Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Last 2011 Outside Tan

The last outside tan at the lake today, thing being the permitted skyclad site that I can get to on the bus with a 25 min. walk/hike. And it seems the sun is now too low to get any more tanning at this latitude, below 49 degrees. Same deal; the dudes go into natter mode with one standing up for a whole hour while doing so. (Standing while tanning seems to be another anisotropic variable that the perps want to test). Other dudes were in stand around mode, and of course there was plenty of representation from the male ponytail and longhair crowd too and a few tattoos too. About 20 males to four females, and in the latter category the one with the Scottish accent kept a lid on it for the most part, thankfully. The perps know I loathe Scottish accents and just when I have had enough of this bullshit. Maybe I should stick with salon tanning unless I have more conducive company when tanning outdoors. As I have mentioned before, the perps have a HUGE interest in sunlight, vitamin D and its physiologic effects, skin color and that it may change in response to suntanning and the skin itself. It wasn't enough they put on a red rash on my left forearm two days ago that seems to resist healing, so they put two quarter inch nicks on my right forearm when I was digging in my pack at the lake. Kind of a "starter blood sample" that wouldn't stop for a few minutes immediately before tanning. (A perp trademark; unstaunchable skin cuts).

I had my strange entourage around me on the bus in both directions, different characters of course. The outbound bus ride seems to be a precursor for the kind of wackos I meet at the lake; males with ponytails, skinheads, waddling walking, and the other comportment afflictions they seem to have that gets my attention, aka, are Unfavored. And three gangstalkers getting off the bus with me, all wearing or carrying denim for crissakes.

The overhead aircraft came over the lake while I was there, a seeming permanent condition everywhere I go that isn't served by landbased noise means. Though to be fair, yesterday, the perps laid on the aircraft (military four engine transport) when I was in the backyard of the First Feral Family house. They were exceptionally adroit in timing it to when I picked up my dishes cleaning brush I took there to repair with expoxy resin. Then  my mother was all over me after that when I was sanding the brush handle to remove the oddly persistent adhesive from the raw wood brush handle, put there to prevent epoxy resin from seeping into it.

And what is with the Harley Davidson motorcycle noise today, especially this evening? And that it can bypass my earmuffs with impunity? Plenty of motorcycles on the road today, as well as them being used as non-noise making props. I have yet to figure out how they were used in the torture and abuse of children under the direction of these abuses when I was aged 2 to 5, the years most of my memory was wiped out by some means.

 The purchase of a September bus pass seemed to get the perps worked up when I was at the LD store tonight. And yet again, they put on the male ponytail freak/staff member to putz with brown boxes exactly next to the skin creme section I was to peruse. But not with that freak who made it clear he doesn't give a shit about customers, stepping in front of me and no apology. This is the same shit I get from the stocker/stalkers at the adjacent supermarket, which begs the question as to how it could be possible that these supposed fugly Unfavored store stocking/stalking staff act all the same when they are supposedly independently staffed.

Extra light flashes and abberations these days; I seen on the TV at the FFF house that the perps were adding in red scan lines where the background color was green tree canopies of a forest. Then when I refuse to look at the TV and listen only, why, the same red color flashes erupt in my vision. I am also getting more masers, those fuzzy black balls that continually bounce around wherever I look, and they are now being made to look like a fly or insect that suddenly erupts in front of me.

More motorcycle noise heard through the earmuffs and timed for the exact moment of increasing my interest in what I was reading at that moment.

Enough of the pedantic, and off to digging soil again at the FFF house. There is one dug hole at the front for the perimeter drain hassle, (and additionally, crimping the water supply line with the excavator), and me digging down the hump of soil in the backyard along with sieving it to remove rocks, plastic garbage and couch grass roots.

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