Thursday, November 24, 2011

Almost a Shut-In Day

A nearly total shut-in day, with only an excursion to the Apple store a two min. walk away to look at a certain gift for my daughter, the ex supplying me a list a few days ago. I enter and there were three dudes on their laptops at the counter, seated and conversing, but an attractive young female assistant came to my aid. The perps had me dithered big-time, as she asked me what size, and I said something to the effect that I didn't know there was a choice in physical size, as I had already checked them out on Amazon, and there was only one "size". Then she explained to me it was the storage size. Like WTF; I could of figured out her open ended statement on my own, but no, some asshole had to me me look like an idiot. Then it followed that there was another blatant faux pas over being able to identify the green colored one, and I knew I was getting totally screwed. The prices were substantially lower than I expected; online, the 16Gb model is $234.40, but it was $150 at the Apple store, cheaper by $10 than the online Amazon price for the 8Gb model. I am glad for bricks and mortar stores many times, and all the more when so substantial savings are to be had. Though, it isn't true for books though, as I came to find out last year.

Back to the Apple store; the pink color wasn't to be had but could be ordered in, and it would take two weeks the assistant found out by asking the male Middle Eastern looking manager. On two occasions I offered to pay the full amount instead of a deposit to order one, but still she persisted in charging me only $20. Part of the ritual was that I had to give my name, address, phone number, email etc. and I had navigated around the three dudes at this point, only getting access at the counter corner, at the sharp end of the "L" elbow. The dudes were on my left, and getting louder while I gave the assistant this information, making for at least three repeat agains, either she or me "mis-hearing" (read, situational dithering of aural cognition), three times, and having me speak substantially louder than I thought was needed. A younger blonde woman came to my right, around the corner of the counter, 90 degrees offset, 3' away and stood there sort of dumbstruck for some 20 seconds or so, as she didn't have any engagement with anyone else. Then she puts on a deep furrowed black toque on her blonde hair, and then departs from the store. I have seen these black furrowed toques many times in the harassment/gangstalker games, and all I can surmise is that they are to emulate the most disgusting hairdo style ever, dreadlocks. The perps have been hounding me with this infernal hairstyle, deeply Unfavored, and it just maybe that they deem black touques with woven furrows as a "beginners guide" to finding out why I absolutely loathe dreadlocks hair. That it has been a 9.5 year obsession of the perps seems to relate to when they deleted my recall when aged two to five, and stuffed negroes in with other children as seen in the Indian Lake Project. Not my problem, so why is it an international fuckover that seems to command thousands of pyschopathic assholes to hound me in two countries for close to ten years of their abusive insanity?

Don't know. Back to the above financial transaction in the Apple store. I get this very different debit card reader, which gets passed to me after I profer my debit card, and I key in the approvals and account details, and look up, and lo, if the dude closest to me hasn't moved one foot closer and has turned his back some 45 degrees. Like WTF; why is making a financial transaction an internation Fuckover scene that has lasted over 9.5 years? Early in the intensified abuse days of 2002, I would get these dudes,  who were not obviously shopping, plant themselves 2' from me with their back toward me, looking away, and not even pretending to be in a checkout line, but adjacent and blocking the aisle. Even then, it was WTF, and where did this asshole come from and why is it repeating every fucking time I buy something in public? And although more subtle and calmer now, the same senseless charade of inanity continues, often with plenty of background banter, or asking me extra questions at the checkout, or even now, dumbshits loitering at the checkout exit with the excuse it is to wait for their friends of the same brown skinned features at an adjacent checkout, (Asians being the last-most post-checkout ethnic/race swarm to date). Alternatively, there are various Unfavored color (red, pink, orange, yellow, brown) dressed Fuckwits ahead or behind me, not to mention their favorite public fruit prop, bananas on the checkout belt.

And then the third stunt that was also in progress as the transaction progressed was the Middle Eastern manager kept coming to intervene for some inconsequential purpose, at least twice. This was a minor repitition of a certain Middle Eastern fat boy who constantly stalked me at the 2007-2008 2x/week exercise class. Only then did I understand that this particular ethnic appearance was its own Unfavored demographic group. Another notable gangstalking moment earlier this year was having the Middle Eastern store assistant due hide behind the store assistant babe (Caucasian) each time I looked. Like WTF- what is this litany of imposed fucking stupidity all about?

But too, the male-female bait and switch games at the checkout have been going on in earnest since 2002. The babe as the cashier usually starts out, and then a "shift change" suddenly happens with the dude coming in to finish the job. This time, it was the Middle Eastern male doing the honors of "popping in and out", getting face time while the transaction was in progress. More rampant stupidity, but wholly predictable.

The visitation and transaction wasn't any longer than 15 minutes, and so ended my big outing for the day. I got to my mail box on the way back (read, as in no one standing over it), and saw that my college registration papers had arrived in an envelope that had not been sealed; the flap was open, partially folded, and no attempt had been made to seal it. It isn't the first time that my mail has come this way, and it didn't pass unnoticed that they had me purchase a box of self-sealing envelopes which I still have, for the few times I send anything in the mail. No licking envelopes allowed, per imposition of the secret police.

I am now registered to take the Viticulture Certificate program in Pentiction, British Columbia, Canada, starting Jan. 09. That is where I will be moving to by the end of December, the first time they have had me move in over four years (4 years, 7 months), the second longest residence in any one location that they have allowed me, ever. It runs for three months, and for the second time in 9.5 years, they are sending me off to class.

Hopefully the outcome will be a full time job and not a total jerkaround like it was when I finished the Oracle DBA evening courses in 2009. And too, back in 1990, I took a year off work and took ten months of full time Geographic Information Systems (GIS) training, to get sidelined (ahem) for the next nine years on Oracle database software development, a project that took three iterations to defy the pervasive incompetence I got saddled with. I was never able to re-establish my GIS credentials. This is the most flagrant example of getting trained up and then totally derailed and fucked with so to waste the opportunity. And you don't think that it is going to "happen" again? I sincerely doubt it, and some jerkaround will likely be invoked to to send me back to this infernal gangstalk town yet again. Three months of away time as a full time college student is nothing for the assholes to arrange. All the more intensified by the fact that the Okanagan is much superior for grape cultivation than this coastal region, and represents the best opportinities for the better wineries.

If one looks on the First Feral Family events of the past 10 years, there has been a clear pattern to have me visit the Okanagan, Penticton in particular, and even stay there one time while driving the FFF parents around on a wine region holiday. Not that they ever drank wine much, as they had no interest in it apart from making horrid hootch from local blackberries. But their newfound interest in wine erupted back when the hrassment started, and hasn't let up.

So it seems that wine, and I had been making wine as an amateur hobbyist for over 20 years, is a route to the perp's Big Goal, whatever that is for the perps. That they have had me doing farm laboring, -berries, carrots, potatoes, daffodils and miscellaneous vegetables for the past four years in this abusive purgatory seems to be now leading up to viticulture and winemaking. At that rate, I see this vile abuse going on for at least five more years. That makes it 2017 when the might relent, for all TI's possibly, and who knows how it is going to end, as I will be the last to know.

A screaming rage show over my Dymo label printer not working when it was just fine, even after testing the new file folder label spool I installed last week, also another screaming rage show due to imposed adversity at every physical moment. Now, it prints the first file label just fine, and now the second one jammed up and cannot be pulled out in either direction. Like WTF; why do so many functional things go wrong all the time?

Said label printer was working just fine a year ago, a rare instance of a no-problem technical install. Now, a year later, it fucks up. And it only took a year of intention to get these infernal file folder lablels as they aren't stocked locally, and finally ordered in a bout of recent extra attention to all the items that kept slipping off my to-do list. Not to mention snowstorms back east when I phoned Dymo in early 2011, and to later "forget" to phone them again. Twice I attempted to contact them by phone or email and it got blocked for "some reason", read, arranged adversity.

But as this is a Dymo twin printer, why, can't I go with one spool to print and leave the other jammed? No, as it turned out, the R side printer jammed and then backed up the queue for BOTH sides. So while screaming at the assholes when the L side spool didn't print, why, the queue was backing them up. Then I had to dig all over in the Windows task bar to find the printing queue, and once found, to see that it was stopped. I cancelled the queue, and reprinted the L side from the Dymo application, and it worked. And why is Windows so lame for over two decades now, in hiding the printer queue in elsewhere and not having it viewable in Word, in Open Office, and now Dymo Labelwriters? Or have these, and other organizations all decided to all do the same thing; hide the printer queue? Don't get me started.

And back in the days of mainframes, when I was working on a DEC VMS, we did a significant amount of printing for mail-out; once the job was run to create the report, determined after looking at the log file, we sent the print file to be printed at one of two print queues. The first thing we did after that was to look at the queue to see what position the job was at and all the particulars as to how big, when it might finish etc. I am not saying that print queues are necessary in the present day PC world, but if they are going to have them, then make them accessible to the applications that launches the print jobs. Especially this label printing, which shouldn't be on a central print queue as it is a dedicated printer device for the Dymo application. Somewhere, someone has made this 10x more stupid than it needs to be, and guess who exploits that to the limit when they like to inflict extra adversity on selected victims?

Somedays I think the whole Windows O/S has been given perp oversight to ensure it is klutzy, illogical at times, and confusing, ensuring three or more ways to do the same thing when one will do. And that the integrated and highly ergonomic Apple world is there to eventually take over. Its just that the perps need to heighten the grief and vexation at first, and then gradually reduce it by having the vexed users migrate to Apples over the next two decades. Just speculation of course, but it seems that the perps knew that the MS-Windows 3.0 was going to go big as early as 1990, as the IT people at my job and my ex were all early investors who cleaned up big-time. Even as we technical users, much accomplished in the DEC/VMS realm, were highly disrupted and insulted by the imposition of an O/S that wasn't even multi-tasking back then.

Enough techno-banter from the pen; onto a orientation and abbreviated start-up work day tomorrow, and to find out who my coworkers are and what the freak count will be.

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