Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Open Wide

An 0900h dental cleaning appointment, and no dentist stop-by today, as she must take Tuesdays off. No matter, the dishy blonde dental hygienist was all over me while my mouth was open wide, scraping the plaque off my teeth. My gums are badly recessed, and that began in concert with the overt abuse onset in 04-2002, along with the densified magnetic field (1600 Gauss in 2009) my keepers have arranged around me. Another source of gum recession is ionizing radiation as in alpha, gamma rays etc., though I don't think this kind of irradiation is besieging me. I haven't had access to a Geiger counter come to think of it, so maybe this assumption is mistaken.

The dental hygienist was extra chatty today, though of course I couldn't respond much. As it turns out, she is from the Galicia region of Spain, born there in fact, and her parents emigrated to this city when she was six y.o. without knowing a word of English. Daunting to say the least. Interesting too, as this is a Celtic region of Spain, and the perps have liked to inject Celtic persons in my life, Welsh, Scottish and Irish. Ms. C of the story went to Ireland for a visit before the rain of abuse came on me. Some three years later my parents took a week's bus holiday there. And a Scottish born ex-wife as well.

The perps messed with the #2 bus and it didn't arrive per schedule. A woman was waiting for it too, and we ended up taking a cab together. All too cute, having me get in a light yellow vehicle with a green roof, seemingly not yet allowed to ride an a bright yellow Yellow Cab yet. The cab driver and this woman, both in the front seat, were remarking on all the extra vehicular traffic on the road (at 0850h), oncoming, turning in or off, and behind. I don't know why the perps have their shills expound on this obviousness, but as a 9.5 year long gangstalking victim, it travels with me all the time. Even another TI remarked on this last year when at a TI meeting. And my perp abetting mother goes on about all the vehicular traffic when in the vehicle, (me driving). Like WTF; as this is being mentioned it spells "arranged gangstalking abuse" to me, and here they are abetting in this insanity gone amok. And of course I never get to challenge them on this and state why there is this parade of color arranged vehicles around me. If that isn't mind control, I don't know what is.

Then back to this apartment, part way by bus, then walking the latter half of the way back. As usual, my ambulatory gangstalkers were about, though less than usual as it seemed they wanted to tail me with red dressed gangstalkers across the street, walking in parallel. And a rare instance of them not filling the bus up like they did later.. read on.

Off to the First Feral Family house where I am to rake leaves after lunch. The bus driver was doing the strangest things; stopping at a bus stop when no one was there and no one signalled to get off. He just stopped the bus there, opened the front door and had it sit idling there for two minutes, one stop short of his timing stop at Hillside and Shelbourne for locals. Then another instance of this enroute to the FFF house. The usual dude-stalk on the bus, as they like to ring me with dudes of late. Just so many dudes without day jobs in this wretched town. Funny how that is.

I raked leaves to the sound of at least two STRATCOM bombers overhead, though I didn't see any the one time I looked. The neighbors to the S. and W. started up their leaf blowers in near synchrony when I was out in the front yard. Funny how they hadn't been doing much leaf raking and then both of them "decide" (read, pre-arranged script), to do it when I was there. Both are retired and have all day to get on with it, but somehow this neighbor noise (and localized air vortices with associated EMF) erupt when I am visiting.

Also, the passing vehicle count increases when I am outside, as do the cyclists and walkers. One Asian woman has now set the record for back-and-forths, walking back and forth for no apparent reason; three times she walked in N-S pairs until she finally sauntered off. That she was in a redcoat and a white hat made it all the more ludicrous and arranged, unless she was totally deranged.

The perp excitement might of been that I was utilizing a new, blue plastic tarpaulin to rake the leaves onto, as it had been acquired two days ago by me and left in the garage until I had sufficient time to get to leaf raking. And I was wearing a similar blue polyester shirt, so one can imagine how the perps must be salivating over these fabrics and whatever commonality they have besides color.

Then the 1651 #28 bus into downtown, and what a farce it was with over 30 Fuckwits heading S. into downtown at this reverse commute time on a Tuesday. Even the commute buses heading in the opposite direction had less passengers. I got a rear bench seat after it had been vacated, and then they began to pack the bus with herds of 4 to 6 per stop afterward. I got a redcoat Asian male beside me for some 8 minutes, then a hiatus, then a red-brown leather coated young woman next to me for the latter 5 minutes of the 25 minute bus trip. The the quasi-biker dude in the leather jacket, who was first hanging back and standing at the exit for no reason, came and sat in front of me in the transverse seats, on his iPhone all the time. A near skinhead, only a 1/4" crew cut, and the perps managed to arrange the reflections in the windows so I couldn't avoid his image. The perps like to present male bikers to me, with or without their motorcycles. I have no idea what they did to me from 1956 to 1959 as the assholes deleted 99% of my recall, but it seems that bikers and motorcycles figure in this skein of abuse the perps like to create current day vignettes from, presumably to elicit abreactions that they remotely monitor me for, and are attempting to remediate. To the perps I say, go fuck yourselves, as I don't need to be fixed by anybody as I have been abused enough.

I am shifting my pictures and music libraries to another hard drive to make way for a solid state disk drive to be installed in the coming weeks. Tonight it was the pictures that I moved over, and it was the same freaking hassle as it was last night with the music, all 188Gb of it. The Move command in wretched Windows doesn't mean the same as in Unix; it still keeps the original copy and library links. So.... cut and paste games in Windows Explorer as well as deletions to follow, and to then go through the vexation of the viewing software, Picasa 3, to direct it to the new library location. After a number of faked or useless dialog boxes, and screaming at at the assholes at least 30x, I finally was allowed to persevere and get Picasa to find the pictures. Last night, it was the same vexation with getting Songbird to find the music library after I moved it and no apparent useful commands to do so. Then on a later boot-up it found them somehow.

Somewhere in there, the assholes zapped me and an overhead clunk sounded at exactly the same instant. As in, how can this be anything else but targeted abuse? And have I mentioned how much I like getting zapped, probably some 60 to 100x from unseen sources or means since this insane abuse train began.

Enough of the abuse and futility today, and time to go to bed.

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