Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Social Isolation is Central to Harassment

The faux family birthday party was a squalid success; a single 2' ball shaped gold/sparkle candle on commercial cheescake served as our daughter's 16th birthday cake. And to no surprise, a similar colored metallic gold plastic handbag was lying on the floor only 8' away. There is something attractive about flames and fires to the perps. They have started up a number of them, and gangstalkers will often smoke cigarettes near me. I will detail more on this in another post.

I was duly rendered into a shit mood and having and unpleasant outlook as to everything. There is not much they like doing more than creating situations where they instignate incidents to piss on a party.

The perps have this compelling need to sabotage expectations, and nothing is better than a party where there are many "victims"/monitorees or however this maybe framed. Call me overly conditioned if you like, but anytime there is some spectacularly horrific event at a wedding or other large crowd of well-wishing attendees, I cannot help the notion that comes to mind, (assuming I am not being fed this), that the perps had a hand in instignating the chaos or even tragedy. The games of playing dashed expectations on me alone reach four or more decades back, and cause me to wonder why they have been so consistently relentless about pursuing this theme.

As I mentioned in the last posting, I was worked up into a frazzled and despondent state at the above birthday party, though this did not translate into pissing anyone off thankfully. Keeping the emotional lid on me they were, where if I wasn't mind-controlled, I wouldn't have anything to do with the lot of them, save my daughter who is knowledgeable of the perp's goings on.

But I should mention that both my brothers who have at times pretended to be analytical about the strange goings on and the separation of clinical events (faked) from the nonclinical activities early in the game, now think this entire harassment and psychotorture escapade, in its fifth year, to be absolutely hilarious. A smirk at best, and a contained grin at worst, and never any objective analysis from any of them. And to drive the point home, that is not a normal reaction to a family member who has a clinical "problem" or otherwise. It is totally abnormal, and neither will respond to the charge of their strange behavior.

And the parents, who I see once per week for Feral Family Dinner on Sundays, aren't so humored, but do make every effort to studiously evade any conversation as to what is or might be going on, time without fail, each week. They pretend to play dumb all the time, and should I reference any incontrovertable nonclinical evidence or events, they immediately go quiet, as if the entire purpose of the conversation was to elicit this very item of knowledge from me. There is no such thing as an objective and interactive conversation about my circumstances whatsoever. Any conversation with my brothers, should it be permitted, always ends the same, a conversational dead-spot to elicit some kind of pre-planned conversational trigger point

So naturally the "family" becomes a pointless support/social body by virture of their over obvious participation in the harassment, and thereby eliminates themselves from being genuinely useful. And the odd so-thought friends who have "shown up" in the game, uniformly drop out once their past participation becomes known. My three hiking friends, who were all aware of this harassment, about which I was careful in revealing how much and its all encompassing nature, each dropped out from returning phone calls in the same month. Any of my past work colleagues to whom that I have mentioned this harassment in passing by way of an X-Files metaphor, seemed to be aware of it, and should I see them again, they never mention anything. The proverbial elephant in the room, or denial management in the extreme. And these traits are absolutely consistent among them all, everyone.

And my story which I wrote up to dispell the clinical causes was not read by anyone, save a ADD counselor in Seattle I was seeing, and to whom I introduced this harassment. He read it and said that he personally experienced psychosis that required two weeks of hospitalization, and what I described in my written story was not it. The only one, though he was early in the harassment onset and wasn't part of any later developments as he lives in another city and country.

And the amazing thing is how common this aspect is with other TI's; family break-ups and dissonance are routine and appear to be prescribed as standard procedure. Apparently it has not been enough for the perps to grind me down for a 47 year lifetime, and then jump on me with more of it, now in its fifth year running.

Even my few TI contacts have been mysteriously terse or purposely wacko, also begetting an early termination of any continued contact. How this is done I am not sure; are they "in" on it or mind-controlled to create social adversity? One wacko case seemed to be reading a semi-apocalyptic dirge by the end of the phone call, though there is nothing on her website to suggest that is a part of her thoughts. Others start out seeming to be aligned with the injury and past harassment activities, but won't discuss anything as to what the perps want, besides 100% mind control. (The James Bond film title, "The World is Not Enough" comes to mind, possibly as a planted metaphor).The TI's then drop out of any sustained contact.

I once belonged to a swim club in Victoria, for 10 years straight and then moved to Everett and Seattle. When I came back, they were friendly, but appeared to be part of the harassment, gangstalking mostly. Anyhow, I gave up on the swim club and swam on my own at noon times, only to have a new flotilla of gangstalkers and operatives around me. So here was another social group that was cut from my existence.

I sometimes see some of the swimmers by "happenchance" on the streets and stores, and it is likely that a number of them were operatives at the time. Some seemed to be permanent students and I wondered how they pulled this off financially. Now I know; they were hired by the perps, and quite a few others made that mysterious one year visitation "back east" only to come back and say things "hadn't worked out". The mystery of the returning swimmers is solved.

Even posting my updated story on mindcontrolforums.com (victim AJH story) has been an adverse event. None of the two updates since 2004 have been posted, and yet the webmaster is supposedly a victim supportive TI. I cannot get any communication from her, and alternate routes via the TI groups list suggest that she is slow to undertake maintenance. (She wasn't at first, and now is; and it has been a year since I attempted an update). Even this blog, posted on the TI groups page gets no TI commentary at all, save two brief mentions. No discussion on the perps intentions and methods has been permitted with any supposed supporting/understanding contact. A few TI's have gone into flame mode, no matter how innocuous my comments are. All more bizarreness to ponder over and yet it is totally consistent across the board.

Enough for a posting; I read some other's stories, and they are highly consistent with mine. Try Brussel Sprout

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James F. Marino said...

Have been reading your posts since accessing your Website through
Derrick Robinson's. Long time TI
by the NSA and FBI since a former
FBI agent named Raymond Migliore
had me placed into the NSA's remote neural monitoring system
25 years ago.

Have experienced everything you have including the co-opting of
family, friends and neighbors in my harassment.

The gangstalking became horrendous as of the Spring of 2003, replete with the color coordinated cars
in stalking mode that you speak of, cars with their flashers on,
street theater with various skits
being played out etc.Far too much to list here.

The local fire department got involved with sirens etc. All letters to Senators were ignored,
except one that I was CC'ed on in regard to this harassment.

The problem is that in the beginning we are not made aware of any of this, even though our families and friends get coopted into it quickly enough and threatened if they do not participate. I need to emphasize the word threatened here because that is exactly what happens.

They are told to take part in the harassment or suffer the consequences. My family are wonderful people, but have been
very tough to deal with in the past three years, due to the harassment they have been subjected to, which they have in turn taken out on me in the way
of trigger words, phrases and objects.

The objective for the perps here
is create a hatred, and the FBI and Homeland Security (Or the Fascist Bureau Of Intimidation and
Heartless Security as I like to call them) are very effective in accomplishing this.

I am also subjected to synthetic telepathy, have been sexually assaulted by this technology and
had it used to attack my heart muscle, lungs, kidneys etc.

I should also add that I have been a chronic Lyme disease patient since 1993 and while being bedridden for many months each year
from 1993 to 2001, I was repeatedly attacked with this weaponry.

Spied on 24/7/365 even in my own bathroom and bedroom and had my
emotions, libido etc, tapped into
and manipulated by this federal pond SCUM.

Since that day I have been documenting all of my harassment.
Recently the feds had my Website deleted, as it was gaining more traffic. Now I have begun a new site on my blogger and another Angelfire site as well which for them moment is not getting any traffic (so there is really no reason for the feds or their goonsquad to attack it).

I also contacted Vicky Kindhart at the MCForum and it took 6 months for me to get my story posted.
I won't even bother sending an update since I have no idea if she is being harassed or not and don't wish to have the feds attack her.

I left the private MCForums after
being subjected to the same old
harassment by other TI's --trigger words and phrases. I also left Alan Barker's MCactivism group because he was coopted into taking part in the harassment and I did not want to disrupt that group.

I stayed on the private MCForum which one day just ceased to exist.

I now no longer bother to associate with anyone on a regular basis, since it just offers opportunity for the feds to find another venue to sabotage. And I don't want to be the cause of other TI's being attacked or being coopted into attacking me.

TI's getting coopted into attacking other TI's is a very common problem, yet hardly ever
mentioned by these support groups.

In a way its good because you no longer depend on anyone but yourself for moral support.

In case my tv programming was also
intercepted by the NSA and their own MC programming was inserted into our Cable system.

This caused me to give up watching TV -- not a bad thing at all by the way. As it has allowed me to purge myself of all of the garbage that we get fed by the mainstream media and its disinformation campaign.

I did find that this motivated me to find more time to read and I have been spending thousands of hours each years mining the information on the Internet to learn more about Mind Control,
and many other topics which most people would not even have any curiousity in looking for.

While the MCForums newlist is kind of hit or miss and does off a venue for perps and other TI's to attack from, the MC archives is a
treasure trove of excellent articles based on every aspect of subjects that our media and libraries will not go anywhere near for fear of Government intrusion.

I have made this the focus of much of my research since it offers such a wealth of useful information.

As for me posting my accounts,
I just post my information on Websites including the IMC's whenever possible (which the feds usually either have hidden or deleted since it covers their crimes in detail).

I am very empathetic to your plight, and wish to express my
sorrow to you. Most people have no idea that this harrasment is
24/7/365 until you commit a jailable offense, or either driven
insane and institutionalized, or
commit suicide.

The real problem is that we become so conditioned to read between the lines, that each and every e-mail we receive we immediately look for these triggers whether or not they are there. BTW.. in most cases on matter how carefully hidden, they are there.

Your accounts are among the most genuine that I have seen. You don't seem to be anything other than exactly what you describe --
someone tortured by these Satanists with high tech weaponry
who take great pleasure in causing us pain and suffering.

I do not wish to intrude into your life, and to be quite truthful, am really not looking for someone to correspond with on a regular basis,simply because the perps ALWAYS manage to interfere in one way or another.

I just wanted to let you know that your accounts did not go unnoticed with me and I have added your Website to my blogger which I have listed below.

One caveat that I must make here.
One of the goals with these perps is to bankrupt us. And they will do so in anyway possible. And the the medical field is a key focus for them since what they put us through can easily make us look
like we are in need of psychiatric attention.

And physicians are readily coopted to take part in the perp's harassment, since they are powerful nationwide network that
is able to control anyone through the use of force if necessary.

No doctor will resist their requests unless he wants to suffer their wrath.

I had a Great Neck psychiatrist
who took $10000 of my family's money in an attempt to entrap me
for the feds. This was not only fraud, but because he took over
$1000 he is also guilty of grand larceny. I had another doctor fabricate the results of a lab test which I ended up paying $1000

And of course the insurance companies always find a way in which to avoid paying for these tests.

I have also had a pharmacy replace my medication with a placebo on more than one occasion, restaurants either undercook or overcook or poison my food with sedatives or viruses etc.

As for my family, the best I can do for them is to stay away from them, simply because I am the reason that they are being attacked by these perps. They come at what you love.

So we are forever in a no man's land being setup on a daily basis
as unwitting experimentees by the refuse on this planet.

The best thing I did was to get away from these doctors as quickly as possible, because they became one less venue for the attacks.

As you well know, there is no venue that is safe from the perps whether they are local or as in my case federal. And they will do whatever it takes to drive you insane. They get paid to plan their days around what we do
and to come up with creative ways
in which to attack us with plausible deniability.

Their goal is also to use this technology to get us to act in some way and assault someone,whether they are pumping all sorts of deviant garbage into our minds or just antagonizing us to violence.

The real issue is that if we had committed legit crimes they could arrest us. But we haven't so they use this psychotic methodology
to drive us crazy - of at least attempt to.

It sounds like you have no fear of them. Moreover, you like to ridicule them. This is a positive aspect of the TI, because these perp's have giant EGO's and they have a very difficult time coping with people who see them as the pathetic joke on humanity that they are.

As with you, I neither fear them, nor do I allow them to get away with anything they do to me without going after them in return for it - albeit, unlike them, my attacks come in the way of posting the truth about these criminals.

Another caveat: be very careful of getting TI's putting the bite on you for money. While most are legit some are not -- in fact some are not even legit TI's but instead infiltrating support groups in efforts to attack us.

Remember that with the COINTELPRO
when the attacked the Black Panther party one of the highest ranking Black Panthers turned out to be an FBI agent -- so they are very convincing.

I have given nearly $1000 to two targets over the past year.

One was a man who was well deserving of it and I am glad to have helped him.

The female, was not. Not only did she take the money $200, but she then continued to take part in my harassment using trigger words and phrases.

When you are getting the shit kicked out of you and someone offers to help you, you don't kick them in the teeth when they do, which is exactly what this person did to me.

I have forgiven her for it, but I will never trust her again, nor will I ever give money (which I can ill afford to give now) to anyone else targeted. It is not that I don't want to, but getting burned like that taught me a lesson.

Rather then take up anymore space on your blog I have included my blog as well as the page that I started in July of 2005, after I was crashed into by one of these miscreants while sitting on my motorcycle waiting for a traffic light to change.

To those who say these feds will not try to physically attack us
this stunt of theirs is known as
assault with a deadly weapon.

Since this cowardly incident I document everything.

Take good care, and remember that there are millions of TI's around the world who are being harassed and cruelly tortured in much the same way that we are, and fighting the daily battle with the miscreants who haunt us.



Jim Marino
US Government Synthetic Telepathy Target/Activist