Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Scarf Brings on Extra Gangstalking

The UPS parcel finally arrived at 1700h, plenty dark then. The UPS delivery man, same one as usual, seemed to need to stand in the dimmest light possible, standing away from the doorway, off to the side which was unusual given my past interactions with him. As this was the sixth parcel from STP, and hopefully the last in a while, it was the first one that was delivered to my door, all the others being picked up by me due to work considerations. And it was the first that was opened here, as they have all been opened up at my mother's place or even the farm when I took my lunchtime to retrieve a parcel there. And plenty of noisestalking was added to the event of opening the parcel too, plastic bags and all. I got next summer's SPF shirts, and two more mid-weight longsleeve undershirts which really serve as sweaters and are my new "go to" shirts, having been wearing stretch cotton T-shirts for the last five years. And I got a $5 black fleece scarf to fill out the order to over $100 to get me a !0% discount.

In the afternoon there was an imposed pressing "need" to launder the turquoise fleece scarf by itself, even if I did get delayed by an Asian woman at the washing machine on the first attempt. This evening, I headed out to the tanning salon at 1845h with my new black scarf on and got to the lobby, and lo, if there wasn't a three gangstalker confluence there, with the lead dude hauling a black tote luggage ahead of his seeming girlfriend, slinging a bag with red and yellow boxes in it. And I follow them out the door, and lo, if there isn't a negro dude coming at me, wanting to get in, and lo, if he wasn't also hauling a black tote luggage very much like the first dude. Like WTF; how can it possibly be a coinicdence that we have a black tote luggage gauntlet for me to pass between at the freaking doorway? I am constant dealing with Fuckwit gangstalker confluences at every doorway I egress, and here we have the Wheeled-Tote Gang setting me up to walk between them at the doorway. Never mind the negro, yet another new one, and from the Unfavored crowd that so likes to parade around me all day long.

Off to the tanning salon to get "lit up" and then to the LD store to load up on chocolate. I am plain exasperated with how much chocolate the perps have me buy and eat, and their relentless brown color games, skin colors included. Another dude confluence at the end of the aisle after I picked up the specialty shaving foam, another imposed "need" when I have two cans here already, one purchased this morning. One Fuckwit standing looking at the aisle end display pretending to being oblivious to being in the way, with other Fuckwits coming up behind him, and me passing between. Then at the Milka chocolate section, why a Fuckwit pair loitering there, some kid in a dumbstruck hang-dog pose and his apparent mother.  A strange pair who didn't seem to be very engaged, and then took off when I got within 6' or so. There were they on my way to the shaving foam, and were still in place when I came back, giving them at least two minutes of shopping time, and still they couldn't decide. What is it about all these apparent shoppers being so dumbstruck, if not bending over to look more?

Then my dude posse when I exited, two ahead of me, one being the lollygagging dude ahead of me at the checkout (should of been long gone), and one behind me on plastic shopping bag stalking duty, doing his throat clearing all of a sudden. This was after they arranged for me to pass between two large bags of bread loaves as there is a bread bakery on the corner and seemingly, they were closing up for the day. The bakery staff member had her vehicle opposite the door with the sidewalk in-between, and somehow managed to place one bag at the bakery door to keep it open, and one bag was taken to the vehicle tailgate where she was opening up as I passed through the bread loaves gauntlet. And where have I mentioned breadstalking before? Here, on this blog, at least 30x or more.

Posting it late, 1800h, 11-15-2011

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