Monday, August 22, 2011

A Midsummer's Rain

A high harassment Monday after departing the First Feral Family house after lunch and taking the city bus to downtown where I live. It is a rainy Monday after a week of sunshine, due to be followed by another week of sunshine. Water, in the appropriate amounts and sources, seems to be an important adjunct to the harassment/research imperative, and that of course includes rain. The perps had me fitness swimming 3x/week for nearly 15 years to 1999, but have sharply curtailed it since. As mentioned in the past blog posting, I had my first lake swim since 2004, and that was only at the second lake I visited, not the skyclad hangout. But it seems, they wanted me with the berry picking colleague for this important event, even though she is nothing to look at and has a psoriasis skin conditon with plenty of ugly blotches. I have long noted that water drops can come from nowhere and arrive nearby, and anytime I am in contact with running water one can be sure there are errant drops that somehow leap laterally opposite to the expected direction. Showers are also fraught with water flying in unexpected directions as well as having it drain off me for unusually extended durations after the faucet is turned off. And too, water main leaks and fire hydrant eruptions have a curious habit of "happening" in my proximity.

And to not forget the perps' intense interest in the water supply that feeds food crops; the farm work for the last four years has been part of it, from aluminum pipes with steel risers and brass sprinkler heads, PVC water guns, polyethelyne drip lines, hose nozzle (also hose type and color)  and perhaps long ago, watering cans. As always, the color of the pipes and sprinkler heads is imporant too. I got hit with a $5k tab to replace the steel and plastic water lines for the farm property I once owned, some 600' of white PVC line was put in to deal with a horrendous (as it turned out) leak problem that was over 660,000 gallons for three months in the winter. I reduced it to a tenth of that with the water line replacement, but I am sure the previous owner must of known it and didn't mention it. Anyhow, the water games in all their facets is still playing out and I have no idea what it all means.

The noise games continue of course; hot rods, motorcycles (though limited in the rain), heavy duty vehicles and the like. The in-town brother is on some kind of strange communication script. He was lining me up for today some three days ago to do some work for him today, and even this morning he phones at 0900h to the FFF house for me, wanted me to call back, and when I did he didn't answer his phone. When he finally called back he said he would call me in a half hour and never did. All to have "phone moments" when I first got up, before I had a shower at the FFF. Regular readers will know that I suspect phone calls, an EM disturbance brought to one's ear and mouth, are used for perp reserarch games, and of late, it seems to be all about the timing at critical junctures; after getting up, with chocolate in me, before and after showers, at the moment of gift giving, and all these high energetic transition moments. All part of the show, and of course, cell phones being the ultimate localized EMF disturbance. Why, in the news, there was a baseball fan on the phone who made a one handed fly ball catch in the stands. Talk about a made-for-the-perps moment.

I neglected to mention that while at the FFF house this morning, the gardeners arrived wearing their T-shirts (absurd, in the rain!) and began some three hours of hedge trimming. They had already been by twice in the prior two weeks leaving hedge and shrub trimming partially completed, but chose to finish this job while I was there and kept inside the house. About a week ago they arrived to trim a front yard hedge while I was in the backyard sifting the compost pile. Last year I trimmed the 60' long backyard hedge with a rented gasoline power trimming shears, but it seems this year they wanted me in the house and at least hearing their gasoline powered tools undertaking the same job. At about lunch time they put most of the cuttings and trimmings in their small pickup truck and drove off. After lunch I drove the vehicle with my mother to be dropped off at a nearby bus stop, and lo, if the garden workers weren't driving toward the house with the full load of garden trimmings. Which begs the questions; where did they go for the intervening hour with the garden trimmings, and secondly, why were they driving in the direction of the FFF house with a full truckload? But as so many of the perp games are all about landscaping, grass cutting, hedge pruning, and other landscape plant maintenance activities, this "drive around with a truckload of foliage" game wasn't too surprising. Even going back to the early Fuckover days of post 04-2002, they were stalking me with foliage laden gangstalking trucks, and even arranging nearby overnight parking of such.

Enough of the perp silliness for tonight, and onto tomorrow and to find out what nonsense they have scripted.

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