Sunday, November 06, 2011

Adios to the Mexicans

It was the last half day of work for the three Mexican visa workers at the farm today. And in true insane-then-repeat perp style, we said our goodbyes at the back tent at 1200h where we were working together, taking down props, beams and posts underneath it. (The tent is at least 40'x60' and 30' high). But five minutes later they come back and say they are working until 1300h, another hour. Five minutes after this, they say no, they have to go, and so we say goodbyes again. Like WTF; who was giving them these instructions as no one came to the back tent to tell them, and the warehouse, (having an office and the general location of management personnel) was a ten minute round trip. Just more silly games with more of the perverse behavior where they somehow get direction from an unseen source.

And too, the perps like to have me under tents and umbrellas in small doses, so working for more than half a day in such circumstances was just peachy for them. I suppose there are color changes as well as no direct light as well, just too much for them it seems in their current level of understanding of how color affects me.

And at lunch, the farmer's wayward son is back together with his gorgeous babe girlfriend who I helped move out of their place at the end of September. Five months of daily bickering was way too much, so she moved out with the help of us farm workers. Well now, they are back together again, though not moved in together. And so I got to meet the gorgeous babe again, and she being friendly and all, we hugged, had a brief chat, and then she was on her way to lunch with the wayward son.

That she was wearing a light blue scarf with a black and white houndstooth coat wasn't too exceptional, as I get plenty of black and white outfitted gangstalkers. Later, I was allowed to be reminded that the scarf was the same color as this infernal shaving foam I got stiffed with today, used just this once this morning. Somehow, I got screwed into "thinking" I had extra white colored shaving foam when I didn't, so I had to draw upon the Nivea (white color, but smelly) two days ago, and then the Gillette gel this morning. The intervening day I used the shaving lotion I have at the First Feral Family house, also not the usual kind but bearable to use. Where the Nivea and the Gillette gel were for "sensitive skin", they didn't account for sensitive noses, and I was stiffed with the smell of the shaving foam for the rest of the day. Today was the day for a full-frontal shave when I hadn't had one yesterday, having stayed the night at the FFF house, and then off to work at the farm from there. It is always a big deal for the perps when I get screwed into breaking a routine, especially a daily one, and too, if it is shaving related.

But as I have long complained, the perps have a total fetish/obsession over shaving, shaving foam and its color, the nature of the blade inserts and if they have a teflon rub strip, the color of the handle and on it goes.

A fat girl came help on carrot bagging at the farm, and I got to train her. Almost my height (5'11") and she was bigger than I was in volume, maybe over 200lb. She seemed to have Caucasian features but an olive skin color, so I couldn't really figure her out as to where she was from. Then she got to train another new girl (all Caucasian) who came an hour later, who then left earlier. All in keeping with the perps' games over information, and who and how it was conveyed, and then this time, the just-trained person trained someone else. A three chain learning linkage it would seem, never mind those who trained me and got me past the imposed adversity of the carrots dropping outside the bag and onto the floor.

Later, potato washing, red skinned ones that were loaded from bins into the truck. I was put on the indoor elevated platform where the final grading is done, next to one of the old-time Punjabis. The Fat Girl was put opposite to me, next to the younger Punjabi supervisor. I thought it was curious that I have done over 50 potato washing sessions in two years, and was never allowed to go up on the platform, being kept outside, and the first time that I do, why, the new person was arranged opposite me. Most curious.

I got called off the production line to then help out pulling nails and screws from the wood that was taken down for some of the props of the Haunted House. This seemed to be big deal, having me pull nails or else use the screw gun to take screws out of wood. The perps have a wood fetish going as well, so maybe this was part of it.

Earlier, as part of the farm agi-tourism, I and five other males got to move a dinosaur exhibit next to the swamp. It was some 5' high and on a steel frame, and it took five of us to heave it 8' along boards and plywood to a pallet where it could be picked up by the fork equipped tractor. In the frontseat of the flatbed truck that took me to the dinosaur site, there was a white plastic bag with food in it. I thought it mighty curious, and pulled it open, and it was dried tropical fruit from Trader Joe's. Like WTF, there is no Trader Joe's in Canada, so how did it get there and "happen" to be in the front seat of the farm flatbed truck? Many staff drive this truck, but none with US connections, so it was mighty curious. And too, Trader Joe's was one of my favorite places to shop when I lived in Everett and Seattle from 1999 to late 2002.

A double negro gangstalking on the bus, and for the first time in the S. bound post-farmwork direction. One was front-most behind the bus driver, and the other was rear-most in the bench seat. And too, on prior occasions in the last two months, they have put on a negro bus driver. It is rare that they put on such a large negro gangstalker dispersion, the length of the bus effectively, as normally the perps cluster the negroes within 10' or so. Goodness knows the amount of perp preparation for any bus ride I make; for all I know they could of been practicing for weeks on populating the bus with the gangstalkers in various configurations and doing practice runs.

And I am quite sure they have the bus-bound gangstalkers in place at least an hour before I arrive on the scene, based on my observation of them pulling out gangstalkers an hour earlier than the end of a show, all to have the same assholes clustered around the outside exit all the while. As I have said before, public transportation is nothing more than a mobile gangstalking platform for the ongoing perp inanity/beserkness.

A Friday, and one that I took off to deal with employment counsellor. The free time enabled me to get a haircut at my usual place, then off to the First Feral Family to do some driving for my mother who as previously mentioned, is a perp abetting quisling of the first order. I was driving into the box store region of town, named Langford on the maps. She wanted to get to the particular branch of a work clothing store, a national chain that also has some casual city wear as well. She wanted some shirts for my old-folks home bound father, the dementia act that continues even if he has broken character at least once. So it would seem the perps need to test me and my father concurrently on clothing/footwear from the same store at the same visitation.

At this same workwear store, I picked up steel toed gumboots as the farm work has moved from picking fruit and vegetables to hefting heavy pallets around, and of course, the perps can plant any rationalization they want. Not forgetting the gumboot research focus of the perps, having arranged for my last pair of Baffins to be stolen in a unneeded locker clear-out at the last farm, and a pair of cheapo gumboots were re-supplied by them, this in March 2011. And this new pair has a yellow sole portion, so no doubt that will accelerate a new round of footwear color games, especially now that the perps are making some advances on their yellow color research/placement/harassment games. That is to say, there are considerably more yellow color stunts going on, from more yellow colored vehicles (read Yellow Cabs, never here before this insane abuse started in 2002), to yellow colored gangstalker clothing, to more yellow on web pages and mail, not to mention even highlighter pen marks on one of my reciepts today. (To "identify the backordered item" said the clerk at the specialty tool shop I drove to next after the clothing was acquired). 

Then at the tool store where I got skunked on buying two diamond sharpening stones of differing grades I wanted three weeks ago, why, I only got skunked on one of them, the other backordered as mentioned above. (Plus, the extra tense store clerk of my last visit never mentioned the backorder option). I also got some replacement earmuff pads only to find there is an extra 1/4" plastic mount with the pads on them which still fit my earmuffs, plus a nominal amount of acoustic foam. I pulled out the earmuff foam tonight and cleaned off the gunk the perps put in there over the past five years or so, making it seem it leaked from my ears and travelled uphill and staining some of the acoustic foam pad brown, of all colors. I soaked the pads in water which had some laundry detergent in it, so an all around perp event indeed, to add detergent cleaned foam that will sit next to my ears as I shut out the noise parade. Which, by chance (har, har) they have exploited with all manner of extra noise on tonight; the most loathesome noise of motorcycles and hotrods are being highly featured along with hallway babbling. I mention the fact of the laundry detergent as the perps also have a total fetish over that as regular readers will know.

And it has been a busy week for wasting time on evaluating PC cases, the enclosure for all the PC components. The perps have had me interested in various models, and each night a "for sure" decision has been made as to which one, and lo, if the next night it somehow falls from favor to be replaced by another model. And at times, the price is a consideration, then it isn't the next night, within reason. What a great diversion, playing PC builder again, and regular readers might recall the four months of this activity back in 2009 when I finally did order parts, one of which was a new case for the PC that became the one that my mother now has, containing most of my old PC internal components. This is in keeping with the perps abiding fetish of all my electrical items and the color, metals, and material composition of the components, especially circuit boards. So far, only black and grey circuit PC motherboards have been allowed by the sickos, but one never knows when the next PC burn-up will erupt and an emergency fix/acquisition brings a different, and possibly an Unfavored, color (read, brown, red, yellow).

Though, I do have PC upgrade parts on hand, the most expensive being a Solid State Disk (SSD) which will be installed with extra memory and a few other trinkets. Often, the perps like to arrange things to sit around unused, sometimes for years in the situation of the leather steel/safety boots acquired in 2008 and have yet to be used anywhere.

And as always, there are extra volumes of vehicular traffic on the road when I am out and about with FFF members. I noticed the perps were massing more red vehicles around me while mobile on the highway; four metallic maroon (same red) colored vehicles at times, plus others coursing from either side or the opposite direction. I recall the record today was six red vehicles at a single sighting, a rare event since the days of 2005 and 2006 when they had me surrounded by eight red vehicles in slower traffic conditions in my silver Volvo with a navy blue interior. (Today was a silver-light brown tint Ford Escape with a mid-brown interior). Exciting moments in perpdom it would seem.

And two separate instances of freakish (read, dyed) blondishness on males today. One was on pose duty with a ballcap and this sort-of ponytail of unnatural yellow hair hanging out the rear hole of the ballcap, and shaved 1/2" dark hair on the sides that I could see. Then after helping my mother, and when at the gumboot section, why, this dude in a green ball cap that matched the Dunlop gumboot green arrives, and a minute later, the unnatural blonde faux ponytail dude joins him in this ridiculous charade of pretending to help his pal when they weren't together in the first place. This isn't the first time that a strangely behaved dude pair arrives when I make a purchase decision. And even more symmetric was in 2008 when I purchased leather safety toed boots, a pair of males pretending to not be together kept coursing around the boot section immediately after I made a purchase decision then.

Onto the next unnatural blonde dude, this time at the next stop at the specialty tools store; a seeming new staff member, a Fat Boy, was on counter duty and made sure to keep walking past in his full extra yellow blonde hair. And somewhere in all that, after paying for the items, why, they put the same dude on to cross my path immediately after I left the cash desk, doing the look-backwards-while-walking-forwards routine as an excuse to get extra close. This happened with my mother only another 3' away and sitting down on the bench seat that was there. I have yet to connect why they keep hounding me with extra-obvious dudes, scummy and semi-scummy ones especially, and what it has to do with the ongoing scene of gangstalking me senseless every time I make a financial transaction.

And on the negro front, a less commong gangstalking occurence when making a financial transaction, they put on a 20 something girl with her pal, to buzz around me when in the aisles, and then making a repeat gangstalking only 6' away during when purchasing the items.

A Saturday work day, and I got a phone call last night saying it will be a short day, and to start at 1000h. The rest of the small crew were there, which is common, as they seem to get instructions to start earlier. This "happened" at the last farm too, a special later start just for me.

And lo, if they didn't start out with a double negro gangstalker scene at the back of the bus this morning, one male and a female on the rear bench seat. They seem to be alternating having the female negroes sit at the front of the bus behind the driver, and now at the end of the bus where I hang out. The male negro got off in two stops but the female negro was still on the bus when I disembarked. Some 5 minutes later when walking the trail to the farm, why a female negro jogger in a black outfit with red trim was running beside a Caucasian male on my side of the centerline marked trail some 60' ahead. She was headed directly for me as he was running on the far left (my right) side of the trail. Then she suddenly stopped and ran back on the same track she was headed. I get these wacko 180 degree turnarounds plenty often, vehicular and ambulatory gangstalkers alike. I proceed some 200' further, about to make a right turn at a trail junction, and lo, if she wasn't running toward me again, this time on her right side of the trail and in compliance with the RH drive rule we all practice in North America. Then she passed by. Like WTF; taking two different sides of the trail and doing two 180 degree turns. And too, this was the same location the berry picking negro was lounging at when I exited the farm after a day's work there back in July this year (2011). So... I was suitably "negroed", as in having my negro gangstalkers on me when on the bus and afterward.

And I suppose it was a big perp day as it was the first that I wore my new steel toed gumboots, having dropped them off yesterday after purchasing them instead of taking them home and then bringing them in. The perps seem to be managing me to have new items come into my posession and bypass taking them home or even to my mother's place. Same deal with the recent rain pants, as I went to the UPS depot from the farm and came back to open the parcel at work, and hang them up there after first trying them out to much "crew" proximate loitering as possible.

The new gumboots come with a yellow sole layer in them, though not yellow tread. And there were plenty of extra yellow dressed gangstalkers on the homebound including the woman with the fugly red hair and a mustard yellow toque who sat beside me after a "warm up" gangstalking by a swarm of Asians. I evne got a ride to the bus stop from the E. Indian couple who have never given me a ride to date. Suddenly they became generous today and got me to Shelbourne for higher class bus passengers/gangstalkers. (And new shoes of a week ago, with a tinge of yellow thread in the black shoelaces).

Sunday, no work, and a rare event of extra time putz about, putting papers away in files, consolidating files into better categories, and putting some files in the steel cabinet. All duly noisestalked while doing this; adhesive labels are always a big perp moment. This time it was nearly nonstop elevator noise, outside loud mufflered vehicles and overhead squeaking and pounding, somehow getting through 12" of concrete ceiling/floor. Even no laundry to do as it got done yesterday evening as I got off work in the mid-afternoon. I am due to head off the the First Feral Family house later.

And back to standard time, and the imposed perp standard practice of screwing with my watch so I cannot change the time. I will have to take it to a watch retailer as this has been what "happens" in the past. I get to see the person twice per year to reset the watch and observe them doing the same thing I was attempting to do, except that it "somehow" works for them but not me.

A leg shave last night, also a big deal for the perps the next day. I am quite sure there will be extra gangstalkers on the bus later, as it seems they do like to flood public transportation with their wackos.

Other news on the food oils front is that the perps are allowing extra complexity, up to four different oils/oil bearing foods at breakfast now; Edo's oil blend, flax seed, hemp seed, coconut oil to add to the coconut butter which has strangely become too dry to spread. All too exciting for them no doubt, and they even have begun to let me add Edo's oil after dinner now, though not consistently. And here we are, some 9.5 years of this insane abusive and deranged harassment, only now dealing with my food oils intake.

Enough of the banter, I shall get this posted now to get it read, for all that do.

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Noo -noo- noo this months color is brown or tan horses with 2 riders .
Last mnths color was silver or gray horses .

Got beemed by a red beem of light in the face while riding my horse
by the local yocal green & whites
Face of the day i guess