Friday, November 18, 2011

Onto Viticulture


A legs shave last night; begun with a sudden "need" to shut down this PC at 2130h, when normally I go to 2200 or 2300h before considering going to bed. As always, shaving anywhere, especially if outside the daily habit, brings on extra perp abuses and gangstalking activity.

A busy morning, and much noisestalked too as I filled out the forms and checks to send to Okanagan College to register for the Viticulture Certificate program training, Jan. to March end. Yessir, after a near unprecedented four years living on one location, rarely allowed going by past events, I will be moving to a small town in the interior of British Columbia to attend three months of classes so I can be an educated vineyard laborer. And too, I get to compete with the Mexican visa farm workers for the same jobs. Hardly a step up the earnings ladder, and hopefully all this course work won't be another perp managed jerkaround in arranging futile activity, unlike the Oracle DBA courses I took in 2009-10, which got me a few phone calls and nothing else.

And I see they have already begun to shake the place, and no doubt other arranged human foibles will follow, e.g. car accidents, murders etc. For perp research, nothing beats having someone's blood contents on the ground. Stay tuned.

The vineyard and winemaking angle has long been a perp interest, and if you subscribe to that seeming fact that my entire life has been a series of nonstop arranged events, then my prior winemaking hobby of 20 years was likely meant to serve the perp's purposes. Add on my perp abetting parents and their newfound interest in wine, even to the point of having me drive them around for annual winery visitations and tastings in the Okanagan region in the fall for the past four years (this year excepted), then one can readily surmise that there is something the perps expect to gain from wine, its color, ingestion and digestion and provenance (where it is from). In other words, wine, along with all my foods from backyard (tomatoes and beans this year), to the other side of the world (e.g. coconut oil), the perps are attempting to glean something intrinsic about the source location from me via the foods or drink beveages I have. To date, I have called these "earth energies" for lack of a better term, but the perps have been absolutely consistent in messing with my food and drink sources, and for that matter, all objects, wherever something is made, manufactured or shipped from. Which also includes the packaging and shipping materials, transportation and containering, stores and particular shelves as well as the orientation of the items on the shelf.

And more checkout "hold ups" (read, arranged delays and obstructions) today at the supermarket. Not only the elder-dude putzing with his charge card over a single bag of bulk granola, or the chinless dude immediately ahead of me, plus other freaks, but they put on a negro to troll along the aisle adjacent to the checkouts, also followed with the bearded dude who popped out from an aisle end earlier. Then the Fat Girl arrived behind me, and in metaphoric terms, it seems the assholes need to dress up a pig with lipstick, having the Fat Girl in blonde hair. This has been more common of late, though as always, the perps like to mix up Unfavored features (fat people, vagrants etc.) with Favored features (blonde, female, attractive).

Yesterday, while on the city bus, and viewing the panel of freaks in front of me, as I was in the rear-most full width seat next to the window, they put on negro woman exactly opposite of the location where they had one the day before. And not the same woman either, though it was the same time of day. I cannot fathom, apart from arranged gangstalking, why over 30 passengers would be heading into downtown on a Thursday evening on the city bus. Regular readers will know that the perps go especially beserk around dusk, so all I can surmise is that they aren't concerned with appearences any more, they just put on the gangstalkers they need for any given travel mode. Not to mention the recent strangeness of the bus driver stopping the bus for no apparent reason and having it sit for two minutes with the door open. (And not at a timing location in the schedule).

While shopping in the local supermarke the gangstalkers were all over my ass, posted exactly where I wanted to go after another one dithered over top of the shopping baskets. Then they blanked me out totally as to what I wanted to get, even if it was unequivocally clear for the past two days. As I approached another aisle after getting skunked on the lurker gangstalker over top of the coconut oil, what I wanted to get, the perps totally wiped my recall as to what I was there for. I have never, ever had suck a sudden and complete memory loss before, and over grocery shopping for crissakes.

As part of the show, they had red dressed gangstalkers, one being an elder-dude in some kind of anorak with large red panels who was tailing me for the second time, coming at me W bound when I was travelling N, and I came to the store aisle first, and look back to see if the Fuckwit was still tailing me, and lo, if they didn't put on a different red dressed gangstalker, this disgusting wizened granny in red plaid, now tailing me N bound. Call it red substitution, where a red dressed Fuckwit swaps with another red dressed Fuckwit to seemingly surprise me with the continued red color coverage.

Yesterday, when getting off the bus in the evening, it was the same deal. A red and black checkered hoodie wearing Fuckwit tails me off the bus and then when I crossed the road at the crosswalk, why he enters onto the road in a jogging gait to catch up with me to cross the road at the same moment. I keep going, and for some reason he doesn't tail me along the next block, but lo, if there isn't a red beret wearing Fuckwit some 40' ahead of me.

Back to vacuum cleaner stalking, the second pass of cleaning outside my door in the hallway. They rarely clean the hallways, but they picked the moments when I was cleaning the dishes at the sink, and now, just as the PC booted up (with a high EMF spike from the power supply). And regular readers will know that I frequently encounter the "suck trucks", the street drain vaccum cleaner trucks, at anytime of year in this town. Past residences have also been known to engage in extra vaccuum cleaning and/or at strange hours of the day. All part of disturbing the ether IMHO with toroidal energies and here.

A read of Project Bluebird by Colin Ross, MD earlier, after tea and chocolate. As part of this abusive imposition, I am not allowed to read books from begining to end, but made to skip all over. Of note, the perps put on noise just when I was reading names of the investigators/abusers under MKULTRA and other like projects. Some of the projects were all about testing children, even to the point of being up-front about in the project description.

I am going to post this as I don't expect anything revelatory to erupt. These are the days of "dwell time", with only a modicum of activities and plenty of time to blog about details of the daily abuse litany.

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