Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Strange Bus Driver Behavior

The bus drivers are doing more wierd things, and it is not the same driver by any means. Like yesterday, the driver pulled a mid-route stop at bus stop and had it sit there for two minutes with the back door open. No one got on, n one got off, and it wasn't a timing point location, just a plain stop-for-no-reason stunt again. This was about 100m S. of yesterday's same stunt, on Shelbourne street for locals, route #27, N bound.

And coming back from the First Feral Family house tonight, on the 1702h #28 bus, and lo, if they didn't load it up to some 30 passengers (read, gangstalkers) heading into downtown on a reverse commute. Totally absurd, as I would expect no more than 10 passengers on this Wednesday evening heading into the opposite direction of work commuters.

The "usual" freakshow, culminating in this grotesque negro woman who they hid behind three passengers in the transverse seats. And lo, if the three of them didn't move their heads forward and the fugly negro woman move her head back so her wretched kinky hair could be seen by me in a forward facing seat. All too familiar to me, these peek-a-boo games where a fugly Unfavored person feature is presented only partially with cooperation from other gangstalkers to do visual obstruction to bound the fugliness to a small visual window.

I was on crawl space activity today, getting the paints out of there so they can be taken by my in-town brother to the hazardous waste drop-off spot. And what an unreasonable grump he was earlier when I phoned him to help him do expedite the favor he is doing for the FFF mother.

Diamond honing stones seem to be a recent planted obsession, though I have to admit they do a better and much quicker job for sharpening knives as waterstones loose material after use, and need to be trued to be flat again. Past experience with waterstones is that it could take an hour or so to get a keen edge, and then the stone has to be resurfaced after that. I suppose this is all part of the perps' obsession over cutting edges and anytime I cut anything, from their loose protruding threads, plant material, paper or adhesive tape to food item preparation. And of course, their obsession over me shaving with a safety blade is legend in my perspective. And now I shave chest and arm hair each morning as part of their game/research as to cutting body hairs, or anything else for that matter.

It looks to be another night with the PC running and accessing the hard drive as it gets defragmented. It is taking ages to get one disk done, some 5 hours now, and only one third done. The perps woke me up last night to visit the PC and do some file deletions to then cause more fragmentation that is now being attended to. Their motto must be; if in doubt, do it backwards (so to make you do it over). All the extra PC lights and from other peripherials must be exciting times for the perps as running the PC all night is rare. Normally, only the cable modem has lights on all night, as it serves for phone calls and internet access.

Off to do more crawl space work tomorrow, as well as visiting the specialty tool shop for my second diamond hone. And I see that the 320x in 3"x8" is not availible here, which makes me wonder if it isn't another fuck-me gambit to not allow me to have three different diamond stones the same size. The one that I will get tomorrow was backordered for over two weeks, which I take to mean that I wasn't allowed to take two home at once. This is very common in Perp Abuse-land, where they want some "settle in time" for a single item when another similar one is to be aquired. Same deal on two shirts that I ordered; the same color and size in this one line of shirts was ordered six weeks apart. And even when I didn't want to order the same color, they messed with my email for an order change request and it didn't get changed, very much unlike an earlier instance.

And that is my typical vocabulary, as being "allowed", as it is clear to me that they have all the details planed, right down to which hand I hold an item in at each moment. They even screwed me out of doing my regular yoga 15 minute session this morning, zinging me in the ass with a muscle spasm to prevent me from doing side stretches to an extended leg to the same side. First a spasm on the R side to stop me after some 15 seconds when normally I go a minute or more. Then again on the L side so no stretching was done there. Needless to say, the noise from outside increases when doing yoga stretches, not unlike the class I attended until they shut it down this spring.

I am going to post this, just to ensure it doesn't get "forgotten" and putz about online for an hour or so before going to bed. I am getting some head hits these days, some kind of head sensation as if a pulse is passing through, though not painful like the brutality of 2002 to 2003.

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