Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Gangstalk of Last Vehicle Activity

As it turns out, I did not set off early to the ex's to deal with vehicle transfer because she phoned and said it wasn't necessary about the time I was ready to set off. (What I had told her countless times; why she is an ex-spouse). Annoyed, I set off to do some last time-round shopping errands instead. What a mistake from the vehicular gangstalk intensity perspective

They were all over me; upon departure in the hallway and elevator both which is a tip-off they are going nuts, but "somehow" I don't know this anymore and proceeded on in all (mind-controlled) innocence. To make a long story short, it was crazy; all the large vehicles, clusters of deep red colors, one Chevette "decided" to drag race me, until I pulled behind instead, another pedestrian gave me the staredown as I was in my vehicle waiting at the light, doing nothing unusual- likely some 1000 vehicles for an in-town non-highway vehicular gangstalk. Every other vehicle had someone hanging their arm out the window or in the open window space. I went to a certain store to resupply my socks which are going through an accelerated wearing out and/or odd sock "happening" and when I got there, they pulled another cashier obstruction stunt, so I ditched the socks and went onto my third stop. This was identical to the last time I was there; intolerable delays, extra staff around, and only one till open, "returns" for both "customers" ahead. And the hustle of extra ambulatory gangstalkers coursing in and out of the exit ahead of my decision to bail out on the obstruction stunt. The third stop had the extra yellow lingering gangstalker at the Rx counter, then he stayed for me, to wait at the doorway upon exit, having no other business to transact.

I got some thread snipping scissors as there are threads popping of anything these days, all part of the harassment game, and when I began to use this new item upon my return, I was getting noisestalked at each thread snipping. And I then find out that my cordura Andiamo briefcase that I haven't actively used for two years, is fraying. Not the threads, but the actual fabric as if it were being dragged from a vehicle which it never has. My favorite briefcase is slowly getting trashed, cordura fabric, just sitting on the floor.

Anyhow; it was utterly bizarre; a full on gangstalk on the last shopping errand run with a vehicle, an unplanned one owing to the ex-wife's incomprehensible dithering as to the time of the invitation. There is something that the perps like about in unplanned activities. Unplanned to me that is, some kind of adversity/contingency "suddenly" erupts, and they are everywhere on the "new unplanned" route and/or locations.

Another day of relentless enragement stunts; nonstandard Windows behaviour, the keystroke dithering, every turn I make.

And a squalid 16th birthday party it was; the so-called family going through their pretend game and recitals; the ex makes the wrong kind of lasagne for our daughter, in a blatant piece of faux ineptitude, which is a reason for Robyn to then extract the spinach, green color note, and have it remain on her plate (beside me). A commercial cheese cake for the birthday cake, one fat candle on it, gold brown. (A similar colored handbag was lying on the adjacent floor for all of dinner.) And I gave her my vehicle, but she had already been tipped off and was feigning surprise.

The perps had run me ragged with enragement mind-control the entire day; then they kept me in a piss-off mood the entire time of the party, even though there was no causal action. More bizarre moodstates to feed some kind of bizarre agenda. (As I write this, 06-07-2004, a day of noisestalking me over commas, spaces, spelling error correction (errors caused by them)).

Anyhow, a pathetic time by all; even my revelation as to 2/3 of the car stereo being stolen from my parents' place, (they had just departed conveniently) brought only faux surprise, as in deliberately putting it on, a very frequent event these days. So maybe there was some kind of distance dependent energy as to when I mentioned this "theft"; as their vehicle was backing down the driveway as I mentioned it.

Glad to be out of there, it was so deliberately tacky.


James F. Marino said...

I have long believed that the colors that our perps use represent
certain themes.

For instance:

Green = green with envy
Yellow = coward
Red = as in communist or traitor --
perhaps even death

You are the first TI that has described the sheer number of vehicles being used in stalking him.

I have seen people refer to a few cars following them on side streets etc. but never anything of the magnitude that you mention here.

I, too have a myriad of vehicles following me whereever I go --
it can be hundreds of cars at once
when traveling out on the highway
or even riding through town.

And the people are all conducting some sort of street theatre.

Having vehicles pulling out in front of me with writing on their rear windshields is also common
as well as trucks with silkscreens
of the US Flag in their rear windows.

I have had motorcycles traveling in groups follow me and riders
who have gotten quite wild while passing me, getting so close as to startle me so that I react in a way in which I might crash.

I have been crashed into by these stalkers on a few occasions, in which significant damage to not only my vehicle but theirs also took place.

About three years ago while driving
I had one of them pull within about 5 feet of my car tailgating me. After about 5 minutes of this
I pulled over to let him pass but
he pulled in behind my car and just waited.

I decided to teach him a lesson and backed into him (very slowly -- just a tap) to let him know that I was not interested in playing his psyche game.

He immediately backed away from me
and hightailed it up the nearest
road screaming at the top of his lungs. These perps are cowards,
and stalk in groups because they
are afraid that the people they stalk may go after them and do them harm.

They operate on a psychotic bullying mentality. And there is no end to their sadism or the joy they take in watching their targets suffer. They are cold blooded murderers, in that they have bullied many of their targets into committing suicide and in number of occasions have murdered them through the use of EM weapons
or other methods.

As for your parents, I agree with you about them being brain entrained.

My entire family has been and without even realizing it. They
have been brainwashed over a three year period through the use of
black propaganda, and are used by these perps to subject me to repeated street theater.

Sadly, I have read of so many targets who end up hating and being hated by their families.

There is no doubt in my mind that my family hates me -- mostly because of what these perps have put them through. But I will never hate my family. That is a goal for these perps as well and they have failed miserably at it with me.

After two decades of this abuse and the past three years being a living hell, I think we should be able to getting a hunting permit
for this garbage that stalks us
and blow their pathetic asses off
the face of this planet.


AJH said...

We should be getting a mountain of cash and an explanation as to what is going on.

And as I type that I am getting noisestalked from overhead pounding and faux coughing (again).