Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shaved Arms

After three months of planted ideations, and at least three almost-happens, I shaved my arm hair last night, and maintained it this morning with the full frontal shave that has become the daily norm. I cannot say it does anything for me, visually at least, unlike the leg hair shaving which makes for great looking (male) legs, with the usual caveat of being kept in an environment of total perceptual fuckery/mangement. There is no question that the perps have been testing me intensely for my own sense of aesthetics in the past few years, and I am sure they can now manage it (as in remotely emulate it). What they are still working on is the Unfavored demographic group examples; e.g. skinheads, wheelchairs, waddling dudes, baggy shorts wearing dudes, bag hats and other headwear and so it goes. Presumably to remotely determine my abreactions during the days they plied their abuses and deleted my recall, thinking they had "fixed" the problem. Nossir, we now know that subconscious observations records anything and will inherit the emotional valence and good/bad determination of like prior events. Not my problem, but it is made my made to be in acute form, by way of covert/overt harassment.

And so a busy morning with bedsheet laundry to do, then I "find" that the CD's I ordered it were in my mail box despite the fact that the package tracking indictated delivery today sometime. And I noted that the lobby floor where the mailboxes are was just mopped with a still wet sheen in some places. This has to be the perp's favorite floor preparation method for a Big Event (as defined by them) after vacuum cleaning. And as the perps have been pissing with my parcel deliveries without fail for some nine years now, recieving a parcel is such a Big Event.

I might be the only person who purchases CD's these days, but is seems the perps want to keep me contained in this model rather than the rip-it-for-free (how does the artist make a living?) most of the rest of the world operates in. Even pulling off the shrink wrap from the CD is a noisestalked event, possibly because the cover shows the artist's face (Alela Diane) and viewing her image first through the shrink wrap and then without is also a Big Event.

This looks to be a housebound containment day, aka shut-in day. Such followed when I initially shaved my legs a few months ago. I am being kept company by the four CD's that arrived today. The weather is good enough to do landscape maintenance at my mother's place, but somehow I lack the initiative to get going. All these "somehows" in retrospect were perp imposed it seems, though I do not know why they arrange events and their relative importance.

More music listening, this time to Suzanne Vega, A Retrospective. I am not totally won over, but she is listenable for the most part. Not as folkie as I expected as I learned, and as the album booklet suggests.

Plenty of bookmarking web pages tonight, having "found" Rolling Stone's Greatest 500 albums of all time. Sort of, as it has a heavy rock music (aka punk, heavy metal) bias and some of the albums are anthologies that were released later. Anyhow, a rich vein to see if I am missing some essential albums of the kind of music I prefer, as in melodic with lyrics that add up to a story or statement. Now to rip the four albums to disc to build my digital library. And here we are, still in pissing matches over music file formats; WMA, FLAC, Apple Lossless. That takes planning to have something so fundamental so messed up. I wonder who would of arranged that?

Enough of the daily dulldom for this contained shut-in day, post body (arms) hair first time shave, surely today's Big Event.

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