Sunday, June 18, 2006

Strange Behavior Changes of Friends and Family -a lifetime constant

I am getting more demotivated for "some reason"; the quote refers to a codified way of saying remotely applied mind-control. It is simply amazing how all the sudden and uncharacteristic motivation changes always play to the hands of the perps. Right down to coordinating specific colors of clothes with items that I purchase that day.

Not only do I have sometimes my own uncharacteristic behavior changes being mind-controlled and planted upon me, but I also must contend with sudden changes in disposition of those that I know. It is another way of ensuring my social isolation.

The list of those pulling these strange and unexplained behavior changes goes back to at least 3 decades; college colleagues, ex-girlfriends, co-workers, then later ex-wife (wife then), and now brothers and parents. Consistent by their frequency; say 60% of those I knew/know in rough numbers and 100%of those I count on.

Depending on the circumstances, some of these associations would suddenly "go off", with no contributing dissonance on my part. There have been a few who emotionally "came back" who then again faded out, but never offering any explanation as to the sudden change. Not only that, but if I asked my closer thought-to-be friends about someone else who went emotionally AWOL, I never got any convincing answers from those whose judgement I was depending on. And often the perps would play the timid mind-control game in which I didn't ask. Those that I did ask about their sudden behavior change blew me off and gave me bullshit answers, e.g. ex-wife for ten years.

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