Thursday, September 08, 2011

Rx Missing

The first day of back-to-work was eventful; three conveyor line tasks over the day, this was washing potatoes. Part of it is to remove the culls, dirt sods, rocks and other debris (golf balls) as it passes along at too great of a rate to do a thorough job. So they end up with at least six staff to pick it all out, and to date, I haven't been on the lastmost crew who shouldn't be letting anything past them as the next stage is packaging them.

Tonight, I find that my Rx was missing from my wallet, the one place I can rely on to find vital papers, and "somehow" it went missing from there. And the Rx tech "needed" to go elsewhere for a minute while I was looking in my wallet, in keeping with more of the gangstalkers scuttling off and then coming back.

Another example of this was the cashier at the next stop, the local supermarket, attending to a customer ahead, and lo, if she didn't have to depart her station for a few minutes to hold me me up and retrieve two red bottles of something. These entrances and exits are getting more common now, and the perps seem to need someone to vacate my proximity for a time and then return.

Ditto for the farm workers today, going for extra long excursions to get an empty carrier and then return nearby. Where they went I have no idea, as there are some barriers to seeing them as to where they might be going.

Another rundown "attempt" today, with me proceeding on the Walk signal and the woman driver called me an asshole for whatever reason. Just more of the usual insanity snippets that goes on around me and to me. I say "attempt" as I don't really know what the intent was, but creating disagreements over the smallest of details suits the perp agenda just fine.

A hot September day, and it seems there is going to be a string of this weather after a very iffy summer until August. Yes, I suspect the perps are manipulating the weather to aid in my harassment, though I cannot say what each weather type offers. Though in the case of clouds, they do like to expose me to various shades of grey, even dark grey, but also to sky blue.

Other work shenanigans was to spray the vehicle with water before the driver set off to drop me off at the bus stop. And of course he "forgot" about my pack in the back of the pickup box, so guess what? My pack had plenty of water on it and somehow the water impervious coating on the inside "failed" and the black item inside was wet. This was the duffle bag I took to work this morning with my rain gear and two pairs of boots, and empty packs and suit cases are prime gangstalking moments. I believe I have noted the perp's "need" to have me in just-wetted vehicles, also fitting the weather game some days.

Other gangstalking BS today was to have a mother-daughter pair at the checkout, the daughter was behind me and the mother came to sit in her walker at the end of the checkout, sandwiching me between them. As always, the perps put on no end of inanity each time I financially transact with anyone by any method. That was one of their first moves, planting these dudes around me at checkouts who weren't doing any shopping and always had their back to me. How they arrived so fast was also odd, but this variation on check-out gangstalking didn't last past 2002 thankfully.

But the dudes in their baggy shorts below the knees were out in force tonight, and even the women were getting into emulating this sloppy look. I have no idea as to why the perps are so fucking insane over presenting me with gangstalkers wearing shorts, and they have turned up the stupid level in the past month or so.

Enough of blogging; I am very tired tonight and need to get to bed earlier.

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