Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pit Lamping

And why is it that the seeming residents of this new city I live in have the identical driving habits of the assholes of the last city, and we are talking about this town being one tenth of the population of the Gangstalking Capital of Canada. And so it is with this ridiculous pit-lamping that goes on; a vehicle with its headlights trained on me, often from one or two blocks away. To do this they are invariably sitting still, and now, even parked in mid-street, not even pulling over to use the `lost Fuckwit` excuse. This town is a decided tourist magnet, as most hotels and restaurants are closed down, so the excuse of being lost doesn`t count at this time of year. Time without fail, there is someone in their vehicle with their headlights on, and sitting still.

Another vehicular stunt that is also apparent is the `wait-and-drive-at-me`` (the quotes button is now fucked) at a traffic controlled intersection. They are making a R. turn that will cross my path, either ahead or behind, and with sufficient time to execute the turn they wait instead, even if they have a green light. And so the `Walk`sign comes on for me to proceed, and I enter onto the crosswalk, it is only then that the fucking driver `decides`to proceed toward me, comes into the crosswalk and then stops 2` from me. Like WTF; why are seeming normal people behaving so beserk.

And severe plasma and maser hash now wherever I look; should my gaze rest a moment on something, either some plasma projections will come off it, a maser will spew forth at me (fuzzy ball kind usually) or else the perps will manipulate my visual cortex directly and make the inanimate object shrink or get bigger. Still testing my perception of what normal is it seems. And the plasma and maser hash isn`t just at my own little hellhole of where I stay, but in the class too.

Speaking of which, more wierdness in the classroom today. The class freak, detailed below, was doing head-down games, putting his head down on the table for reasons only known to him. I have seen these head-down games before from other cooperating shills, so it doesn`t surprise me to much when someone elects to make themselves more weird. But he did bring in a calendar and had it beside him for the entire 5 hours of class time. The instructor was running out of gas, as in shooting the breeze, and then makes a seeming impromptu call for the freak to speak about biodynamic viticulture. So, the freak does, but uses the calendar as part of the prop for his presentation. Like WTF; he came prepared from the outset, he made himself to look totally out of it, and then gets a seeming spontaneous call from the instructor to make a presentation. Can we say obviously arranged now.

Studying for the wine course quiz, the second one, all last evening. And lo, if they didn't shake this room AND zap me at the same moment. Not once, but six times. And note, that it was for this same course, the first quiz, when an small earthquake erupted near Okanagan Falls the evening we were all studying. And too, one student was without power last night, impairing his studying plans of course. He lives in the south part of Penticton, and I live in the north part. Funny, all these coincidences, isn't it? It has been no secret the perps are also beserk over information; how and in what circumstances I acquired it, and often play the image of the "info-benefactor"/teacher in mind as I invoke the concept or thought meme. Who would of thunk it, that school and standardized cirriculums and exams would be serving the powers that be and their insane agenda? Take Depak Chopra's concepts, e.g. "information has consciousness embedded in it", and the perp agenda becomes more apparent.

A field trip to a vineyard that is much closer planted than most; rows 1.35 to 2.0m, plants 1.0m apart. To do this, the vines and wires are lower and there needs to be special tractor to straddle over top of the posts and trellises. While we were admiring the $200k tractor with height and width variable capabilities that straddled two rows no less, I recieved a stinging whack to my R. cheek. Three of the dudes were standing in a line and another dude, potentially the culprit, was some 10'. Just as I got whacked, I hissed something to the effect of who did it, and all dudes were conveniently looking away. In conventional terms it could of been the potential culprit, but since I live in a unconvential gravitic abuse world, it could of been anyone and anything. There wasn't much to throw around as the ground was 6" deep in snow, so what and who was it? Nothing was on the ground beside me, so chances are that the assholes decided I needed to be riled up with the dude show/gangstalkers all around me, and perhaps they didn't even know it was coming. Though I doubt that, as they pretended not to hear me. But getting  back to conventional world, why is it that these things are happening to me? Why do I get picked on to have something thrown at high speed at my face by someone I don't know and who has no apparent reason? In the bigger harassment scene of unconventional technologies of teleportation and telekinetic fuckery that I experience all day, to the level that I would rather not live another day, and nearly tens years of relentless insanity (theirs), it makes perfect sense to heap more abuse on, as that is all they know how to do. I have to wonder about the political assasinations, e.g. JFK and others, if it isn't the perps sending teleported projectiles to their target, even if it did ostensibly come from a conventional firearm. That we as a society constantly search the conventional scientific reasons for causal events and/or depraved behaviours and don't ever get to the bigger picture. And just to think, how many millenia has this transpired?

The lone class Unfavored freak; male, beard, dreads hair, glasses, bag-hat (appearing to elongate the back of his head) and E. Indian (I think) has been getting more face time with me of late. He has been doing the gangstalk/"happen" act at the library doorway two days in a row last week, loitering at the doors of a different building when exiting with the one female in the class, a 40's babe, and "happening" to be the rear seat passenger twice on two field trips. Past classes of this viticulture program have been about 50% male and female, and "somehow" this year it is 90% male and this same one female. No question the perps like to surround me with dudes after a short exposure to a babe or blonde babe especially, but stacking the class to a 90-10% M:F is beyond obvious.

Anyhow, back to the field trip; the freak was standing nearby (2' or so) while we were all listening to the speaker, the main purpose of our visitation, and this was for some 15 minutes with the sun just coming up over the roof of the building, shining on my head, and as it rose, the rest of me. It was about 0940h in the morning. Then for some strange reason, the freak walking 15' W., past everyone else, and then stands behind someone so he was partially visible to me. Like WTF; it wasn't like anybody was perturbing him, or laying on a gigantic fugly fart, he strangely gets up and re-positions himself. Again, how does he know when to do this and in what circumstance? The usual rule applies; if someone is acting strange they either really are, or else they are being jerked by someone who is. I am opting for the latter explanation; the freaky clothing aside, he seems perfectly normal to me.

Later when back in the classroom for no seeming purpose, the freak takes his bag-had off to reveal fucking dreads in class. Thankfully I was sitting at the same table as he was and he and his dreaded dreads wasn't in my line of sight. The arrangement was abetted by another class member who scarfed my usual seat for unknown reasons.

Wonders never cease; my 21 y.o. daughter had something to say over the phone for the first time in over 10 years, before the overt harassment started. She was always a terse one on the phone when I lived in Seattle back in 1999 to 2002, she being nine or so then. And then when the perps struck to make themselves known to me for the first time in 04-2002, she was even more taciturn and disinclined to communicate. Not only that, I would give her useful Christmas and birthday presents and she would not use them, even DVD's, and never mentioned them. Like WTF, another person close to me goes strange. One recent example was that I gave her a bottle of icewine when she turned of legal age (19) two years ago. A year later (2011) I asked if she had drunk it and she said no, and nothing else and I didn`t ask any further as I was long familiar with this wierdness. At Christmas in 2011, a month ago, she lets on that she did drink it up, while talking to someone else. I still don't know if she liked it or not, or why she delayed drinking it for over a year. And she has done this with everything I gave her for the past ten, maybe 12 years, even before overt harassment. BUT in total reversal to the usual pattern, while on the phone tonight, she makes reference to the book I gave her for Christmas, a paleo-diet book; Primal Mind, Primal Body. (My daughter has been on a healthy living kick for the past few months, declining chocolate in advance of Christmas, a first). So like WTF; why this sudden behavior change and mention about the utility of a gift to me directly, and not to someone else? If you follow the pattern in this blog, or are a TI, you will know there are agencies out there that are quite capable of remotely influencing persons, even if they also communicate with them directly for script rehearsals. And in the long past (1990), the ex went into a sudden behaviour change and became a near total asshole, and a thankless one at that. To the extent that divorce proceedings started in 2000.

A Friday, and the last class of Wine 21, an Introduction to Grapes and Wine. A course in which we were wine tasting well before noon, and again after lunch. One cannot go wrong with that, and the instructor was very knowledgeable to boot. I go to the gym afterward to work out for the first time in over four years, (yoga excepted), feeling the wine a little, and the perps graciously (going by past experience) let me run on the treadmill for 10 minutes and a 2 minute warm down. I went 4.4mph at most, and didn`t break a sweat, just what I wanted. Sooo.. when exiting the building why, two of my Wine 21 classmates ``happened`` to be at the door and with the three dishwasher trays of used wine glasses. I am well used to these arranged coincidences at doorways, and headed off to the admin section to pay for a gym class. And while exiting there after getting the same chilly reaction as the last time from the same person for no fucking reason, why, the instructor was passing by, some 20`behind her husband for some strange reason. All these strange coincidences at doorways all the time, it just defies rational thought  as to why some agency has to pursue me and other TI`s and won`t come clean and fess up to expedite this insane fuckery.

A party crowd, or the noise thereof, outside at 0300-0400h last night. Someone wanted me to hear raucous male and female voices at that time of day, and so it was arranged. This place has many vehicles parked around it, but I rarely see anyone, except for laundry and when taking out the garbage.

The assholes have been sabotaging all that I do; even opening up a cupboard door takes two or three passes before they let me grasp the pull. But of course it isn`t just that, even picking up these myriad crumbs or hairs that arrive whenever my back is turned, gets sabotaged. You heard that right; in dealing with the teleported annoyances that they lay on me two hundred or more times a day, they sabotage my finger control to deal with it.

The perps are up to pounding this suite again, more excusable if a wood frame construction, but as they had no problem in shaking 12├Čn. of concrete in the last place, why this is a piece of cake. But there is only one adjoining room; all the others are accross a 4`hallway, and there is parked vehicles below. So how does this room shaking happen then. (Question marks are now fucked as they come off this keyboard).

Enough rambling and patter (another room shake, and now a loud-mufflered vehicle starts up, coincident with posting this). Funny how that happens, as posting is a much noise-stalked event.

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