Aurora itself). I jokingly told somebody that you can hear the Aurora, but only some people can actually hear it. Well, I did some research, and turns out I was right. Some people claim to be able to hear it.


What it is that gives people the sensation of hearing sound during auroral displays is an unanswered question. By searching for an answer to that question, we will probably learn more about the brain and how sensual perception works than about the aurora.


So far, attempts to record sound during aurora have failed to produce any proof that such sounds exist, but it is hard to ignore the numerous reports that go back centuries.

There are generally two types of sounds reported to accompany the aurora. The first is a swishing sound that changes with movements in that auroral display. The second type is a crackling sound, like static electricity makes.

The problem with claims of sound that changes in time with auroral movements is that the aurora is a long ways away (100 km/60 miles), so if sound was coming from the aurora, there would be a long delay between the auroral movement and the sound arriving at the listener's ears, just as thunder arrives long after a distant lightning flash is observed. There is also the small detail that the air between us and the aurora is far too thin to carry sound over such long distances. Therefore, if this kind of sound exists, it must be created very near to the observer.

The most likely explanation for this type of sound is that it is created inside the observer's head: not a figment of the imagination, but rather leakage of the electrical impulses from the nerves in the eye (carrying images of the aurora to the brain) into the part of the brain the processes sound. In a very quiet environment, there are no sound signals for the brain to process, so it notices these tiny leakage signals and the result is sounds that change in time with the aurora. This explanation was actually tested by some early explorers, who found that the sound went away if their eyes were covered.

The second type of sound is more mysterious. A crackling sound, like static electricity sparking, might be explained by the strong electric and magnetic fields associated with the aurora, but so far theories and measurements have not provided a satisfactory explanation. Research continues.

The website proposes tiny leakage currents from the optic nerve into the part of the brain that processes sound. But there has to be magnetic and electric field emissions by the Aurora itself. Unfortunately, we don't have these where I live. Tonight was the rare chance to (maybe) see one, but there was none to be seen, unfortunately.

It would be cool to go to Alaska and witness these firsthand, to see if I can hear "sounds" that accompany them.


This paper states that sound transmission is not feasible at the height the Borealis occurs, and further research was pushed aside because of this. But people have been hearing sounds of the Borealis for centuries. I find that fascinating.

AJH said...

Answer to: Been doing research into Aurora Borealis....

It was Thomas Townsend Brown, a researcher of gravitic control through electromagnetic manipulation, coining the term, "electrogravitic", who described space (sometimes called the vacuum) as the "omniplasma continuum". Which, I suspect, applies to the phenomenon of the Aurora Borealis, an plasmic interaction that is aided by cold temperatures. Interesting about the associated sound perception, and how it might be a neural-optic interaction atrifact. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

I believe the slow time-varying electrical phenomenon can induce these hearing artifacts. Maybe there are charged particles escaping from the Borealis, those can hit the nerves and induce hearing. Also, the time-varying component of the magnetic and electric fields can induce currents in the brain and auditory nerves, causing a sensation of sound.