Saturday, June 04, 2011

Scisors and Razors

Last evening's unusal and early restlessness has a plan behind it. They had me do another nut shave, the second in two days when it has been a once per week event. And too, they had me shave halfway down my upper thighs as their avowed campaign to have me with hairless legs. They have been harping on this for a few weeks now, and I resisted it as it wasn't for me because I have no one to shave for or otherwise display myself. Now they have me looking at my arm hair, all still brown, none of it grey, and are indicating that they want this shaved off too. Next comes the waxing for regions I cannot reach say they. And when that is all done, why, they want me to go to the clothing optional lake in this region. They had me going there in 2003 and 2004, and being quite relaxed about it when I had never wanted to go to such places before. The weather is finally improving, the farm work is temporarily stopped, and my mother is flying to the UK on Tuesday for two weeks, so there is my vehicle access to accomplish this all. But one can never be sure that all this is going to unfold, though the partial leg shaving last night suggests they are following their stated (read, planted notions) objectives over body hair.

Interesting, the vision problems reported by other TI's:

Here is another one I'm having trouble with, and that is my eye problems.  I think that during one of the earlier years of my targeting, during what I would call 'the terror', before I knew that there were many targets, before I met Deb - I experienced a 'light show', which I believe were lasers.

Since then I have discovered loss of vision centrally due to glaucoma, an inherited disease.  However, with open angle glaucoma, people generally lose peripheral vision, while I have lost central vision.  My eye specialist accepted this, however, she did NOT understand a mysterious blind spot in the exact centre of my vision in my right eye...and sent me to the Vancouver Specialized Eye Clinic, run jointly by the Vancouver General Hospital and the University of British Columbia.

While being examined there for 2 hours...believe me it was tiring, they could NOT explain the mysterious blind spot in my RIGHT eye - asking me if I suffered from malnutrition, something I do not think likely.  Their confusion about this spot was evident to me.

They did, however, discover a THIRD eye disease..CLOSED ANGLE extremely dangerous disease which, left untreated, could cause blindness with hours.   I am having laser surgery for this disease on June 21st...both eyes one at a time..within a short period of time.  While I feel lucky that they discovered this THIRD eye problem, I find it hard to believe that one person could have 3 eye diseases at the same time, especially being a ti.

After the surgery, I will STILL have open angle glaucoma, and the mysterious blind spot in my right eye.

While I doubt I shall be going through this whole explanation on film...I wonder how many other ti's have experienced eye problems that are, well mysterious in nature.


Sometimes I go blind momentarily..and sometimes blindness last as long a 2 mins. Many times this is accompanied with a strobe light in my eye that is semi circular zig zag effect. A weird non painful sensation precedes my blindness, the blindness last from a few seconds to  2 mins. The semi-circular zig zag strobe effect can last up to an hour before it stops. I can see this zig zag strobe even when I close my eyes.
I have experienced the strobe light for 8 years...the periods of blindness is recent..this last year or so.

For my part, I get transient vision attacks, a few seconds or so, some double vision stunts, and my eyeglasses getting scuffed with a translucent coating each evening (usually). One other full time vision jerkaround is the perps pixellizing my mid-distance peripherial vision, staircasing the edges of things, something that is outside of the normal human experience, disease or not. I also routinely get red flashes in both eyes when I put shirts and sweaters on or when towelling my face dry, but no persistent conventional disease sourced/attributed vision hacking. My in-town brother lost an eye when he was about two years old, and I can only assume in a total perp managed household that they pulled this stunt too. So it seems important to the perps to have every last retinal rod and cone cell in one's eyes governed as a speculation as to what interests them about TI's vision.

And of interest, following last night's shaving, they had me wrap presents and cut ribbon this morning, getting parcels ready for my daughter's 21st birthday in three days time. As mentioned in many past blogs, the perps have a total obsession over scissors, knives and all cutting activities, in the kitchen, bathroom or elsewhere, no matter what the material is, organic (food, body hair) or other (paper, ribbon). And I am sure it helped them that I was standing at the table, which was crotch height, cutting wrapping paper with scissors. Then, they had me go out to the LD store, as somehow I "forgot" to get ribbons and labels yesterday when acquirig the wrapping paper and card. And too, they also had me "forget" these items two days ago when at the specialty paper and card shop, getting skunked on finding a card and decent wrapping paper, and having my outside sentry gangstalker woman follow me into the store and tail me while in there. They like to have gangstalkers arranged in the store at the location of me not finding what I was looking for.

And today, while at the LD store, I got skunked on Gillette Foamy shaving cream for the second time in three days, the particular kind that I use for sensitive skin (no perfumes in it). A lithe woman was there on standby/stalking duty, and when I arrived at the chocolate section, why, a 280lb squat woman was loitering around there, as I got "skunked" on getting Milka milk chocolate. In fact, I got mind-fucked as I would of recalled from three days ago that I cleaned them out of stock, and that it takes weeks, if not months, for them to re-stock this item going by past experience. (Best deal on chocolate that is locally availble). And lo, if the digusting overweight woman didn't tail me to the checkout and get a little to close as I was using my debit card, and having me block her from attempted reading of it, as I get this bullshit too from time to time.

The overhead pounding stereo noise, the loudest in thi building to date, started up as I was taking a piss immediately after bookmarking a web page that reviewed open source media players. Interesting that the perps are so interesting in me bookmarking all these years, starting with their overhead "ker-chunk" noise that occured at my apartment and then at the worksite when in on a weekend bookmarking sites.

Then the overhead pounding stops, so I put my earmuffs to cancel out all the other noise, and lo, if the stereo noise doesn't start up again when the earmuffs are on. Then a repeat of this nonsense, so I will have to tough this one out, as it seems that the sound level is adjusted to be heard by my ear at the same volume, no matter if there are other noises that would ordinarily drown the stereo noise out, or if the earmuffs which would at least attenutate the volume.

Then sudden sleepiness overcame and I had a nap for an hour, woke up, looked at the time and then went back to nap for another 45 minutes. I didn't need the sleep at all, but it seems these post lunch naps require an interim visit to the internet for 10 minutes or so, before taking me down.

Overhead pounding from an apparent loud and deep bass stereo has just started up, being heard through my earmuffs. So, I take them off as they aren't doing anything to protect me as the same noise volume is maintained, on or off. Earlier, (per above, pre-nap), they pulled this, and after taking the earmuffs off they started up an annoying faucet whine as if from an adjacent neighbor. It seemed they were prepared with an alternate noise, and then they added throbby motorcycle noises. And the overhead noise is getting louder and something is vibrating in response to it, part of the "warm up" for dinner maybe. I am eating home canned salmon for the first time in many months, and perhaps that is what has the perps cranked up, before and after mealtimes. This is aided by the fact that I am off work again, as it would be problematic to take this food item if I was doing farm work.

The overhead pounding ceased before having dinner, but I do expect it to come back again after a certain digestion duration. These noises seem to be some kind of reference set, and they hound me over the day with the same one, or something like it.

And an example of the daily adverse crumb games, no fewer than 10x/day, often 30x. I had more canned salmon for dinner, eating carefully as I do to ensure no mess, and if there is some, I clean it up with my fingers at the table. I finished cleaning the dishes and pass by the table again, to find a wet crumb of salmon that somehow arrived there. I pick it up with my finger and after a few seconds it leaps off onto the floor. I pick it up again and put my hand over the garbage to release it and it lands on a prominent white background of a chocolate bar wrapper. I flick the wrapper to disloge it finally. I get hundreds of crumb eruptions a day, especially when eating chocolate, and had to stop eating bread (all of one slice per day) because of the crumb inundation that would erupt from it. This was the same gluten free bread I had eaten for over 7 years, and this "crumb problem" started up, creating noise on hitting the plate and the crumbs finding their way onto the table surface somehow. This was solved by having a breakfast tortilla instead, a small one to serve as a vehicle to eat peanut butter and jam. Though now, they have me eat coconut butter, expensive as it is, as they have upped the incidence of "peanut butter gangstalkers", males wearing peanut butter colored work pants that seem to be all the rage of the blue collar set. Go figure.

Reading tonight, the CKLN series on mind control research, and it was the presentation of, and interview with, of Dr. Colin Ross that was the most fascinating. He has, by way of FOIA requests, made substantial progress in determining that there was militiary/secret service sponsored mind control in WW II, and even finding a suggestion of Manchurian Candidates in on WW I. The latter isn't too much of a surprise to me, having read Europe's Last Summer and how that debacle began. It seems there were certain parties who wanted war, and used the assassination of the Archduke and his wife as an excuse. When one reads, or is it only a TI perspective, the seeming improbable odds of how the disorganized assassin  ended up meeting his quarry, and how coicidences seem to be managed, most TI's would assume it to be a fix. However, we are a jaded bunch.

And time to wrap this one up and call it over. A dull day, save one trip to the LD store and the Unfavoreds that tailed me there.

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