Thursday, September 01, 2011

Pounding Music Noise

A pounding bas heavy randomized music noise is coming in from upstairs, and the perps have done this all day in recent weeks. Its my lucky day today, getting this noise attention as well as the gangstalker freakshow. The big deal seems to be that I used my mother's Ford Escape to go to the UPS parcel depot and get my parcel, even if having to park 100 yards away as all the parking was somehow taken up by UPS vehicles. This followed on the same trip as taking plastic garbage bags full of garden waste to the municipal dump where they make compost out of it. Some 8 bags of garden waste were unloaded with all the bags retained and taken with me for the UPS leg and then back to the First Feral Family house. Not forgetting that the UPS parcel contained clothes wrapped up in clear polyethylene plastic.

And one customer ahead of me in the UPS office and as it "happened" he had a damaged parcel so he was instructed to open it up while I was being attended to. He pulls out plastic bubble wrap and looks this 5' long parcel over while I proffered my plastic debit card to pay for the duty and brokerage fees. When I get outside, some men were hanging around the UPS trucks for no seeming reason, and the more senior one says "hello" to me, and I politely respond in kind. Like WTF; he didn't have a UPS uniform on or anything to associate himself with the organization so who was he anyways and why didn't he make a move to get out of my way, rather than forcing me to go around him at this constriction point? Don't know, but I suspect the perps do their odd piece of polite greeting as I have had a few before. Normally I get "surly service" if I get any at all.

I get back to my perp-abetting mother's place and she wants to go out right away, so only one garment of four was unpacked from the parcel, the box remaining open. The perps often like to jerk me around and have their agents delay the most pedantic activities. So... I drive her to the optometrist to get her new glasses, plastic lenses of course. Then to the grocery store where more herds of Fuckwits dawdled in front of me, putting on the oblivious act each time. And another stop at her bank and back to the FFF house where I was to start the gardening activity. But as it "happened", she wanted an early lunch and so it was. Then she was to leave at 1300h and instead of starting the intended digging I decided to get a ride with her to the bus stop as I was packing a duffel bag full of the just-delivered clothes and my raingear which had been left at her place for the last three weeks.

And what a city bus freakshow it was; barely enough seats when I got on two stops from its suburban terminus, and then in short order it was standing room only. I had to keep my duffel bag in my lap, most of the contents being the once plastic wrapped new clothes. This total overpopulation of Fuckwits on the public transportation seemed to be all about the BIG EVENT of having new, plus a few old, clothes in this black duffel bag. To go out on a limb, the clothes had the energetics of the plastic wrapping and the cardboard box that they were shipped in and the perps wanted to test me with the Freaks and Fuckwits in all their finery, some dressed in beige longcoats for crissakes. An overcast day until the late rain today, around 1700h.

I agreed to help out a farmworker colleague to do minor repairs on her vehicle in the afternoon, and she came an hour earlier, so no afternoon tea and chocolate, something the perps would ordinarily have me eat for a full-out public gangstalking. I took my tools with me when she arrived, and she drove across town to the automotive store, and did the repairs in the parking lot. I had asked her by email as to where we would be doing the car fixing and she did not reply to that question. At least two other parties also "happened" to be doing the same nearby, so I helped her out. It was the tailight with the red translucent tape on it to keep it together, one liter of oil added,  and cutting a replacement plastic mirror with my brand-new Fiskar titanium scissors. I reckon this latter task was a BIG EVENT too, more plastic handling games and with new scissors that had been unused for some six weeks in my apartment. And to have me do this at the other side of town as well. Regular readers and many TI's know that the perps go beserk when I am cutting objects, especially if using a new knife or scissors.

She also drove me to a cafe on the way back, and lapsed into her state of staring at me with a loopy smirk, something she does on occasion. That and the head flicking, and so I called it off earlier that originally intended, and by then a summer rain squall had set in, and so she drives me back without the wipers being put on, and the windshield getting more and more water beaded. Let it be said that there is no romantic interest on my part and if she wasn't so pestilent I wouldn't see her at all. That she plays ball with the perps hasn't gone unnoticed, and that she has worked at the same places I did last year and this year (farm laboring) has also heightened my suspicions. The perps keep promoting that she is really someone else in morph-over and I say so what? It is just another jerk gaming me, and she also "happens" to be grossly overweight, unattractive and a devious twit. I don't need anymore hassle from the so-called romantic side.

The pounding music noise has abated thankfully, used for "warm up" or "welcome home" greetings only. And tea-time with chocolate had the motorcycle noises from outside, though I wasn't convinced it was an actual motorcycle, just a noise only perturbation. Strange noises from unconventional sources is nothing new to me; my towels squeak when at my face, my blue jeans make whiffling noises like corduroy, and most everything I handle, especially crockery, makes extra noise even if the object is still or removed from the location it was, the noise continuing while the object is held in mid-air.

More pointless seeming shopping online, just looking though. The perps are decidedly wanting me to be familiar with cold weather gear, and in my last order they had me get a cold weather jacket and gloves. Sometimes these premonitionary purchases work out to be exactly what is needed for the next stage of harassment, other times, these purchases are nothing but an sorry reminder. The perps had me all cranked up to buy kitchen items last year, stainless steel measuring cups, spoon measuring set, a spatula, and two sieves. Only two items of the five have been used, and this seeming push to have me do more food preparation and change up my dull diet has amounted to nothing. An exercise in futility, something that the perps like to put me through as if plain life rape and constant vexation isn't enough.

This one is done for today; I would be interested to compare notes with other TI's as to the perp's rabid agenda over using scissors and knives, or anything else that they obsess over.

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