Friday, September 02, 2011

Digging and Filling Holes

A day of digging at the First Feral Family house today, backyard digging and soil sieving to remove this ridiculous 2' high lawn hump my perp-abetting parents managed to create. Then in the front yard, below the bedroom I inhabit once per week, another source of soil perturbance activity. This is where the lower bedroom had moisture that lifted the parquet flooring, and there seemed to be a perimeter drain problem. So a hole was dug some 4' down to expose the perimeter drain, and in the course of doing so, and with full knowledge of it being there, the excavator operator managed to snag the copper water supply line and crimp it. And so the perimeter drain guy fixed it by cutting out the copper and inserting 2' of PEX (plastic) line.

Regular readers will know that the perps are totally rabid about where I get my water from, be it in the form of drinks, or in the form of purchased food and beverage products. And too, the perps like to have me exposed to various water sources (e.g. well, city system, bottled water), and irrigation methods, (e.g. PVC line, polyethylene line, drip lines, and any other means of supplying water to plants or to fields) and of course being in the water, (e.g. rain, showers, bathing and swimming). That I was in a master swim club for 14 years in two cities wasn't any fluke, but whatever the perps were looking for in the way of modelling water on skin intake/interaction wasn't accomplished then, and since they went beserk/overt on me in 04-2002, they have mostly kept me from swimming. And so the water supply games continues with the FFF house now getting a PEX insert into the house supply instead of a copper line. Regular readers will recall that the perps changed up the piped water supply to the laundry washing machine and the adjacent sink, the plumbers inserting some kind of plastic line, though I cannot recall which kind it is.

And of course, the above "happens" at the same time I am digging up the landscaped hump in the backyard, so there are two soil pits in effect, and I was cycled between the two as my perp-abetting mother got fussed about having the 4' open hole at the front of the house. And the roto-rooter guy who was investigating the front yard perimeter drain problem, informed me that he wouldn't be filling in the hole even if he did say as much three days ago. So... as I "happened" to be there, I was redeployed from the backyard to the frontyard to fill in the hole the excavator made five days ago.

A 45 min. phone call with the in-town brother about this and that, and he won't sell me his 1991 silver-grey Nissan King Cab with less than 100k miles on it. He has a white trades van he uses for his garage sale activities, and it seems most odd he needs two vehicles for one person. Even his sort-of girlfriend who lives in the downstairs room agrees with me and was rather annoyed with him that he won't loan or give me the vehicle. As I know my in-town brother to be thrifty with his money, I wasn't expecting he would give me the vehicle, though his girlfriend thought I should.

And what could be the reason for such a lengthy phone call at this time of day? Well, as it "happens", I have the LED desk lights on, the onese next to this display screen, and normally I don't have these lights on and am made to suffer in the dim conditions. Exciting moments in perp-land.

Other nonsense that went down today was the second parcel from the single order arrived at UPS, one day after the first one. So... out there again to pick it up, but lo, if they didn't jame up the parking like yesterday, and I got to park outside Customer Service and too, not have the gauntlet of shiftless males loitering around. Today's parcel was a roll-up (camping) aluminum table, something the perps insisted that I needed for moving away this December to take a viticulture course in Penticton. Well, if that it the case, why have I suddenly stopped and not purchased folding chairs and a collapsable cot? Funny how they have me cranked for one scenario and then allow me to purchase something odd, and back off on other complementary items. Driving me with a foot on each of the accelerator and the brake at the same time is what it seems from here, deep in the FUD-state, comparable to the police state.

Time to get his posted for the day and ponder what bizarre nonsense that will go down tomorrow, the start of the Labor Day weekend here, same as that of the USA.

[Addendum, 09-03-201]
Of interest to the above digging was that the perps had me sharpen the shovel with a motorized grinder for the first time. Past perp machinations over what I use and how I sharpen tools are many, so it was interesting to note that they had me use this grinder for the first time, and also use the same sharpened shovel in the backyard (with a week or more of prior digging) and then in the frontyard for a first time filling of the excavator dug pit. On with the show, and who knows when it will end, or to what microscopic (or smaller) levels of resolution it goes to.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you're in the state you are in and I do hope you get some help. These are some serious delusions you're describing.
The technologies you describe simply do not exist. Some are not even possible.
For example: The flashes you describe as plasma - those are either hallucinations or misinterpreted flashes of light. Plasma is hot. Very, very hot. Hot enough to start fires.
The mind control technology? We're decades away from the brain-machine interface technology that would be needed.

Please, go back to the doctors. I've been wrapped in paranoid delusions myself. Just ask yourself - Why the hell would anyone want to waste unbelievably advanced technology on making you cut your thumb? Apply Occam's Razor.
We're talking about billions of dollars. Its just not worth it.

AJH said...

Answer to: I'm sorry you're...

I am sorry you are so deluded into thinking this isn't for real, and that you have shown no effort to research this form of nonconsensual human experimentation/abuse. Two doctors say I am being harassed, including the current one. Why doesn't that have any weight, and why don't you read the Essential Introductory Postings and start the debate from there? The last such disbeliever didn't go one round of emails before he flaked out and couldn't explain the full set of circumstances.

FYI; a plasma arc furnace is hot, but plasma doesn't need to be; a flourescent light is a plasma emitting device, though with low heat. And if I am contained in a magnetic field, measured at 1600 Gauss in 2009, it is very likely that plasma is being magnetically controlled to display light flashes, which often emulate shapes and lines in different colors that I have just seen, often offset from the real thing.

Wikipedia link for plasma:

And masers all the time in my vision, another magnetically controlled phenomenon. And all major phenonmenon have been seen or experienced by other parties, including the gangstalking.

And what about those missing years, aged 2 to 5 where my recall was mostly wiped out? Who did it and why are they replicating military and clinical themes all day long?

I have no idea as to why anyone would hound my ass to induce extreme duress for over 9 years, and deploy hundreds, if not thousands of personnel each day whenever I go out in public. Ask my family, whose behavior changed very suddenly when I discovered they are supporting this insane abuse.

And why do the perps hound me with red wearing or red colored vehicles all day long? And why did they put on even more red vehicles they day they assaulted me on the street and caused me to bleed? Don't know, don't care, and all I report on are the arranged coincidences and what I experience. And the harassment has been very consistent in exacting these in situ "blood samples" whenever they want, and can even cause bleeding from one's pores (no razor or conventional cause) all to arrange red blood from my upper nose skin that was exactly in the limit of my peripherial vision of one eye. Go figure.

We are NOT decades away from remote influencing-brain technology, maybe only a year or so as they only noisestalk me each time I shift my attention to something else (brain stem region). All other brain functions like self monitoring, recall and rules adherence have been subverted over the past 9 years, one by one.

Get a grip, do your homework, follow the links and sites I have here, and don't tell me about delusions when you have no declared clinical training. I just love these instignations for reality bubble popping.