Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tanning Outside

 A second visit to the lake to get tanned skyclad, this "habit" playing out for the second time this summer, and was also a "habit" back in 2003-04. Back then, my "need" to  do a post-hike lake swim totally stopped, even if the hiking continued to mid-2006. I stil don't get any hiking done as I don't have a vehicle to get to remote trailheads. This lake is city bus route proximate with a 20 min. hike in, making it accessible to me at least.

It was busy there, and much like last week but with 20% more dudes, another Testicle Festival type of male crowd. (No fawning babes if you follow the drift, or else look up 2011 Testical Festival online). One of my wharf neighbors mentioned that there were three people there the day before at 1300h, and at the same time today there was at least 20, expanding to 35 or so when I departed at 1520h. Which goes to show there is an organized crowd that comes with me, aka gangstalkers. And at least one dude from this Unfavored demographic with additional Unfavored features; skinhead, tattoos, waddling gait, UK accent, dreadlock hair, all Caucasian though. So... much less sun intensity today, so I suspect that this will be my last visit for outside sun tanning in keeping with the perp's sunlight/vitamin D physiologic interactions, along with brown skin of varying tones. This was the first tanning with my shaved arms, and I suspect this might be part of their color equation games as well. Now to ponder the fall and what it will bring.

A need to have a shower after dinner and then lather myself with skin creme. This is the way to have a tan persist for longer and get deeper apparently, by moisturizing one's skin and then keeping it that way with the application skin creme. A new jar of skin creme from last week, though the same brand and type. The perps seem to be still building their model of skin absorption and keep certain factors fixed; in this case, varying the packaging and contents age. Other recent games related to this is their model of water absorption through the skin; last week's lake swim was the first since 2004. Though for two other recent lake visits, including today, I somehow didn't want to swim, even if I am very comfortable doing so and swam for 13 years for 3x/week in organized practices that ran one hour until 1999.

I am going to call this one done as a early bedtime beckons after last night's disruptions and stunts to keep my awake or in a light REM sleep as it seemed. They like to distort my notion of how much sleep I get at least once per week.

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