Monday, September 19, 2011

City Bus Swarming

An unplanned day off, this Monday, as I have acquired a doozer of a cold yesterday, and they wouldn't let me sleep much last night at the First Feral Family house. A double whammy. All to seemingly repeat the experiences/timing of the summer, where I take Mondays off at the FFF house. Since the job restart, it has been Sundays off.

I got plenty of errands done, and picking up my UPS package in person and paying at $85 duty hit for China made sheets and ski pants. I got slotted into this notion of having a pair of softshell pants that were both waterproof and windproof, and an somehow this morphed into ski pants. Like WTF; I already have a blue pair of Patagonias that I have rarely worn, and somehow "forgot" in this headlong planted notion of getting softshell pants. A $150 down the drain, just to piss me off.

And of course, the perps plant notions of future portent that I am going to a cold weather location, but that cannot be relied upon as I have safety toe boots that I "needed" and haven't worn for three years. (All the construction jobs just didn't materialize). And on it goes; kitchen utensils that I "had to have", and they sit unused for over two years. As part of this campaign of perp touted job/training change they are promoting as upcoming this winter, they have me searching for cots and collapsible furniture. A fold-up table has already been secured, a cot is next they say, and then a few chairs. All to move in one pass in my mother's Ford Escape which she has put on offer at least 5x in the past two months.

The city bus freakshow was another swamping this afternoon. The usual story; reverse commute from suburbia to downtown, often only 10 to 15 passengers, but over 40 today. Even the commuting buses in the opposite direction weren't as full. The final coup was to have a fugly negro woman board the bus at my penultimate stop. Quite the scene she was, and my collective reaction was no doubt of considerable interest to the myriad of Fuckwits around me (as human biosensors). Though, I have to admit, they cut down on the freaks (read, Unfavored- e.g. tattoos, turbans, strange headwear, red or other unnatural hair, vagrants, shiftless dudes, skinheads, large gutted persons, ponytail males, loudmouths and geriatrics). Why so many "people" (read Fuckwits) were on that bus defies logic. Though, they did put on one curly haired Fat Girl (two Unfavoreds in one person), one who works at a kitchen shop I frequented and screwed me around last year as to where to get a particular kind of teapot- totally wrong direction. Not to mention that she was putting on the gangstalk in various front, back, L. side and R. side poses, standing there dumbstruck.

Other excitement for the perps today seems to be incrementing the "red count"; surrounding me with slightly more red vehicles, red shirted males, and ensuring there are plenty of extraneous red reflections in my vision. Often they would put five to eight white vehicles in a cluster and then insert a red one in the centre or at the end. This morphed into later larger clusters of red vehicles, some side by side and running a red light together.

And big noise eruptions when I was sowing grass seed at the FFF house, as part of the re-leveling of the NW corner ankle breaking humps the FF Father left as unfinished landscaping for over 40 years. The perps cannot get enough noise and disruption when they have me sowing grass seed for whatever reason. When I got back from my errands my mother wanted to get grass seed from Home Depot which is a 3 minute drive away. But first we have coffe together, as in getting "brown calibrated". And lo, if she wasn't wearing a yellow sweater and tan brown pants. And lo, when traversing the parking lot, a male pops out of his parked vehicle and crosses our paths dressed exactly in the same colors, sprinting almost. It is the first time I have ever seen anyone sprint into Home Depot for crissakes.

Then when in Home Depot and getting the grass seed and dealing with my mother's delaying and batshit wacko tactics, why, a couple cruises by with an orange plastic shopping cart and the identical grass seed product in it. ( I was grasping the selected grass seed product, no hand or shopping basket). And lo, if the woman isn't also dressed in a yellow top and same brown color pants. And lo, if this woman doesn't come past for a second gangstalking by herself. Like WTF; why do I need to see this again, not even attractive.

And then it finally dawned on me; this is the day I skip the meds, one being yellow colored. So, yes, extra yellow colored gangstalking today, the Yellow Cab out in profusion and sitting around doing nothing. And too, DHL's loud yellow trucks were pre-positioned at two of my errand stops, seeming to do nothing as well.

Yesterday's (Sunday) afternoon city bus trip to  suburbia was also fraught. A standing room situation on the #27, so I hung back to get the #28 and put up with the 10 minute walk instead of the 4 minute walk after getting off. I still got five loud and raucous dudes at the back, who got off altogether two stops later thankfully, as they were making out they were drunk. Later on the bus trip, this ponytail dude sits down opposite with his skateboard, the perp's favorite street accouterment after bicycles. After a few minutes he then directs me to press the "next stop" notification button/bell for him. I point to the fact that there is a button just beside him on the pole, and he presses it. Like WTF; why am I suddenly some dumbshit's chosen bell-ringing servant? The Fuckwit wasn't even pretending to be friendly or communicative in the first place, and wasn't the least bit apologetic or contrite, he just carries on looking at the floor. Then he gets up, and stands in the rear exit, and instead of waiting for the doors to open, facing them, he backs up to the panel that separates me and the rear exit. Like WTF; this is where the rear door retracts, and he is in the way, and is backing up to me for no seeming reason. (Maybe to show off his ponytail, something I have come to learn that I loathe on males). He finally figures this out as the door opens and gets out two stops ahead of me. Why do these wacko Fuckwits on the city bus visit their crap on me? And why wasn't I allowed to ream this Fuckwit out for being a total dick, assuming I was his lackey? Contained and constrained in high strangeness, especially the behavior of others.

Getting to be 2145h, and bedtime for this 0530h get-up farmworker to do all his body shaving and prepare for the day ahead. Posting now, while listening to Lola Beltran, Mexicanisim. Fantastic, and it only took me three years to execute on my interest in this performer. Not bad in perp-constraint time.

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