Monday, July 04, 2011

Reds and the Mexicans Arrive

Preamble; these are going to be weekly postings for the next few months as I the farm work is taking up a lot of time. 

Farm work continuing; the Mexicans arrived today, one was in the warehouse when I arrived, possibly as a "warm up" Mexican in keeping how the perps like to expose me to smaller versions of what comes next, aka, the incremental exposure methods they use so often, usually for Unfavoreds more than Favoreds.

After clocking in, always a gangstalker moment, and after I got dressed up in my dark green rainpaints with the yellow suspenders for the damp field conditons, they arrived in two vehicles, coming out one by one from the door, something like a staged show. There were seven in all, and I knew four from last year, so some hand shaking and/or hugs, not knowing anything about how Mexicans greet each other. One knew me from the Feb.-Mar. (2011) daffodil flower picking where they had 45 Mexicans, though I never did meet any of them individually. They too were doing their clustering around me then, or at least some of them, and of course, talking excitedly in Spanish, which I know little of. Now, with only seven Mexicans on this crew it is more personal, and maybe I will get some one-on-one time to learn a little Spanish. Last year, one day after I assembled my English-Spanish dictionary and my phrase book, and had some dialog with one who knew reasonable English, I got laid off from berry picking. This year, a week ago or so, with one Mexican worker, I again brought my dictionary and phrase book, and lo, within a day he was gone to attend to personal matters as there was a tragic traffic accident in the family back home. It is difficult to reconcile these apparent tragedies with the timing of my activities, and so I go with the most likely scenario. One, he has to be cooperating with the perps and their obsession over every last detail as to what I hear and what and who are around me and what they are wearing, so I consider it doubtful that they would go and fuck someone up who is aiding them, even if thery weren't fully informed as to the perps' long running interest in coincidence arrangement. And given that the "personal tragedy" was talked about at length for some days afterward, all I can say is that it fits the perps' pattern; arranging fake or real accidents and deaths among those who know me, or are related to those who know me.

And the red flashes much of the evening; either as flashbacks of strawberries or as a plain unfeatured red flash of plasma over top of something that isn't red colored. Often the red flashes are timed to a moment I am yelling at them for some kind of jerkaround/incursion, like pulling items from my grasp, sending me to the wrong drawer or cupboard, or any of the litany of mind-influencing abuses that are contrary to my established habits and practices.

I picked strawberries with all the crew until 1415h, and then we were sent to weed pumpkins. The Mexicans were sent to the patch under the powerline, and I and the four Punjabis were sent to another  pumpkin patch for the same reason, about a half mile away. One of the Punjabis needed to mention this to me for whatever reason, the seeming similarity of activity only a short distance away, and that we were all working together on the same things, only separated by a short distance. Go figure. But given his poor English, he was making a bigger effort to mention this than a native English speaker.

Of more interest, especially in light of the 9 years of onging games the perps devise over spreading soil here and there and in the hallway and on passing vehicles, is that the strawberries were on a grey-green (plus some clay) glacial till hillside, while the pumpkin patches in both cases were of fluffy black organic soils of the parent bottomland.

I had at least three supposed farmworker colleagues posted around me while changing out of my raingear in the warehouse, getting out of it after picking strawberries and before hoe-ing weeds. This is not too surprising given the extraordinary attention, (noise, light flashes) I get when changing clothes in my apartment, and the nonstop parade of gangstalker loonies changing out of their clothes in public, or even more perverse garment modifications. Fourteen years of 3x/week swim club practice and the clothes changing that goes on with it (and all the cooperating swim club members, over 30 on any given night), just wasn't enough for the sickos in their pre-overt/beserk days until they outed themselves and cranked up the abuseto its present depraved state in 2002.

And lots of clusterfuck and silly BS in switching from picking to hoe-ing; putting hoes in the van, then taking them out 10  min. later and putting them on a pallet, and then the Mexicans selected their hoes from this group. While other hoes remained in the van that I eventually travelled in to the pumpkin patch.

After a day of farm work, at 1730h on the inbound (suburbs to downtown, S. bound), I had 8 red dressed Fuckwits packed around me in the rear raised deck portion, with an absurd approximately 30 total "passengers" aka, gangstalkers. The red vehicles have also been coming in greater numbers and are more clustered in two's and three's than ever before, while waiting at the bus stop or when on the bus.

Some new local farmworkers joined the strawberry picking today; of prominent note was a male negro in a red jacket. And too, a middle aged woman and her seeming adoptive daughter, who must be Fetal Alchohol Syndrome, a seeming native Indian.The daughter was especially prone to yell at her mother for the slightest thing, saying "I know" loudly or some other rebuke that was unwarranted.

And I was "negro-ed" with extra gangstalker coverage before I met the above mentioned negro farmworker. There were seven all told when outbound to the farm. The first one prone on the love seat in the lobby, making out that he was sleeping there, his head cantilevered off the end and over the floor. A female negro was was seated across the aisle on on the bus. The third "tag-teamed" (seated in the same seat once vacated) with a departing Caucasian seated in front of me, and only a single bus stop duration of overlap between the two. (Regular readers will recall the 2009 and 2010 events of city bus travel where there was a negro-negro tag teaming, all the more curious given their 3% demographic, and that they somehow knew to sit exactly where another negro had been). This negro made out that he was pals with the female, and made sure to place his fuzzy black head in my peripherial vision by leaning sideways often, but stayed seated in front of me. And four negroes on the street, this at 0730h or so, as it still seems the perp/sickos like me to see negroes directly, through various kinds of glass (tempered, safety, etc.)  or even translucent fabrics like polyproplene greenhouse cover.

When home bound on the city bus, a redcoated negro male emulating the color and garment type of today's redcoated negro stawberry picker was senselessly (and rudely) impeding all passengers getting off the bus; he could of sat down on the availble seats, but no, he had to stand in the doorway to constrict the exit room of the passengers wishing to disembark. There were three other negroes on the bus as well, so it would seem I was getting "negro-ed" yet again by this same demographic group the perps like to selectively place around me. Call it "negro exposure continuity", from apartment lobby to city bus, to the worksite, and back again.

I picked strawberries all day, and I shouldn't of been too surprised to see a profusion of red vehicles all over me tonight when out for tanning, there and back, a 5 minute walk from my apartment. There were red vehicles in threes (serially) and fives (crossing and multiple directions and convergences)

And more major FUD at work, seeming to be exploited with so little English spoken, and no Punjabi to Spanish translation going on. We were to work at picking strawbs until 1730h, then at 1650h we were called off to do hoe-ing weeds, and so were werer transported to the warehouse for hoes. The Mexicans went in the first van, and we locals (me and the Punjabis) were waiting for the second van trip to come back to the warehouse. The van comes back, but we get the word to that just the Mexicans get to go weeding and we get to go home. This was after 30 min. of clusterfucking, discussion and major disingenousness in conveying work crew getting directions from who knows where, but they all act together as if silently directed.

Also a "banana stalking" in effect; some free bananas arrive in packing box and dispersed among everyone, presumably from the Mexican fixer/handler who deals with the Mexican immigration issues and transports them to Western Union on paydays. I have long mentioned the perp's use of bananas for some kind of color referencing, from checkouts to banana eating on the street, to placement of peels at street corners and like perversities, so today was a whole crew banana benchmarking it would seem. I got to take some home, and I am sure that contributed to the extra coverage on the city bus when travelling home.

A national holiday, comparable to July 04 in the USA, but the strawberries keep coming, and it ended up being a 11.5 hour work day, and then getting screwed for a seat on the city bus to get home. The buses were infrequent and packed with those headed downtown to see the fireworks in the evening and whatever other organized street revellry there was. So, I get to then walk home from Mckenzie and Quadra to downtown, which took an hour with my backpack on me and after a very long day of farmwork. And lo, the national flag colors of red and white were out in profusion among the throngs, and I wasn't too surprised to be covered by four red shirted dudes in some places, walking ahead until I passed them by.

I picked strawberries until about 1700h, and then helped the Mexicans pick potatoes. I noticed that a certain farm, call it CF for now, was next door to the potato rows, and this was the one that was advertising for farmworkers some two months ago, though I never heard from them. And this was at about 1830h or so, and lo, if a Mexican from CF farm doesn't "happen" to saunter out and putz around, and the Mexicans engage in conversation with him across the fence. Interesting that local farms advertise for farmworkers and don't respond to submitted applications (mine at least), and yet somehow hire Mexicans under a work visa program. Part of the local farmworker hiring fashion it would seem, and all the more odd they even bother to pretend to be interested in hiring locally.

Picked strawbs to 1730h and came back. A flush of pink and red dressed babes at McKenzie and Quadra where I take the bus; four go W bound, and four go S bound, walking toward me and crossing paths on the crosswalk. And strawberry colored/dressed gangstalkers arranged around me on the bus when homebound again. Keeping that red color continuity going from the strawberry fields to the bus, and they won't let up in keeping red coloer coverage wherever they can.

Picked strawbs to 1700h. Then was picked up by my perp abetting mother. The field Punjabi crew boss came to loiter around my mother's vehicle so to be there when she got out and I got into the driver's seat. It seems the perps needed to have my daytime boss be at this seat changing moment. As mentioned many times, the perps put no end of resources and attention to when egressing to/from vehicles of all kinds, and it seems they needed the daytime supervisor to be there at this critical juncture.

A day off from picking strawberries, and again attending to deer fencing at my mother's house and garden in suburbia.This involved going into and under the hedge again to install a 4' section to cover what I thought was inpenetratable section. More pruning of branches to clear a path for the wire fence to be pulled through. This time, my mother was whisked away in advance by my ex to deal with the Post Office screwing her over and holding her mail. Kind of a stupid stunt, but it kept me downtown waiting in a vehicle two weeks ago, and the perps cannot get enough of that, especially given the truck loading stunts they arranged in front of me while seated in the vehicle.

And so while in the hedge, pruning branches etc. the next door neighbors had arrived back from six weeks away, so there was plenty of raucus goings on with children, grandpa and parents conversing inside and outside. The kids went into plastic playground playing and pummeling in front of me when I was talking to the grandfather about the state of the fence, the deer prevalence and where the fawn of the day before went. Whenever I come out from being under foliage is always a big perp event, and having me talk immediately following it seems to offer more perp fuckover opportunitiies. Later the ex arrives with her poodle and my mother, seeming to continue this post-foliage contact/coverage moment. On the simultaneous noise front, the perps went all out with a chipper truck working a two hundred feet away at most, along with associated chainsaws and the like. I presume this was a real tree maintenance event, and not just for the noise, as it seems the perps want to be able to remotely detect some kind of commonality between like events; me doing the hedge pruning (from inside of it) and the nearby tree cutting and chipping.

 A project that has been brewing for over a year also came to fruition; it was to take a cut-off grinder to vertical metal flanges on the patio that were hazardous to any that came by. For that, a low flying helicopter came by (less than 300'), much lower than normal, just before starting the job. It is always a big deal for these long planned projects, especially the games over having the wrong sized grinder arbor, then my brother "finding" a newer model, then the cut-off discs taken back because they were the wrong size. And somehow, my mother had her nap at the same time, not detered by the noise of cutting the 1/8" metal with the grinder. The timing of her selective naps at seeming perp critical moments haven't gone unnoticed.

Anyhow, much other "routine" gangstalking and games have gone down this past week, but I don't have the time for all the last details while farm work calls (sort of).


Anonymous said...

Got two black female doppelgangers of two female former students of mine this evening. The seem to be working blacks into the mix, which consists of doppelgangers and other weirds.

Last night, they had an entire family come in. The one guy looked like a former classmate of mine back in late 1990. And you say you get doppels of former acquaintances, also. Before he left, he was eating a bag of potato chips, and he just "accidentally" clumsily grabbed a mouthfull, and let some chip fragments fall out of his mouth all over the floor, in addition to him "accidentally" dropping chip fragments on the floor as well. I've noticed they like to have operatives (gangstalkers) do this, as they have done it back in 2003 plus or minus one year ago. Back then, they had this older dude whom I now know was a doppel of my former physics professor, put on the drunken bum act. I know it must be an act, because I saw this same guy walking down the street in the opposite direction while doing my walk later. He had a bag of potato chips, and he just accidentally littered all around the floor in a circle with chips where he was eating. I'm not sure what the perps get from this, but it seems to be a tactic that crops up now and then consistently.

And on the job front, I applied to a position in Toronto, ON, and I heard back from the guy who posted the job. He said he forwarded it to the hiring manager, and he said he would be selecting a more experienced and qualified candidate. But I seem to be getting those consistently, too. Even if I apply to a job close to home, they send me an immediate rejection saying "no thanks", even if I am perfectly capable of doing the requirements. Another guy I interviewed with said I had the skills, so I know it could be part of the perp agenda in keeping me out of a full-time employment.

And they had some weird guy that looked like Steven King, dressed up in a blue T_shirt like I used to wear back in my early college student days. He was deliberately talking in a slow, subdued voice, and he had a flabby stomach. It could be that Open Indiana has the same color as the shirt he was wearing, and I have been using Open Indiana lately. (It's an open source version of Sun Solaris, now owned by oracle.) Again, the perps seem a little too interested in what operating systems I am running. It seems they beat me up over any choice I make like this.

Anonymous said...

And of course, there was a younger dude outside, adult, like early 20's looking, just pointing an icy-cold hardass stare in my direction through the window outside while I was inside sitting down. He looked a lot like a similar-looking dude who originally came in wearing pants and dark glasses, and this guy was now wearing shorts, and had no glasses. It could be that the original dude went outside, changed, ditched the glasses, and was now sitting outside staring at me. Kind of a hardass-looking guy. I guess the young lady working in that place was supposed to be his girlfriend, and supposedly, the perps were emulating the over-protective boyfriend. It all seemed and looked arranged.

AJH said...

Answer to: Got two black female...

I also find that the perps like to arrange gangstalkers "feeding" in public spaces. This, and based on them putting stir sticks in their mouths, "open moutning" and yawning suggests they need to regulate or expose their mouth contents. My postulated reason for the feeding and objects in the mouth is to change up the color content as one's mouth is very close to one's brain through soft tissue. And too, the mylar bags that chips come in gives off micro-emissions of x-rays when flexed, I read somewhere.

Interesting that you are getting responses, yes or no, to job applications, as I haven't got this far in the main.

I get doppelgangers infrequently, maybe a half dozen a year or so. One of the more astonishing ones was this woman who barged into my apartment when I opened the door to her knocking; she was identical in look, height and build to a woman I knew in college 30 years ago, looking nearly exactly like she looked then. She was putting on a stun-out act, and I sent her back out, as she seemed to understand this much, and I didn't have to handle her physically.

I suspect the perps want to mess with your O/S anyhow, as they like to do this. As much intention I have had to get to Linux, even installing the boot-up drive in a removeable tray, I never have got to Linux, save a few hours of running Oracle tools on it last year. Then the ambition somehow "faded". Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: And of course...

I get plenty of dudes ringed around me on the city bus, even at 0615h on weekdays.

But the babe with the dude act is common; I see at work the blonde babe who was chatting to me, and has a boyfriend elsewhere, has now made pals with the negro dude who returned after four days absence. I have called this "auric co-opting", the babe aura gets proximally mixed with the dude (or other Unfavored demographic group representative). Often after exposure to each separately at first, and then together. It is the season for dudes in baggy shorts and their beer bellies it seems. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Also about the messing with the O/S bit: I have been on another journey putting together PCs again. This time, I found myself looking at and purchasing some low-cost mother boards and ATX cases as well. It looks like I am going to be putting together 2 PC's shortly, after I receive all the components. I suppose going through all the combinations of CPU, Motherboard, and ATX cases of varying sizes and power supply powers are going to give them plenty of excitement.

Also, I got the urge to purchase a low-cost, single-rail power supply with digital readouts for current and voltage. I bought the one for $58 brand new on eBay, though the seller was selling an identical supply for $68 brand new. When I got it, it functioned very well, but had a few cosmetic blemishes on it, like scratches of varying sizes. So I suppose it was $10 cheaper because of the cosmetic blemishes. Now I know building circuits with the power supply will be exciting for them. And having me build the same circuits powered by batteries instead of a lab power supply could provide some useful comparisons.

They seem like like me to buy electronics kits, those "learning lab" types.

Anonymous said...

I addition, the perps arrange for "freebies" to be left on my walking route. One time, they left a sandwich and fries outside on someone's porch. Thinking it may have been someone who ordered food and left it there, I didn't take it, and also thought it was unethical to take things, even if they were left with the intent that I should take them. The thing is, they were the same sandwich/food I had ordered earlier, but they were left on someone's porch. I know the perps ordered this, though, but didn't want to involve myself, as I may have been set up on a potential theft.

And another time, they left a 10 dollar bill, which I just left there. And recently, there was a Powerade drink in an unopened bottle left along my path. It was right on the walk. apparently left for me, and there was nobody else around.

I figured it was the perps again, up to some psychological testing, to see if I would take a gift knowing it was from them. I was grateful, but figured it was wise not to take it if it weren't mine in the first place. I know they could be setting me up for a minor theft charge or something.

The thing is, all of these items left as gifts are things I have here in my house, so I know the perps are behind this. I just left them lay there. I accept nothing if it is from shady enterprises such as those the perps are involved in. Also, by taking these "gifts", I am making an acknowledgement that the perps are doing a good thing by having me targeted, and they are throwing out some scraps my way. By not taking the items, I am rejecting these notions.

AJH said...

Answer to: Also about the messing with the O/S....

The perps are also VERY intersted in the color of wire insulation, color of the shroud around the memory and every possible permutation, combination and juxtaposition of all PC components. They seem to want me to use fanless PSU's (as I have now) after a period of using a fan cooled one. Their next big test case is to have me convert to a SSD hard drive. Hard to know where it is all going. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: I addition, the perps arrange....

Don't take their "free offereings". In the first week of the harassment I "found" a roll of postal stamps near my apartment door so I picked them up and used them. I was already three weeks late on paying my bills because of the enforced incarceration stunt, and when I got to my desk and put the checks and their payment coupons in the envelopes, the mail using these "free" stamps was delayed by four weeks, creating a further financial mess. This is just one example of the bullshit they pull off. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that they want you to use SSD's. The salesman at BestBuy was trying to sell me on the SSD's, like saying it would be great for my build, because they have low power, and boot 7-20 times faster, etc. Interesting, because I told him I wanted something cheaper, and SSD's were and are still expensive yet. The smallest I could find was 320GB, a Western Digital Caviar.

This machine is a low-power Via C7 Epia. Not very powerful, but an interesting architecture. It was a brand new board, but got it for $17 + $11 shipping. Talk about cheap. And the hard drive was the most expensive part. And it is a fanless motherboard.

I have another mini-ITX board, a Zotac, but I haven't ordered a case for that yet.

AJH said...

Answer to: Interesting that they want...

They have had me coveting SSD's since 2006 LOL. They were very expensive then, but are attainable now. The perps won't let me install memoory even, forcing my PC to shut down when I added new memory, and making me take to a shop a block awway. So no PC building on the side for me, though I could do with a file server-backup box. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what it is about small form-factor boards lately. That build was the second of three mini-itx boards I bought. One was an Intel Atom, the second was a Via Embedded board, and the third was a Zotac. The first two had the processors/heat sink/fan built in. (The Via is a fanless board.) The third is a regular socket 775, which doesn't have a processor; I had to buy one extra. To keep costs down, way down, I got a dual-core Celeron, which perform respectably well, not fantastic. I could have gotten a Core2 Duo or Quad Core as well, but I don't have the money right now.

And why did I get the small form-factor boards, only to put them in mini tower cases? I did find a nice mini tower, and used that. Had a 350W power supply (with fan). The board only occupies about half the tray, as the tray is designed to hold up to micro ATX size. And there look to be plenty of holes. I never put a fan in the case, though the Via has a 3-pin header for those variable-speed temperature-controlled fans. The only fan is from the power supply. And yet, the temperatures are pretty low, despite me putting it under heavy load for hours at a time. All with no chassis fan. My first build had one of those tiny cases, like you make a carputer with.

And I got a 320GB Western Digital Caviar from Best Buy. I checked with the online price, and somehow the in-store prices were at least $5 higher than the advertized price on their online site. I'll have to take in my receipt to see if they'll refund me the difference.

I guess the point of doing these low-cost, yet decent quality builds, is to have me order the parts from different sources, and have me assemble them into one unit. Maybe there is a comparison being done, as in buying the hard drive and maybe case fans in a physical store, compared to ordering the rest of the components online. And of course, there seems to be this huge deal over the type of bearings the fan motors have, too. There seems to be this big fuss over having me buy a sleeve bearing fan, compared to ball-bearing. It seems the ball-bearing ones get gunked up with dirt mixed with grease over time, and develop some vibration issues. The sleeve bearing ones don't seem to have these issues, but they don't last as long, in theory. They are also cheaper as well. It seems like with the mini-itx tiny form factor, there would be adequate cooling without a chassis fan. I never used one yet.

AJH said...

Answer to: I don't know what it is...

I got shoe-horned into getting a mATX board two builds ago, the supplier couldn't get anything else and had already strung me out for thee weeks with boards that never came. I don't do enough builds, and I don't build them myself, though I specify and order all the parts. Like you say, the perps like these multiple sources of PC components; some from CA, some from Toronto, ON and they had me get the Intel i7 920 CPU myself from Vancouver BC. (And making sure I paid an extra $50 for that too. And having my mother waiting in the vehicle outside as I purchased it.) Like I say, the perps have some very specific interests in PC component combinations, though going as far as the bearing type for the fans is borderline obsessive, not that imprimateur bothers them any. They had me get a Nexus CPU fan once that had red and green colored fins and they made sure to get that pulled out within a few months when the whole motherboard was cooked. I just don't know what it all means to them, but we are talking about extra-conventional physics that only they understand. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

I just came across this amusing review, and it seems like this must be one of their operatives, from China:

1st day, when I am installing my motherboard, the PSU exploded inside with flame and smoke.
This is an amazing product which made in China.
I hate chinese goverment. Although I runned out from that place, they still can find a way to try to kill me.

I find it hard to believe someone would post something about the Chinese govt. trying to kill him on a review site. And also, the PSU exploded with flames and smoke also... I know that with cheaper power supplies, putting a motherboard in with heavy power requirements can make them blow up, but I don't believe this guy is for real. I've had this case for a week and a half running 24/7 and it runs fine. The only problem I have is that I have a mini-ITX motherboard, and there is a lot of space left over. But then, this mobo has very low current draw. I guess if it were something much more power hungry, I'd have to wear safety goggles before powering it on.

Anonymous said...

Just got a mini-ITX, embedded-sized case for the other motherboard I have. Looks like I have this sudden inclination to do a Karputer project. They have me looking at dash-mounted LCD touchscreen monitors. I'm not sure if I want to go through with that, unless somehow there is a way for me to get steady internet while traveling by vehicle. And there are GPS cards, but they are PCI-E.

Anonymous said...

I guess we can add Amy Winehouse to the "list" of those done in by drugs/alcohol at the age of 27.

I was really surprised to see that, though I wasn't real familiar with her music, other than "Rehab".

And this death seems a little suspicious to me, like yet another "accident" that had outside involvement. But we don't know that yet. I suspect that Kurt Cobain's death had a little outside intervention. Here's why:

1. He was well-pilled up on Valium and heroin, and with the levels he was intoxicated, I don't think he would have been physically capable of handling a gun. Also, it's odd that he would have been out of it mentally, yet somehow decided to make the big decision to end his life.

2. He was short, so it makes it real difficult with his arm span to reach a trigger and get the gun against his head, while pulling the trigger.

3. Someone stole his credit card, and used it from the purported time of death until his body was discovered.

Note that these deaths all seem to have a lot of things in common. One is that there are questionable circumstances, and there looks to be probably outside intervention in causing them. Two, alcohol and drug related. Three, they were big-time stars. Four, they all occurred at the age of 27. I'm thinking there was a cult aspect to this, because why age 27? Unless that is the age where many are going to really explode in terms of artistic maturity, I suppose.