Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Back to Farm Work -unexpectedly

I am returning to farm work tomorrow, Sept. 08, 2011; I got a call from them when I thought I was laid off for the year. So... I need to boost my hours for the year should I need unemployment benefits. And it does seemt that the almost four week layoff was all about having me sift soil under partial tree cover in the backyard of the First Feral Family house, as it took at least 7 days to get it done and the surface re-graded so people can walk on it instead of this rough corner that was left undone compared to everywhere else on the property. That was preceded by filling in the hole at the waterline entry from the street in the frontyard after it was repaired with 2' of PEX (plastic pipe) line after the backhoe operator somehow crimped the original copper line even if he was told where it was. But given the perp's shenanigans over testing me, and the abetting family members of course, as to where my water comes from and what faucet, source and pipe, I am not too surprised that this "fuck up" wasn't predestined. As in scripted to continue water supply testing games. Back in 1998 I owned a small acreage and ended up replacing 600' the 2" water line as it was leaking, using PVC pipe from the meter box. This water was applied to the kiwi acre as well, as well as the alstromerias in the greenhouse. And here we are, over 13 years later, and all their previous covert work of 45 years then, still pissing around as to where I get my water from; geographic  source, bottle type/size, line, filtration devices if any, tea kettle, teapot, drinking vessel and of course any colors of said delivery means. That job cost me nearly $5,000 in excavation costs which I had to cover as the now-ex was broke.

Prior to the front yard hole filling job, I sifted at least two cubic yards of compost. The above re-grade of the lot corner was about four cubic yards of material that had to be sifted as well. It all got done yesterday, save the disposition of the screenings. The perps like to have me spread sifted soil about, as it passing through the metal mesh seems to be an important marker/interaction for them. That, and having me regrind the edge of the shovel each morning, a new "need" that arose in the last week. And lo, if it wasn't expedited by the in-town brother not wanting to take his grinder back some weeks ago.

And so I figured a day off in this sunny and very warm September was overdue, and so off to the lake again for the final outside suntanning session of the year. No doubt the UV and vitamin D exposure games will continue next year, and maybe they will start them earlier than August. It is all very mysterious as to what they are after, but they have been very consistent about it going back to 2003 and 2004 when they put me through a similar process. As usual, the low flying aircraft came to visit at the lake, both fixed wing and rotar wing, and so it goes. I get low flying aircraft, 400' or so, wherever I go now, as this component of the harassment seems to be stepped up.

Hopefully one can detect the commonality between the mostly backyard soil slinging jobs under partial tree cover at the FFF house and the lake visits for suntanning. In the latter case I walk for 25 minutes of treed trail in a park before getting to this particular lake to join the skyclad community. Hopefully the last visit of the year, and hopefully a more engaging crowd than I have experienced to date. Keeping me isolated and out of social contact is all part of the deal.

And finally the cognitive fog was lifted and I was allowed to get my resume together and then send it to a   forestry seed orchard operation. I am trained in forestry and with my background I reckon I should at least get an interview. And how many times have I been wrong about that one? Too many to count, and besides, I cannot see the perps allowing me to have a full time job when they have been working me over with casual labor jobs for the past four years. Having a steady employer and a full time job strikes me as too much certainty and not enough geographic relocation/disruption at this stage of the game. Not forgetting too that they haven't allowed me to have a job interview since 2002, as the farm jobs have always been en masse intakes or an offer without even a telephone interview. And for some things, job interviews being one, the perps seem to want to put me through this process in incremental pieces until they deem me ready to have a real one for an hour or so.

Onto farm work and to post this blogging.

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