Sunday, September 25, 2011

Useless Mission

 A week summary of the notes from the highlights, read, excessive abuses.

A Tuesday, as I tooke the Monday off due to a cold that came on, ostensibly recieved from the supervisor who came in dog sick on the prior Saturday. While at lunch, a equest for me to "help" the senior Punjabi to do some vehicle shuttling at the house of the farm owner. He, wearing his loathesome turrban, drives me on a useless mission to pick up someone and drop them off elsewhere - at their doctor's office as the person's son was under anesthetic. So WTF; why do they need me to be a passenger and experience the Turban's overcautious driving when one person could of done the job? No idea, except to replicate the route and the same vehicle that three of the Mexican workers take each day, as the farm owner rents rooms to three of the four remaining Mexicans. And too, to have my pack sitting on the concrete slab during lunch hour for some 25 minutes, as normally the perps don't interrupt lunchtime.

And what is with this sudden increase of pit lamping; that it to say, having vehicle headlights aimed at me. Three times at the inbound bus (to home, end of the work day) stop, vehicles pull into the mini-mall and park opposite, and then keep their headlights aimed at me sitting on the bench of the bus shelter. And of  course, huge volumes of vehicular traffic are passing by in both directions, the traffic passing in front of these headlights. I get up from the bench and stand 20' away, out of the direct beam, and this is when the only other waiting passenger circles me while on her cell phone, wearing a shirt under her black top that is the same color as the new scarf I was wearing.

At at about 1800h, only 12 on the #6 inbound bus, instead of 30 or more that is more common of late, but is entirely arranged IMHO.

Then when headed to the LD that evening, the "happening" dudes, three of them, almost block the stairwell with themselves and a bicycle and I pick my way through this weird scene. Only in this town would strange dudes, aka "dudestalk", block public egress. And of course the lollygagging yellowjackets, aka, "security", are absent of course. After I finish my gangstalked shopping at the LD store, and go to take the same stairwell back, why, they added an extra Fuckwit to string themselves across the entire stairwell. I reverse course, and take an alternate route back to my apartment, but the cycling-on-sidewalks gang was ready too, sending in two cycling Fuckwits to pass within 20 seconds of electing to take an alternate route. And when I get near my apartment, why, one of the stairwell blockers and his bicycle "happened" to be nearby. If this dudefest was so compelling as to block public egress, why is it he broke from the crowd and found me yet again, one block away.

On the farming front, the red everbearing strawberry picking was followed by a red potatoes run on the loading, washing, and packaging line. As usual, I get the job to pick out the dirt and the cull potatoes as they stream by. The perps do love to put me on conveyor work.

Then onto some roofing work on the farm market store, using a Paslode cordless/hoseless nailer. I gather these use some kind of fuel as well as an battery to run the electronics, but it packs quite a punch to deliver a 3" nail into the new rafters.

More pit-lamping even out in a leased farm field; why, a vehicle was in the pasture next door driving at the geese to shoo them off, and headlights pointed in my direction. Ditto at the farm site, plenty of turning vehicles with headlights on me, the crowning touch was two same size pickups, one black, one white, and side by side with headlights aimed at me just as I came into view through the building door. Talk about a stake-out, getting me with two vehicles at the perp-critical location of a building doorway. Then they played a plasmic image of the four lights as if it were retina burn while I was inside, having moved away from the doorway.

On the buses, home bound again, always offering more variety as to the Unfavored, read reaks. The red dressed again came out again; three Fuckits, one with red hat, one with red hoodie, and one with red shorts all at the same bus stop and two of the three sat nearby. Not random chance by any means.

Same deal as yesterday, just that it was in the morning instead of dusk onset time; pick everbearing strawberries for 30 min. and then work to wash red potatoes, being on the conveyor line picking out the dirt and bad spuds. A tonne of potatoes to pass by is the norm. And a backup of potatoes on the conveyor line that runs beneath the washed potatoes line above, "happening" next to where I stand. Funny how that happens, conveyor problems that erupt next to me.

The outbound bus at 0715h has a semi-regular crowd, and accordingly, a semi-freakish group that rotates enough to have me sit at the rear on the elevated platform, and occasionally, on the front low platform. It was in the former context that this semi-negro woman was on the bus for the first time, and she gets off in two stops and a tall male negro gets on, and sits hanging into the aisle when he should of been sitting next to the side, as there was no one next to him. In three more stops, another tall negro male sits opposite to me in the elevated upper section, legs spread wide as he can possibly make them. And he is dressed up as a construction worker, and I have never seen this type on a bus in over 30 years, until all this harassment started and re-jigged my reality. The spread legged pose is also a favorite perp pose they like males to adopt, especially when seated oppositely. Said threesome of negroes never returned for the rest of the week, so I can assume they were perp props and not attempting any kind of cover story. Recall that in 2009 this same negro populating stunt, three again, was pulled one time on the bus in the morning.

A half day devoted to the employment counsellor, and getting some legit funding to take a out-of-town course for three monthss. His conveyed the fund-keeper's remark that "not an absolute no" as to the likely outcome. Like WTF; a default "no" means that a kindly and rationalized "no" might be an alternative.

Rain in the early morning, but none when I went out.

None of the sunlight games through the venetian blinds in the office of the employment counsellor like last week, as it is  E. facing and an hour earlier, and with a thin cloud cover, the sun sat like an orb casting shadow into his office, and eventually I changed position to avoid the endless games that have transpired wherever I go, having the sun peek out from behind pillars and window stanchions, and other structures seems to be the biggest deal going for the perps. As if lunar eclipes weren't enough.

More potato washing on the conveyor at work; plenty of selected potatoes or dirt I am to take out gets pulled out of my hand for no conventional reason, the essential job requirement.

And I find that my work gloves were stolen on the way home, my pack "happened" to be open. I always close up my pack, and the assholes screwed me into forgetting or else opened the pack up by telekinetic means, and having the gloves disappear. It is always a classic perp move, to steal items for which I have spares.

And plenty of cycling me with differing gloves and footwear for farm work; having me wear gumboots for imminent potato washing and then, instead and at the last minute, send the crew (and me) to pick strawberries instead for the morning. Same for gloves; the perps like me to have the wrong pair on, or the right pair in my pocket instead of on my hands as the demands for the potato conveyor work were so "compelling". Needless to say, I often have a minor crowd around me whenever I change either.

The farmer's son's children were buzzing around on a racing ATV crossing my path on a two hour cleanup of the farm buildings, and the older blonde kid tailed me to the time clock for no seeming reason to hang around while I clocked out. As before, clocking in or out seems to draw a crowd most times, and the Turban finally quit this act as of a month ago.Now it is the kiddie's turn, even if he looked like sheepdog, as I have never seen his face yet for the 20x or so times I have met him.

Onto the First Feral Family house soon. Bedsheets got laundered, this morning, the erratic maintenance (or bad "luck") of the shared laundry equipment is such that I take the bedding to the 6th floor (where I reside) washing machine and pack it still damp to the 7th floor dryer. It used to be a single floor, the same one I live on, and then events were arranged for the entire load to be done on the 7th floor, and now, due to yet more equipment malfunctions, the washing is done on the 6th, and the drying on the 7th. I am sure they will arrange it sometime soon to be the opposite. A strange dude was sitting on the laundry room bench looking at his laptop, with no laundry activity when I went to see if the washing machine was availible. Five minutes later when I returned with my laundry, he was gone. The perps cannot pack enough of the Fuckwits around me while viewing their LCD screens it seems.

I slept most of the afternoon due to this cold I have, it seeming to get worse instead of better, which it had been over the week. So no FFF visit today, as I would typically make now that there is no farm work on Sundays.

So why is it that I get constantly screwed with over web access for jobs? Linked In mangles my resume with its parser, and then Third Quarter won't display my resume page to the web, even if web based. Bizzare, if not contrived.

And it seems my immune system is under perp study; the tetanus shot of last week, and this past week with a cold and me taking echinacea, Cold FX and vitamins C and D, at first with success and then when backing them off, the cold comes on strong again.

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