Saturday, November 26, 2011

Slack Saturday

Another high-intention low effort outcome day, predictably on a Saturday like last week. I wonder if the perps plant for most everyone else to be busy, but keeping me concurrently contained. Last Saturday was a major shut-in day when I diden't get out at all. Today I was out and about some in the morning and then by 1100h after the manager came by to tell me he couldn't find the keys for the storage lockers downstairs, I was shut-in. They even had me nap for 1.5 hours on the just laundered bedsheets and top blanket, after delaying the drying with a never-before forced "forget", even with the bed apart only 4' away. The arranged two dryer cycles, the first left in place for 2 hours after once hour of drying was insufficient, and then again at 1300h, finishing at 1340h. That laundry games go on all the time isn't new, just the variations of their research games.

Last Saturday was athe 80th anniversary event of my old high school when I was kept shut-in all day, even getting celebrity attendance of two former students if you follow the link and here. So all those graduates of the past 80 years who were attending were getting ready and participating while I was kept in place the whole day and evening. It might be related, these concurrent levels of widely different activity between me and the rest of certain populations. There are no coincidences in my life, that is for sure.

I attempted to play an Blu-ray disc and Windows Media Player won't play it for crissakes. The vacuum cleaning noise and activity started up just before this hassle began, and has now moved in outside my door while I have the headphones on. At this time, on a Saturday, when they never clean this apartment building. Amazing coincidences all the time, especially with vacuum cleaners.

Fifteen minutes later the vacuum cleaner is still running outside my door with some on/offs (read, EMF spikes) as part the perp harassment tactics. All the while I am reading to discover there is no free Blu-ray software out there and the wretched Windows 7 won't natively play it. Just ridiculous. Now, a DVD won't play unless the assholes keep the subtitles in place, when the film (Moulin Rouge) is in English. So much for watching a movie tonight on this wretched Windows box.

And the perps have shut down my movie viewing nearly 100% since 2003; I have only seen three in the past year, and none before then. I have no idea why they see the need to choke me down on movie viewing when I have so much time to piss around. Though, the next four weeks I will be busy at a forest seedling nursery.

More reading of a book, Bobby and Jackie, a love story by  C. David Heymann. A page turner of a book for sure, and finally someone shed some light on this that other biographers would not. As the book indicates, it was likely the most normal and loving relationship either had experienced. Worth a read if you are into 1960's history; I was in primary and junior high school then. Now that I read the amazon reviews I see there are many doubters as to the veracity of this book. Hard to know, but it fits the pattern of the central players.

Off to post this, and hoping I don't get any more strange dreams like last night; repeated scenes of destruction and interactions with personnel about data loss. It came across as very real, and now, the perps can over-ride my ability to bail out on strange dreams, and keep me in it.

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