Sunday, September 18, 2011

Wrap for the Last Two Weeks

 A serious round of demotivation for the past two weeks, combined with re-starting farm work Sept. 09, 2011 to crimp my evening time to a minimum. This is a scattered summary of events for the last two weeks, as there is always constant perp abuses, stunts, affronts and other staged harassment that are too numerous to mention in detail.

The red, orange, and yellow color games continue, with the perps fucking me out of my prescription, the first time ever I have had one lost. It was in my wallet and somehow "disappeared". I never lose items from my wallet, but it "happened" in order to mess around with the yellow colored pills, a continuing perp fascination and jerkaround scene.

I found out at the pharmacy that I lost my Rx, and the pharmacy tech said for me to get a Rx request from my doctor to fax the pharmacy. It was a Thursday, and I phoned in a message to the doctor. No reply on the Friday when I got back from work. So.., I now "recalled" that there is a provision for an emergency supply where the pharmacist can prescribe a 5 day supply, and I phoned in for that and they were OK with it and I picked it up after a 20 delay in the store because they said they suddenly got swamped. Needless to say my gangstalkers were out, the same ones hounding me in all corners of the store with their unerring ability to find me. Both medications came in the same size blue carbonate plastic bottles,a departure for the yellow colored ones as they normally come in a larger white polyethyelene bottle. No doubt this was the entire jerkaround was all about.

I phone again the doctor's office to leave a message for the third time, and on the Monday I get a message saying that I need to ask the pharmacist to make a request to the doctor. Like WTF, the fucking pharmacy could of told me this too, and somehow they "forgot" and got it totally backwards, sending me to get my doctor to initiate the request. This is at least the second time the pharmacy has jerked me around in the same manner. And so, by Tuesday I get the Rx in full again, and finished up the emergency supply the day after a Wednesday. And have I mentioned the perp's fascination with certain colors and the jerkarounds I get, especially with respect to the color of medications and the bottle they are in? Many times, and this little fuckover stunt, initiated by the prescription loss and the pharmacy neglecting to tell me that they can prescribe a 5 day emergency supply and it is THEY who initiate a prescription request by fax is part of the continuing game of getting service that is often flat wrong, or at best, negligent in their duties. All to piss around with Rx bottles, their colors, their plastic formulation an bottle size. This, after nine years of this insane reign abuse that began 04-2002.

I have been working late most of the past week, to 1830h or 1900h, then a 20 min. walk to the bus stop, and lo, if there isn't some 5 to 10 Fuckwits collected at the bus stop, and then many more enroute, to stuff the bus to near capacity. We are talking about reverse commute here, 7:00pm, mid-week and downtown bound no less. An expectable number of  bus travellers on the #6 route on a weekday at this time is some 5 to 12 passengers, but twice or three times that many has suddenly erupted, save for one day.

And of course if they are going to swamp me with gangstalking Fuckwits on the bus, then they are also going to swamp me with freaks. And so they did; I had six tattoo-ed (read, Unfavored) Fuckwits arranged around me on one homebound city bus trip, though for the most part they have a mixture of Unfavoreds; dudes in baggy shorts (even if much cooler temperatures now), male skinheads, red hair including a woman who dyed her hair to be one tone brighter orange/red than the normal natural color, vagrants, fat folk, curly haired, headscarf wearing types, negroes and a few others that don't come to mind as I type this up.

Last Saturday one of the Mexican farm workers came to my apartment to try get his laptop converted to Spanish, even though he speaks and reads English. That and some PC maintenance was good for some three hours of together time, both laptop and this PC in close proximity and of course, the LCD screens and whatever color response games the perps get out of it. And too, concluding at 1330h with no lunch, in keepiong with the games the perps like to do, putting on  major jerkaround stunts just before mealtime, and of course, prolonging meal time. And as it "happened", I was getting my bedsheets laundered while the Mexican guy was here, and lo, if the washing machine didn't malfunction and the spin cycle failed. So... while he was here, I made extra trips to the dryer to rescue my laundry, putting in on an extra dryer cycle and hang drying the towels in my apartment as they were too wet. And today, it was launder said bedsheets and towels on the sixth floor and take them to the seventh floor dryer to get them done in a single hour long cycle. And at no time does the apartment manager put a notice on the laundry equipment to say "out of order', or that it is fixed. One has to pay money to find out if it runs or not.

Last week, a stunt at the farm job to create a situation to have a tetanus shot. There are bent nails welded onto this modified dolly to hold gunnysacks open to drop just-harvested corn in them. And well aware of how the perps will exploit anything, especially if in novel circumstances, they gave me a puncture wound in my right forearm when it was at least 4" from this bent nail. So... I attend to a bleeding wound in the field with a bandaid I have in my pack, (been there for about five years as they once pulled a bleeding would on a trail hike) and carry on. The farmer didn't give a shit, the farmer's son wanted me to declare it as a home injury, and so when I got to the local clinic, why, it was just closing at 1900h. So... I go there the next morning and get a tetanus shot from the doctor, who didn't ask where it happened. I step outside and the first thing I see is a mobile teool sharpening vehicle outside the doctor's office. I have remarked on past (arranged) coincidences of cut foods delivery trucks when I have been cutting daffodil flowers, so I can only assume the tool sharpening truck was parked there for reasons related to steel metal contact (tetanus injection needle) in my arm. And lo, if I don't mention this to the farmer's son who tells me he keeps up on his tetanus shots and gets them every ten year, as recommended. And of course there were extra Fuckwits on the city bus afterwards, public transport being nothing but a mobile gangstalking platform.

A breakdown on the potato washing conveyor again; same as yesterday. And the same alternate work, pick strawberries from the everbearing patch. And like the day before, the farmer's son comes after some 20 minutes or so, to have me and one english speaking Mexican to go to the Haunted House display (for Halloween) to clean it up from dust and debris. And as it really in a barn, with plywood walls, there aren't many power outlets to run the vacuum cleaner and needed lighting to see what we are doing. To mitigate these adversities, I made many trips outside to get a trouble lamp, then the lightbulb blew by itself, the bulb falling from it socket, so that necessitated another trip to find lightbulbs, as did getting needed extension cords. Then more messing around to find the lighting on the electrical panel, and so it went, but we did get to some vacuum cleaning of the dusty displays.

And what do the perps do if they need me to have a mid-day exposure to the sight of a motorcycle? Why, they have a biker arrive on his Harley and park it outside the warehouse door for me to see from the inside. The biker also made some gangstlalking pass-bys for no seeming reason. Not to mention the trail bike stunts the farmer's son puts on a few times each day, though to be fair he is a trail bike racer from long ago. I have no idea why the perps constantly hound me with motorcycle noise and also make a point of having parked ones as props. They have been very consistent in doing this for the past 9 years or so, with this past summer being especially busy for this particular stunt and noise game.

 Another big deal it seems for the perps is to have me harvest pumpkins and squash with my secateurs, (hand pruners) while the others twist them off. Though one Mexican uses a dull machete. This seems to be part of the continuing game of the perps to compare knife or steel edge cut produce/plant material from other means. And I assume, is also part of their obsession with having me prune plants, another long running theme.

 I am going to wrap this up and post it, as I don't expect that I will have much time for the remainder of the day. If I don't, it will likely be another week before a posting is completed, given the continuance of the above demotivated spell and minimal evening time.


Anonymous said...

Currently, I'm waiting on a job offer from my Alma Mater, that is, the university where I got my degree. I interviewed on the 16th of August. I told the interviewer, that it would be so great to be able to get a job up here, where my Alma Mater is, and that I have been trying for many years to get a job with the research lab. The interviewer then got testy and said "But you didn't get the JOB; you got the INTERVIEW!" He then tells me it's going to be a few weeks before he makes a decision to make me a job offer.

It seems like he is just killing time, and he isn't really going to offer me the job. I did get a nice big re-imbursement for my mileage: 195 USD. A nice check for doing nothing but attending the interview.

Interesting that he wants me to wait it out for 3 weeks before he'll let me know if he needs my references. It seems genuine, but certain things about it were a little fishy, like one, he was yawning at the end like he wanted out of there. Two, when escorting me out the door, his tone of voice didn't sound very positive.

It's been over a month, and still have not heard back from him.

The job is basically doing CAD work on electronic circuits. We would be receiving the designs from the design engineers in a different dept., and then use the CAD program Ultimum Designer to do a formal layout.

And the job is only at an Associates level he told me, but I don't have the work experience for a Design Engineer position.

I have been out of full-time employment so long, it's making it difficult to find a position like this. So I've been relegated to scrapping, teaching a couple math courses, along with a physics lab. And it's not really paying much at all. I suspect they don't want me to have a full-time job, and that a lot of interviews are really perp setups to gather info or for them to study the interaction with various people.

Also, since it was my Alma Mater, I suppose having me make the long trip up there to a different location, where I used to live in various years. I lived there Fall 1989; Summer 1990-fall 1991. Then I got my masters from spring 1993 to late fall 1994. Then I lived there for most of 1996, as well as 2 months in 2001.

I suppose the main goal was to have me go back up there, and to correlate the earth energies of that location along with my past energies of living there, to my present self.

This research lab's work is funded by the Dept. of the Navy. It's interesting how many times me and the Navy have crossed paths, yet I've never been directly associated with the Navy. Also, I've read the the Naval Research Labs were behind a lot of what goes on the the covert world, as far as human experimentation. That could be why they wanted me to go there.

He tells me I'm still a candidate for the position, but it's been over a month. The perps keep planting notions that they will hire me next month, but then that could just be the perps doing more research with planted notions. There is far too much jerking around here with operatives and shills for this to be taken seriously. I don't see how they would allow me to take this job, yet they keep dangling the idea that I will get the job.

AJH said...

Answer to: Currently, I'm waiting....

I can count on so little when it comes to prospective employers, no matter what "in" one might have, past personal association or the exact needed qualifications. I take job prospects as likely to turn out as they have in the past; fleeting to nonexistent, or way underemployed, as in the seasonal farm labor work I do.

The perps seem to have a number of angles when it comes to TI's having jobs;
1) not allowed to earn too much
2) not allowed to be a permanent full-time job, -keep the TI on edge as to future outcomes,
3) cycle the TI to differing locations, especially ones' that the TI has visited in the long past,
4) crimp down on the learning prospects of the job, -I have come to understand the perps are constantly hounding me as to what I learn and where and from whom, and like to ensure learning is protracted and delayed,
5) have alternating jobs and training not fulfilled; eg. training on GIS in 1990 and then no GIS job, then training me on Oracle 11 last year (2010) and no IT job, and I am now looking to agricultural training, something that I have only done out of desperation in the last three years. (But note, having me pruning plants, sowing seed, handling soil, picking fruit is a HUGE DEAL in my present harassment situation, especially given the noisestalking and other managed perturbations at exact moments of cutting, picking etc.)

Sad that they won't let you get on track with a real job, and that they are managing this aspect of your life with such deliberate focus and obstruction. You have my empathy, knowing what it is like by being jerked with as to job opportunities. One can never rely on perp planted ideations of course, and naturally, we TI's don't know whether it is them or us. Recently I applied for an Assistant Seed Orchard manager position, as I am a professional forester, and have done related work, and met all the training and experience qualifications. Not even a phone call interview, but at least an email saying the position was filled. Ridiculous it what it seems to me, and ditto for the forestry worker jobs this summer; it is like they took my resume and my life experiences and wrote a position description up, and no interview, this year or last. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Well, big surprise here: I can add this guy to the latest last of hiring managers that call me in for an interview, and then afterwards, play run-and-hide. As in, not returning any emails about the status of the job. I had another hiring manager do the same back in 2010, an identical stunt. And another was similar in March of 2011, where I went to an interview. The interview seemed a little odd to me, as though it were an information gathering session. For example, I got asked about "what compiler do I use" for embedded software development. And that seemed like a typical informant question, more so than an interview question. I really don't think an interviewer would ask a pointed question like that, which seems a little irrelevant. Like the others, this March 2011 interviewer played run-and-hide again. I should probably call it playing possum. Interesting that the one back in 2010, I kept calling and calling and calling the hiring manager, but she seemed to be ignoring me, refusing to answer her phone. And it was like 2 weeks straight, 2 times a day I was calling .

AJH said...

Answer to: Well, big surprise here....

I gave up on attempting to get in touch with hiring managers and HR personnel after an interview, mostly because 100% of my life is staged, so if I don't get a job (or an interview when I expect one when good alignment of my experience and skill set), then that is the way the perps planned it. I hate to sound so defeated, but as I am in a total intrusion net, managed down to when a gnat farts (it seems), then for me there is no sense in attempting to reconnect with the HR manager.

Every TI has a different degree of being managed, so your expectations of a successful interview may well be genuine. Though it does seem there is perp interference to be sure, but whether it is before or after the interview only you can tell for sure, though it seems in one case you mention, it appeared to be beforehand.

Someone explained to me that looking for a job was all about collecting the "no" letters before getting one "yes" letter. Given the tremendous importance a job plays in a person's life, I am not too surprised that this isn't under perp control for a much larger population than just us TI's. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

What I found interesting is that the last interview, the interviewer says "but you didn't get the job, you got the interview". It seemed genuine, as did the others. But it's interesting he would make an ironic statement like that, that right now seems prophetic. It could be his mind was made up before the interview. And when I got there, they had a bottle of water sitting right at the spot I was to be sitting. That actually seemed a little creepy to me, having a bottle of water. And they told me it's the least they could have done, since I drove so many miles. But, if they were going to go to those lengths, why not get a glass of water? There seems to be something symbolic they want to convey with the bottle of water sitting there.

And the interviews continue, though I'm certain only they know which job I will land, if any.

AJH said...

Answer to: What I found interesting...

How utterly rude and unprofessional of the interviewer to pass judgement on your past job searching efforts.

I get the water bottle stalking plenty often, especially the plastic bottle. I find with the number of perp games associated with placing water from nowhere, or flicking water, is that the perps can somehow read the resident energies easier in adjacent water. I don't read creepiness or symbology into placing the bottle of water where they did, it is just that they want to have water nearby the victim during a interview. The water would also be taking in the energies of the table and its materials and colors, so having it there, and moved, fits the gampeplan IMHO. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

One thing a co-worker tells me is that a lot of times, they will have someone in mind for the position, but by law, they (universities and some companies maybe) are required to post the position and conduct interviews. So they go through the motions, all the while they already planned someone else to be the new employee. And the perps get a bonus out of this, because they can have the people involved in the interview act as operatives for the perps and their testing.

The one job interview I went to, I found that the people interviewing me strongly reminded me of various people. For example, the head interviewer looked like Linus Torvalds, creator and leader of the Linux project, the circuit designer looked like one of my former students. And the programming guru resembled the owner of another company I worked for, as a software engineer. The guru was a little scary to me, because of his resemblance to the owner of the past company I worked for in '04.

And speaking of the last company in '04: that owner I mentioned just pulled me aside, and told me regrettably, it will be my last day. And that guy I was training to be my replacement was from Russia, so I was required to get him up to speed on my project.

So I got terminated with no good explanation. But I wasn't happy with the job, and the hours I worked were taking a toll on me physically. So maybe the perps instructed the employer to terminate me for health reasons, as well as others. That's the only logical explanation I can think of. And of course, having the student from Russia who speaks a number of languages as my trainee must have been part of the plan: I guess they wanted me in close proximity to someone from Russia. Only they know what they would get out of this.

Ironically, I got hired for a teaching job (part-time) immediately after that sudden termination. There, I was teaching at a branch campus of a major university, and I suppose the idea would be to get me around as many people as possible (students/faculty/staff). That was not possible at my previous job.

Also, I believe inter-racial interactions are being studied by the perps. Like, having a person who is European being around/interacting with a person of African descent.

Interesting how I inadvertently selected "select all" and "cut", causing my entire post above to disappear. Luckily, I simply "pasted" it back.

AJH said...

Answer to; One thing a co-worker tells me...

Yes, these "go through the motions" interviews are frequent, often due to union bargaining contracts.

Interesting, that spoofed interview, which could of been set up entirely just for you.

The perps do have a strong Russian bias, and I haven't quite figured it out, especially given the state of corruption and dismal prospects. As all too often with so many countries around the world, their most sucessful export is their people to regions of stable government.

The inter-racial aspects of perp harassment/research has been long noted on this blog. As colors are so important to what they are remotely detecting/assaying, I suspect that skin and eye color is what it is about at the minimum. They also like to pair up blondes and negroes I have noted as part of my gangstalking crowd. So who knows what the grand scheme is about, but one can be sure that we are mere fodder, though ones of intense focus. Thanks for the comments.