Sunday, June 11, 2006

At the Theatre (of the Absurd)

It was the annual recital of my daughter's dance class. It was at the Royal Theatre and each class did a dance on stage. And from experience it is the time for the perps to play their games once more. The last time they had only one male in the entire audience of 2,500 wearing a suit or a sports jacket, and that was the one in front of me. No big deal, but suits/sports jackets exposure, as in the gangstalk parade, are a significant "obsession"/activity locus for the perps. I have a faint notion as to why, but I won't go into it.

Another stunt from last year was having the backs of the heads of the concert-goers in front of me flashing some kind of emanating plasma at me. It was surreal in the least, and I am not making this up. This year I saw only one head emit a red plasma beam, though this could of been because of an aisle directly in front of this year's seat location. (Last year the same aisle was behind my head and no end of shiny shoes were parked 4" beside it for excessively long durations. And I had a Paris Hilton look-alike draped over the railing about my vacant seat, both at intermission and at the concert end.)

I was sitting between my ex-wife and my mother who are both thick with the perps, the latter being the one who sold me into this harassment hell from birth. And she did nothing when documented learning disabilities from the perp's irradiations were evident, at ages 6 & 8. Nor did she ever tell me, something I learned the hard way some 40 years later. Neither of these pernicious acts will be forgiven if I am not mind-controlled in this respect.

So on each side of me they had their respective programs and their flashlights active at each short break between dances. This placed their respective light sources in my peripherial vision, one the perp's significant testing areas for all the plasma beams they project into this region of vision. And if that weren't enough, two more light sources "showed up" some 10' away, one on each side, effectively replicating the peripherial vision arrangement, except more distant. These were the LCD display panels for home video, though I don't think they had a hope of getting decent film as they were so far back.

And the rear stage a panel fabric was lit in many different colors at the show progressed, a normal lighting arrangement. But most fascinating, was that it had this same irradiative grainy appearance as that appears in the hallways and this apartment all day long. The entire theatre audience must of been perp controlled, as no one said anything about the rear stage panel, but clearly it was highly unusual. And I am positive many of the lighting displays and constumes were designed around the constant color exposure games the perps play all day through their gangstalking activities, but I won't go there, as it would be too complicated to explain. And of course, once the performers finished they "showed up" crossing in front of me as their seats were nearby the show. It would seem the the perps are attempting some kind of color and lighting energetics to distance correlation with me; the far away (on stage) and the proximate are being correlated by some kind of energetic measure.

My mother filled the narrow seat and made a point of flowing over into mine, for sustained body contact throughout the first half of the dance recital. That was bad enough that she was making herself into a blatant perp-quisling. (Along with her flashlight act, as she isn't normally that curious about the program, especially one she was wholly unfamiliar with). But what annoyed me more were these pulsings in her arm that would transmit into mine, touching as they were. Obviously some kind of external body vibration/pulsation was being applied to her and our respective energetics were being analysed with the simutaneous ongoing visual response. I did not detect any timing purposefulness in these, though there could of been as that faculty may be trounced by the perp's mind control actions now.

Another perp move is to have their operatives and shills bob their heads about me, looking like they are examining lower shelf items in a grocery store. They will often drop something in mid-street and bend down to pick it up. One time an operative threw his passport on the ground in front of an IRS agent, me behind the operative. The bent over ass being another favored position, and I have seen many of those these past four years of personal hell. And so it was my ex-wife's turn to do so. When she addressed my mother on the other side of me, she tipped her head excessively and downward in a classic move to obtain a differing head elevation from mine, if only for a second or two. This is why the perps like to parade babies in strollers around me IMHO.

At the intermission when I was set to leave, I had a woman in brown costume prop herself in front of me and coverse with her friends behind me. Then an all-time loathed adult gangstalker who constantly swarmed me at soccer games "showed up", also doing a grey hair head tilt toward me and was seated the aisleway apart, directly in front. Then two more brown dressed aisle blockers came to impede progress, and so it went until I got out of there.

As I am vehicless, I walked back and then the police put on a "light show", their emergency lights for no seeming reason, just sitting there in mid-street. This is common, I have seen many street closure and "emergencies" for no seeming purpose than to put on their emergency lights as I move away (more distance dependent testing).

My, if it is my notion in the first place, take on the perp's activities vis a vis their objectives is that they are sucking wind, and have a whole lot more torture planned for at least another year. As I am the last to know anything about my circumstances of being in a real-time X-Files crossed with a Felini movie, I could be totally wrong. Most of the perp's stunts and setups have decades long analogs in the naive-TI days and there is no way they are going to let me go free for all the investment they have socked into harassing the hell out of me.

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