Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Under the Trees and Then Out in the Sun

This is at least the sixth day in the last two weeks of working in my perp abetting mother's backyard, sieving compost or soil, and partially under the overtopping pine trees or else out in the sun, depending on the sun angle and the exact location of where I was working. The perps just love me to come in and out of tree canopy shade and its overhead shelter and have been known to place "just standing there" gangstalkers under pubic boulevard trees, doing nothing but looking stupid. As the soil seiving and digging is on private property and off the beaten track in suburbia, there are no adjacent gangstalkers. Instead, I get overhead aircraft noise, neighbor noise (lawnmowers, chain saws (one today, with two distinct muffler variations)) and a plethora of passing vehicles; hotrods, heavy duty trucks, bad mufflers, diesels, sirens and motorcycles in all their variants (Harleys, Japanese high RPM, trail bikes).

At least four wasps independently buzzed me in the face this afternoon, and at no time was I disturbing a nest. I have had no end of insects harassing me since this abuse began in 04-2002, so all I can assume is that they too are under the perps' command.

I was working in the compost pile to separate the compost from the uncomposted debris some two weeks ago, and now I am involved in a 20'x12' area to level this ridiculous and pointless 2' hump in the level backyard. It is one of my perp-abetting father's legacies, not finishing the lot landscaping after some 40 years of living there. Another legacy is the slew of non-compostable garbage, usually plastics, that are embedded in the soil I am sieving. I separate all this out, in conjuction with the areal sheets of plastic I have dug up as part of this backyard landscape completion. Very often a noisestalking is scripted for the moment I pick up the plastic. My mother wasn't there for most of the day so I got things done on my terms, and not getting sandbagged by these infernal tea times she springs in the morning and afternoon.

Though today I got sandbagged by getting up later and having to attend to bedsheets laundry, as it seems the perps are waking me up in the night and imposing their required activities, e.g. jerking off. This normally does not happen for years on end, and suddenly it starts up almost every other night. Back to Wilheim Reich's theory of orgone energies (and here) and how orgasm releases them. It seems the perps are testing this, as for years they would arrange couples having sex next door or above me. I wonder what bozo flavor they will stiff me with next when they are ready to try me out again with a new girlfriend. Just leave me the fuck alone is all I ask.

So it seems the perps like to restrict me to some 4 hours of work in a day, but have mostly cooperated with having them sunny, and I get to work without a shirt and wearing shorts to keep the tanning up. Again, normally, I don't give a hoot as to how much tanning I get, but this summer it has become an obsession to the point that I prepared myself with a base tan at the tanning salon, and can now tan outside with no SPF and without burning.

A laundry fuckover tonight; the dryer appeared to work and then quit inside a minute, so my clothes sat wet in the dryer for two hours. I go to attend to the clothes, find them wet and figured the perps fucked the dryer cycle on me. I load another $1.75 and the dryer ran again for a minute and quit. Have we not done this one before, when the dryer would not dry but in effect steamed the clothes while tumbling? Yes, it was fixed about four weeks ago and the problem ran for at least six weeks prior to that with no notice on the dryer or anywhere else. So here we go again; mention it to the manager and see when it might get done and pay the privelige of $1.75 to find out or not as there will be no notice that it will be fixed.

 The city bus freakshow wasn't too bad today, some 12 passengers inbound, unlike 3x as many for the same route and time of day I have recounted in past blogs. This is returning from the First Feral Family house to where I live in the downtown area. It was more of surrounding me with babes on the bus with an Asian closest of all, the same one who tailed me out the door at my stop. It was a blonde on the other side of the Asian, and a black haired attractive babe two seats over on the rear bench. But they did put on an Islamo-wacko in a full blown burqua late in the bus trip, having done this once before. This person got a seat at the front of the bus so I didn't have this hideous visage in my face thankfully. This is the second time on this route that this same burqua show has occured, and in both cases the respective seating and near maximum distance apart have been the same.

Other nonsense this morning was when I went to the PO to get my registered mail (passport) and coins at the bank for said laundry machines. The first gangstalker was this tall negro male in a full blown gown to his feet in a light soft green color. Like WTF; negroes are less thatn 3% of the population according to the last census, and here comes a negro in some kind of ceremonial garb. Walking behind him was a male vagrant act on his cell phone the entire time, a curious juxtaposition, though not unusual for cell phones to be used as a trailing EMF device. Two intersections were getting repaired on my two block visit to the PO and bank. I cannot count the number of times they arrange their dudes in overhead boom trucks and putzing with the wires or traffic signals. Often they put two boom trucks together, and three on occasion for a big event. Also, they were running wires or optical fiber under the road at the second intersection, (next to the bank), another one of their tricks I have come to know. (As in have me walk over top of an actively moving cable (optical or metal) along with the shills). Said under-road wiring crew were also in the bank, making out that this was a bank connection they were putting in. The perps cannot get enough of me making financial transactions and putting on all manner of concurrent stunts and stupid nonsense. This time they seemed to be taking it one more step by having a wire or cable that was inside the bank also travelling outside and under the road at one of the busiest downtown intersections, Fort and Douglas for locals. Why don't the perps pay me to carry a wire or whatever the fuck would expedite this now nine year old train of Extreme Abuse? I can never understand why they would be so mind-crippled to conduct this insane and abusive litany of inanity for so long on me and other TI's and yet have all manner of unconventional and remotely applicable physical methods at their disposal that can control the entire world. And here they are dicking around and tailing me with negroes, under-road wires and cables as well as the battalion of gangstalking dudes (mostly) made prominent by their large guts (the gut strut), baggy shorts, waddling walk, clustering and a coffee (think brown) in one hand.

I got "negroed" again as I exited the PO, and a third time on this morning time outing. And when I headed for the outbound bus, why, the seeming resident negro was holding court on the couch in the lobby as he often does for some kind of last ditch negro-stalking before I get to the elevator or stairwell. Not forgetting a few days ago that this same "lobby negro" hid behind the mailbox wall and then followed me into the elevator for a first time accompaniment with the fucker. Had I seen him in time I would of taken the stairwell.

Then when walking back from the inbound bus in the evening, a negro was in lead-ahead gangstallking mode for two blocks with this strange walk like he had a turd in his pants and was making allowance by making maximum lateral leg clearance. And for some reason my breakneck walking pace was not enough to catch up and pass this gruesome scenario.

Anyhow, time to call this one done for the day, and hope that my last day of my bus pass won't get weather changed and then keep me from visiting the lake. Who knew the perps would be so freaking rabid about sunlight exposure, skin color and tanning (changing to brown). I noted that after a day in the sun and getting tanned yesterday, they put me on a Caucasian cashier who was tanned but also had a large amount of dark brown freckles on her face. An eveningtime tan-freckle comparison it seemed. And she looked scared shitless as part of the deal, my usual reception for a first time cashier.

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