Monday, January 09, 2012

First Day of Classes

The first day of viticulture classes proved to memorable in keeping with the perps' insane and abusive agenda. There were three staff who could not/would not tell me where the "CE" building was and room A09. Eventually I "found it" when the instructor came out and indicated the course name. And of course this fuckery was supported by the college supplying a decent map and legend to decode the building names. And too, the building code was in no way derived from the building name as seen on the online map.

Then they plastered cow manure on my R. shoe so I had this farm smell wafting into my nose and I thought it might be from either of my adjacent seat mates, one of whom does work on a farm. But only after class, and after walking around in my room was I allowed to discover it was from my foot, even if I hadn't stepped in any on the all-sidewalk 15 min. walk to the college this morning. But that wasn't enough, as the cleaning-up paper towels were made to block the toilet, even if there wasn't many as I always prepared for that eventuality. So.. 10 min. of toilet plunging to top of this piece of insane fuckery.

Another nap this evening, a hour it seemed, but my usual habit of checking the time before I laid down was defeated.

And today, while attempting to take notes in class, the perps were messing up my spelling, and concentration much more than every. Obviously, the act of taking notes hasn't been fucked enough, so they do more of it.

And they got the freaks out in force when the class went to the library en mass. The long haired wino male was on show at the terminals we had to use, and I suppose the perps need to put a freak, and all varieties of freaks wherever I am to hang out. The  college library will doubtless be re-visited to ensure more freak varieties, aka Unfavored demographic group specimens.

Then the wheelchair freak was doing nothing but waiting for me in the cafeteria where I was eating and chatting with classmates. I was last to leave, and lo, if the motorized wheelchair freak with a brown blanket draped over him didn't tail me out the door, and ensuring I had to hold it open because his minder went somewhere else.

I get the disgusted looks from the admin secretary for no reason; I politely asked about changing an address and she gave me the form to fill out with no instructions. Later, when I returned the form, but was running out of time in the line up, and I looked back to tell the person behind me that I was leaving, she had me lined up exactly when I stopped to turn around. Not even a glance or a blink is unscripted now.

The 16 classmates today were relatively normal; just one long hair rasta-like bag-hat/head, bearded too, probably E. Indian with the darker skin. He is a member of a biodynamic winery owning family, so I suppose it isn't so much an act as normal wear. The bag-hats, the ones that sit on the back of the head and are usually pinned to keep them in place seem to be getting more face time of late. The overextended rear head/cerebellum appearance has been a demographic group signature, a subset of the headwear demographic. I note that one older dude in the class is wearing the red ballcap, and lo, if he isn't nearly bald underneath when I saw him close. No doubt his skinheadedness will be revealed in a week or so.

Wine tasting in class this afternoon was a welcome part of the instruction. I suspect that my tasting and olafactory senses have either dynamically muted or else never developed, as wine appreciation, as much as I like wine and want to improve my critical and descriptive abilities, just doesn't get it. Tastes like a red/white wine is as good as I can get at times.

There were some masers and plasma beams in class today, though for the most part the perps seemed to have me spaced out, not anywhere near as grounded as I wanted to be. I suspect the extra-conventional magnetic phenomen activity will pick up over the week, and before long it will be like my apartment I have just vacated after nearly four years of residency.

And the carry bag became an issue as the perps sabotaged the other zipper on my ballistic nylon briefcase. The double zipper to the main compartment got reduced to one in 2010 when taking the Oracle classes, and now that I am back in class, why, they fucked the second zipper, making it uncloseable. On with the show, and I see they have me checking out messenger bags now. Perhaps they need me to change up the colors of a carry bag, similar to jacking up my banking fees and then forcing me to take more cash for their wallet-color content games.

Anyhow, this is all I am going to blog tonight, as I have homework and will have to do assignments, something I haven't done for over 20 years.

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