Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Digging for Plastic

I spent five hours digging at my perp abetting mother's place today, levelling a 20'x20' area in one corner of the backyard that the perp abetting father left undone for some curious reason. A 2' hump, even with lawn over it, does not qualify as complete. And all the more curious is these sheets of plastic, some 4'x2' or bigger, that are buried 6" to 14". I dug up two today, the fifth and sixth such burried sheets that are totally inexplicable as to why there are there. And too, buried plywood with laminate on it, a 3'x2' section, which was carefully dug up to keep it as intact as possible for ease of removal. Another WTF; as this house was built in 1967, and these plastics and laminates were not part of the house construction (I was there), where did this building debris come from?

But as we know the perps to be obsessed over plastic in all its forms, and kinds, and especially old plastic, it makes sense. Also, we know that the perps are obsessed over soil in all its facets (genesis, color, compostion (sand, silt, clay)) as well as roots, and we have a near perfect confluence of insane perp fuckery/nonconsensual research. These buried plastic sheets directed roots to grown under them or between them in the case of two buried plastic sheets from the six removed so far. And there are plenty of roots about as this digging/releveling is under 50' pine trees, and 10' from a cedar hedge. So... we have also the feature of me being under trees, then out in the open, and back and forth while I dig up this section of ground. I spent some 10 hours last week immediately adjacent sifting the compost pile last week, so the perps have a recent profile of me working under these same trees, and then outside of their canopies, then in partial tree shade.

And of course, the perps are also obsessed with me going in and out of tree canopies, in both forest and urban landscapes. Another thing they like to do is to exploit these partial shade, aka dappled light conditions, to then change the light and shadow to be like a stroboscope. And they know more than I as to what stroboscopic frequencies I don't like, and make sure I know about it. So here we have a Perfect Fuckover, a four-way confluence of perp research interest; under and partial tree shade conditions, plastics exposures, soil exposures and root exposures. Or, if one counts the adjacent compost pile (more than a cubic yard) some 6' away, then it is a five-way confluence. Perfect for adding in lawnmower neighbor noise, overhead aircraft noise (STRATCOM B-52's and local float equipped Turbo Beaver aircraft), and the dreaded trail bike motorbike noise, of equal loathing to the Harley Davidson motorcycle noise I often get. And now that I am back in my apartment downtown, why, more trail bike motorcycle noise, even getting through my earmuffs from six stories below no less. Funny how that happens, one particular kind of motorcycle noise featured all day.

Other nonsense was this morning when the wretched alterations woman in the next block didn't have them ready as promised. And for finding that out, I got the same stand-around negro dude as last week (in a "security" gaurd outfit) and an added blonde with a small dog on a leash. Obviously, they needed to build up the gangstalking from last week, as both seemed to be standing around and let me go by to the counter and ask about my garment being ready. I have no conventional reason to explain why the same negro security gaurd, as last week was loitering around this alterations shop, as the woman who runs it is pushing 60 and weighs close to 300lb, and gave up long ago on looking attractive. regular readers will recall that this same negro loitered in the doorway, back to the door, and was yacking with the alterations woman while I was waiting outside to get in. Then he gives me the stare. But today, I was to give him the stare, but he wouldn't look at me, the gutless fucker.

And some 15 min. later after the bus was 10 minutes late, I was "negroed" (aka negro gangstalkers far more numerous than the 3% of the last census statistics) with a negro woman on the bus, and then again after she departed, a negro dude came on, and from 25' away, he gives me the stare while doing a hang-dog pose. Like WTF, why are these fucking assholes staring at me all the time?

Then again on the inbound bus, coming back; a Caucasian male in a suit gives me the stare, and then artfully turns away just as I am about to return the stare. This wasn't the only staring on the bus; my three seats-away neighbor on the bus, in a commercial painter outfit, makes a move to get up just as I am about to get up, and then when I look at him to determine what the fuck he is doing, he is already staring at me, ready for this confrontation of staring as it were. This commerical painter act has been seen many times in the past three months, and I cannot image why such a trade would ever be riding the city bus. This one was all the more stupid as he was riding from suburbia to downtown at 1800h, a reverse commute, All part of the managed inanity I am forced to live in.

That is it for today, as I must get ready for tomorrow's outing in the forest in part, and then to get more tanned than ever, as it to be a full sunshine day, a rarity this summer.


Anonymous said...

Today they had these deal where shirtless dudes are all over the place wherever I walk or drive. The one psy-op gangstalker was walking ahead of me, and I noticed he covered my trail where I have walked on that route before. For example, he switched sides of the road at exactly the same spot I did when I would walk it a couple of times before. And he ever went the whole entire distance, even making a left onto this long windy road that I made a left on. He covered pretty much all of my positions when I would walk this route.

There are a couple of theories on this. One is that it was psychological harassment, having him cover my exact steps and every path I used to take. This would piss me off, because it would be sending the message that the really unsavory older guy doing this was supposed to "be what I am or looked like". A second theory, and you have mentioned this numerous times, is that having the gangstalker cover the identical positions/steps/paths of my walk was supposed to harvest psychic energy left behind by me when I would walk it in the past. You do say this is a spiritual harvesting operation, so maybe they are attempting to harvest my spiritual energy by covering the same exact ground I used to cover. But does that make any sense, because we are moving through space. Hence, it's impossible to cover the same exact trail twice even if you have someone trace back over it. And also, maybe having the dudes be shirtless makes it easier for them to get a reading on the cooperating gangstalker. Maybe having a quasi-naked gangstalker helps them get better readings.

AJH said...

Answer to: Today they had these....

It is summer of course, but I too have never seen so many shirtless dudes wandering around, especially in downtown. And when I got off the bus, a shirtless dude with a negro woman who looked very much like a man. I am quite sure that the perps can get better remote energy readings off persons with few or no clothes, and of course their internal organs. Eliminating clothing color in part seems to be a big deal for the perps.

I have long noted the replication of perps and all other abettors of my routes and activities. In fact, whe seated at the table, my perp abetting parents would time their tea drinking to synchronize with me; as my cup went to my lips so did theirs, and when I put down my cup they did too, apparently independently. It was hilarious, and this is when my father was supposedly dithered with dementia, before he was put in the old folks home. So it seems the perp like to replicate one's exact route with others in close proximity, before or afterward, and sometimes having the TI take a new course along that route. There must be something very time dependent that theya re hoping to discover, as they cannot get gangstalkers crossing my path soon enough; e.g. passenger vehicles, buses and cyclists even running just-red traffic controls so they minimize the time between their passing by and when I cross their path at the crosswalk as a pedestrian. This minimized time/space interaction need of theirs has been consistent from the get-go of the overt harassment that began in 2002, and likely represents something extremely important to them. So, to Them at least, even if it seems impossible (to us TI's) to exactly replicate time-space-person occupancy, that might be exactly what they are doing. They seem to be working on finding out ALL the energetic signatures of time-space-persons, including spiritual and psychic, and the physical objects of clothing, the exact geographic location, the surface material (concrete, asphalt) and the Earth itself in my estimation of what the perps are up to. That they are so consistent and so insanely fanatic about this research theme must mean there is something VERY important should they be able to replicate this apparent impossibility of remotely assaying time-space-object in their entirety. Think of it like getting enough photo snapshots over a long time from many different angles to make a movie segment, except that there are many more variables than the relative spatial positions of objects and beings one would see in a film/video. Thanks for the comments.