Friday, June 02, 2006

Last Day Vehicle Ownership Musings

My piece on psychotorture didn't make it to the Torture Awareness Blog roll, no surprise there. But this entire torture topic/focus, also making it into the news regularly with Guantanamo Bay, Abu Graib and the CIA "rendition" activities is a significant component of what the depraved perps are up to, though exactly how it relates to me exactly I am not sure. (I have no personal background to such activity).

Yesterday the perps pulled a big event for them; they forced a puke-up of the tortilla with tapenade base lunch, a quarter of at best, then an hour later, a crap to de-poo myself entirely (I suspect). Within 10 minutes I was "suddenly" better to then go out and attend to cleaning up the interior of my vehicle, which entailed taking it to the fossil's house (perp-abetting parents) where they too engaged in some irregular behavior (regular gangstalking actions; stand arounds, stand over, say squat etc.)

Once I finished the cleaning activity, with a mind-controlled sloppiness and frazzledness coming on strong, I had tea-time with them, which meant large scones with red jam on them, brown tea, and brown Kit Kat bars in a red package. Once I departed and got onto the first thoroughfare, a 500 vehicle gangstalk eruption began; waves (3 to 5 clustered) of silver grey vehicles (my vehicle color), then scarlet red ones (red jam color), then dark greens, then dark burgundy reds and so it went until I got back. Plus two stunts in two successive blocks where "somehow" a large sedan ended up broadside on the one way street ahead of me, attempting some astonishing manouvre at an intersection, with all the traffic duly waiting for the driver to complete this bizarre driving stunt. The first vehicle color was dark olive green, the color of the tapenade I eat in my tortillas everyday and per above, "somehow" had barfed up only a few hours ago (before digestion took place). The second vehicle pulling this off wasn't quite as spectacular, but was a brown color, another of the problem colors that the perps seem to have (and excreted as well per above). It was interseting that I made a right angle turn between these two vehicle broadside stunts, as the orientation of the gangstalking vehicles and personnel appears to be a major variable in what they are attempting to solve, via harassing the living hell out me, 24x7.

Other driving stunts were having a black color Volvo wagon, a more recent V70 model, glistening in a fresh application of beaded water, run a red light making a left turn in front of me at an intersection. Another Volvo 850 wagon in dark green was beside me at the time. Not a big deal, what I see every day, except that I will be largely vehicle-less as of June 06, which maybe a good thing for all the gangstalking it brings. But my ex-wife has said I can "borrow it", which decoded means that further gangstalking while driving is planned, and she "happens" to be away all of August. Ergo, another round of the same, with a two month lay-off from driving, something the perps have arranged many times before, but not for as long as this.

Off to my daughter's birthday and to hand over the keys...

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