Saturday, August 27, 2011

Digging for Plastic and Sunlight

A continuation of the soil digging at my perp abetting mother's suburban house today. This is the "soil hump' project, where a 20' wide, 2' high soil hump was left as is in a near level flat backyard. Don't ask me how the perp abetting father missed getting this attended to some 30 years ago when he was still putzing with the landscape and grounds, having moved there to a new house in 1967. And I pulled out the seventh sheet of polyethylene plastic out of the ground on this project, and discovered another one that was too deep to get, plus the 2' high garden boxes are over top of this sheet. And at least one more sheet plastic corner hanging out of the ground. If nothing else, the ants just love having an impermeable layer over top of their nest, as this was the third ants nest I have discovered under either sheet plastic or 40 y.o. plastic laminate attached to rotted plywood. As usual, the noise increases as I am discovering, digging or handling these long buried "treasures" (as the perps see it); hot rod noise, overhead aircraft, lawnmowers varying pitch, heavy duty vehicles passing by on adjacent streets.

A sunny day, and reasonably warm, and no imminent hurricanes on the W. coast of N. America thankfully. And so.... in keeping with this year's "need" to get a good tan, I went to the FFF house wearing my just-picked up and altered shorts under my jeans. The intent was to dig with my shorts on, and shirt off, and in my big hiking boots that I normally wear for farm work. That did work for an hour maybe, but then the onset of irritable bowel like symptoms came on with the now know "remedy" of taking a shit. And this forced a shower to clean up, launder the shorts at my mother's place, and resume work in my jeans and wearing gumboots, shirt off. The shorts were later hung up on the backyard drying rack to dry, and some 40' from where I was working. My mother came back shortly afterwards, and started tea time to slow me up, and when I resumed I put my shirt on as there wasn't any more tanning time left in the day. Once I packed up for the day, the perps pulled another irritable bowel shit, and lo, if I didn't have to shower to clean up yet again. And following that, I retrieved my shorts from the line and put them on under my jeans just in case the perps pulled a shit-in-pants stunt on the bus on the way back. They didn't thankfully, but their stunts surely mixed up the afternoon in terms of sun tan exposure, body signature (twice showered), and clothing with footwear combinations; jeans over shorts in street shoes at first, shorts only with hiking boots, jeans with gumboots and finally jeans over just-laundered shorts with shirt and street shoes. And of course, I didn't get the sun tan exposure duration that I wanted, all afternoon was the plan, which was predictable in hindsight as they don't like me to have too much sun exposure after a near full day (yesterday at the lake).

And it was a rare instance of a normal inbound (return) city bus trip in terms of passenger load; some six to eight others on board, headed to downtown at 1800h. A back and forth pacing wacko/retard act at my departure bus stop who behaved himself onboard, but no other major freaks. A cute blonde in a sundress for the last five minutes even, sitting at the other side of the rear bench seat. In fact, the high strangeness was outside the bus. At least three Asian parties standing at street corners and not appearing to be pedestrians, doing just-stand-there duty. I had some six Asians around me on the bus when I first boarded it, but they got off at the suburban stops. The bus was also re-routed for some four blocks as there was an apparent street accident on its regular route. The bus driver has two way communication with a base who can direct them to reroute the bus in advance.

And another case of high strangeness was getting off the bus where there was a crotch spread dude sleeping on the adjacent grass boulevard with a bicycle in front of him. The long travelling cyclist act just "happens" to take a rest outside my bus stop. I notice the perps like to augment their operatives with bicycles of late; walking with them on the sidewalks (when they aren't illegally riding their bicycle on the sidewalk), hanging bicycles from the ceiling of the local supermarket as part of a contest, and even carrying their bicycle. All too stupid for this hikey-bikey town, and I suspect that the perps gain some kind of  advantage from the tension and stresses of the metals of the spokes, rims and frame. Not to mention the variablity of materials for bicycles now; aluminum and carbon fiber and I even saw a trippy bicycle with bamboo struts.

And I see the power was shut down in this apartment block for part of the day, another perp interest it seems, to lower the EMF activity for a while to better assess the background level for absorption and re-emittance.

I will get this posted soon as there will be a two day stay at the FFF house. A near sleepless night as the perps replayed ideations from themes and scenes they hadn't played in mind for over a year. Hence the accompanying noise each time a planted ideation came on, fromm outside noises of dude and yobo hollaring to excessive (augmented) noise from my fingertips, skin and hair on the sheets. And head flipping inside of a minute even, plus ear itches to cause me to scratch and then an outside noise at the moment of contact. Then they get me up an hour earlier for sheet washing.

The night before they had me get up and take a shower to then apply more vitamin E creme, the second application after the total toasting when at the skyclad beach the day before. Then yesterday's containment of tanning was near identical to last week's when they had me suddenly stop. Past tanning, apart from the recent two skyclad beach/lake events has often been accompanied by sudden cessations in farm work or sudden weather changes.  Anyhow, I know so little of this aspect of their insane quest I should stop while I am ahead and call this posting done for a few days.


Anonymous said...

You've written extensively about the perps ability to control dreams. I'm wondering as to their ability to do this. I had a dream our house was for sale. Basically, I came home riding on a bike, riding through the fields, and I saw a For Sale sign on our house. I saw my nephew at the house, and he said some female chiropractor bought it. Then I saw my mom and dad inside, and they said it would be bought out by the middle of the week. Interesting how one of the headlines in the newspaper here said: "Is UPMC plan for sale or here to stay?"

Read more:

Now, in the dream, I tried to reason with them, but it seemed they made up their minds. But it's odd that the newspaper headlines echoed the theme of the dream. And I'm wondering if this was a naturally-occuring dream, or if the perps inserted that little storyline about our house being for sale? Also, in the dream, my mom says something like: "Don't worry, you can have the 'better place'". Interesting, because the topic of this 'better place' came out in Oct. of 2010 when talking to a female friend of mine here. I'm wondering about that, too, if the 'better place' statement in my dream were because of my memory of my friend saying that, or if the perps had this as one of their "themes", and my friend mentioning it and the dream nearly a year later was controlled. Hmmm.

Actually, my mom and dad still own it, and they had it built when I was a few months old, and there has always been this implied agreement that it will be mine eventually. So having the "For Sale" bit in the dream was a bit disturbing. And even stranger was the bit in the newspaper alluding to this dream, albeit in a "disguised" way.

Anonymous said...

Just saw a State Trooper out riding around when I was out walking. I find it interesting that a statie would "just happen" to be riding around in a small town like this at this time of night 11+ miles from where the Barracks is. So the Statie was sitting at the stop sign for a long time, then waits for me to get closer. Then he shines his spotlight right in my eyes, and it seemed to have two levels: first a dimmer level, and then he turns it up to full-brightness. Interesting how he saw fit to do this, as though he were checking out why I was out walking late, and he never questioned me. He just pulls off into the darkness, never asking for ID or anything.

Now I've seen State Troppers (aka "Staties") doing various gangstalking acts before, so I know this was one of them.

AJH said...

Answer to: You've written extensively...

Ever since the overt harassment started 04-2002 my dreams have been different, and in about 2007 they learned how to keep me in an ugly dream when normally I would wake up on my own. Plus, the dream themes seem to have much more technical and specific detail now. As to why they control the TI's dreamscape the answers must be many. Perhaps your dreams about the house being sold are to perturb you, raise the issue so that you, (or they by thought insertion) can keep harping on this concept and potential worrisome issue of future house ownership. My experience is that even the concept of owning something is of issue to the perps, as they have set me up to declare things that I own versus things that I am borrowing in the same skit. (Cannot recall the details). Or, even owning shares as in partial ownership is of interest to the perps. As for the phrase "better place", this could be many things, and they may have something very specific in mind as to this concept, and who knows, it could mean something very important to one TI somewhere, but they decided to test it out on you as well. I find if a concept/memory meme is important or central to a TI, and has been tested on the TI to no seeming perp deemed result, they will back off for many months, and in the interim, they will test it out on other TI's, even ones for whom the concept is of no interest whatsoever, possibly as a baseline scenario. There have been certain words and concepts that I use nearly every day for months in response to perp imposed aggravations (swearing syntax) and then they change up my swearing for months and then have me return to the original syntax all of a sudden, which is when I am allowed to notice the change. I would suspect that other TI's get framed with similar situations/responses, either in parallel or in the interim while they have be using different words. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: Just saw a State Trooper...

Nice that the trooper was ready with a spot beam on you. I cannot count the number of times that headlights "happen" to be aimed at me, but it is a very common event for TI's, possibly for "gravitational lensing" games/situational research enhancement, link below. Thanks for the comments.