Monday, November 21, 2011

Start the Vacuum Cleaners

I cannot believe it; two vacuum cleaners have started this Monday evening; the overhead whine of a powerhead model, and now the staff (har, har), have started one in the hallway near my door. But it is a High Harassment Monday, having stayed at the First Feral Family house last night, and helped out raking leaves there. And accompanying my perp-abetting mother to the biggest freakshow of all, Downtown Victoria. The vagrant and semi-vagrant dudes were out in force, even putzing around in the bookstore on their cellphones while "shopping", (read, gangstalking) in this big stakeout that seemed to be arranged around the color of the leaves I raked this morning for three hours at the FFF house. Yessir, deep burgundy tones from the maple tree next door was about 60% of the leaf raking, and muted yellows for 30% and brown and light greens for 10%. And the deep burgundy Volkswagen Vanagon/Westfalias (camper version) that the perps so like to arrange were out in force, and too, the yellowjackets in the same yellow tones as this morning's leaves.

And lo, if the vacuum cleaner wasn't exactly outside my door when I went to leave. And too, the yellow plastic vacuum cleaner head was augmented with a band of dayglo fuschia ribbon around its perimeter. Fucking hilarious; a totally non-functional augmentation for color games, in keeping with the perp's favorite colors, those "constructive wave" interference dayglo colors. Said vacuuming person was this thin drawn woman, crack addict-like features.

A tanning salon session and the prerequiste double coverage of Fuckwit gangstalkers at the LD store that I usually stop in afterward. More vacant dudes, four of them lined up at the chocolate section when they had been backing off with one or two in the past month or so.

And a new trick while tanning on the sunbed; the perps arrange for the entire tanning bed lights to flicker at the exact moment they script a squeak noise as if I had moved on the bed when I hadn't. This "happened" twice in one session when it had never occured before, the light flicker at least. Plus, either the place didn't clean the bed or else the perps added some extra goo under my back, as the sun bed surface was extra gooey when I got up.

And of all things, I got a job interview for a temporary four week tree nursery job in two days. This is the first time the assholes have allowed me to have a job interview since early 2000, closing in on 12 freaking years of not being allowed to go to a job interview. Past farm work jobs have been either "show up and survive" hiring or else a cursory phone call and then the offer of starting within a day or so. I have no idea what this means for the perp's progress, but one can assume the assholes aren't inclined to move too quick unless it is administering abuse or noise.

And now, at I close off for posting, a round of overhead noise has erupted that is indentical to the garbage chute noise of the building I lived in 2005 to 2006, when I was 20' from the garbage chute. For the last four years of living in this building I have been removed from the garbage chute and have heard no noise from it whatsoever. But now, in a new escalation of blatant noise impositon, they re-invoke the noise of the former building in this one that had no such noise until recently. 

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